My Visitor Theory.

To answer some questions about the Visitor incidents.

  • No one in my home had any occurrences like I did. Not that I know of.  This sounds weird, but there were three of us living in this house at the time, but I mostly felt alone. My mom worked a tremendous amount of wacky hours, and my brother was battling his own demons at this time and he was disconnected from everyone. 
  • When I tried to tell both my Mother and Brother about what I had been hearing, I was dismissed as me being dramatic.
  • The two nights that I wrote about were the most chilling. There were other nights that I was sleeping in the bed with my Mom and could hear the walking of the halls….I just stayed tight and prayed.  I did not sleep well while we lived in this house, and my grades at school were a sure sign of this. Many nights, if my Mom was working all night, I would spend the night at my friends apt. who lived in the building behind us.
  • It was not a dream. This was as real as it could be.
  • This was not an animal running through our house.
  • A lot of people don’t believe in ghosts, or spirits. I know they are out there.
  • Sometimes I wish I had opened my eyes to see what was there in front of me, but then again, it is scary to think that that vision would still be with me today! 
  • I did not know who lived there before us, or after us to confirm the haunting.

Ok, for my theory. This did not come to me until years later, and it may NOT be true, it is just a theory.

When we first moved into this townhouse (In an Atlanta suburb) I had befriended a little girl named Susan.

Susan was many years younger than I, maybe around 7 or 8. Her Mom was the leasing agent of the complex. I did not know anyone my age and Susan invited me to her house to play several times.

Susan and her Mom lived in the same exact model townhouse as we did, but theirs was decorated so nice; fancy. Up and down the stairway walls, just about every inch was covered by photographs and beautiful paintings. I had never seen so much hanging on a wall before.

I would go over frequently and play with her and all her awesome toys, she had a beautiful room full of great stuff. cabbage patch babies too!

I remember her mom would make great snacks for us as well.

I think in a way, I was almost babysitting her, keeping her out of her Mom’s hair.

After several months of living here, I finally made some friends my own age and my friendship with Susan faded. I kind of forgot about her. That is what happens to 12/13 year old brains.


Later,  I have a faded memory of riding my bike past Susan’s townhouse one day and seeing a group of people going into their townhouse. I remember seeing either a large white bouquet of flowers being carried, or a white wreath of flowers.

I thought nothing of this.

Then, the talk in the neighborhood by some of the kids was that Susan and her mom died in a plane crash. I honestly have no idea if this is true.

Possibly they just moved? Or possibly, they did die. I have no idea.

But the spirit who visited our home, was to me, a child.  With all the slow paced walking and eventual running around…it was a child. 

That is my theory and I am sticking to it!

Ok. With all that being said…here is a little tidbit that freaked my freak.  I KNOW this was purely coincidental…I just KNOW IT.


about 10 years ago the girls and I were visiting my family in Atlanta. We were out running around and we were near this complex. I thought it would be cool to show the girls where I lived for 3 years of my childhood.


As soon as we pulled into the parking area of where our townhouse was, I looked at our front door and pointed it out to Lo and Linds…

and at that exact moment, a little girl inside pulled at the sidelight curtain and peeked out. 

I can’t make this up. I’m not Stephen King.

I do know this had to be a coincidence.

So, I pulled into the parking spot and immediately turned around.



So, do you think I am a loon? Do you believe in spirits?

Truth be told, it does not matter what others think of this…I know my story.

I know.

31 thoughts on “My Visitor Theory.

  1. Anonymous

    Ghosts, spirits or whatever they are, are absolutely real! As I mentioned before, the house I lived in as a young child was so haunted. Some of the things that happened were:a shadow person was seen walking thru the hallway,you could hear coins dropped onto the wood floor and then hear them roll, but there were no coins or anything else around,you could see a ball of light, the size of a baseball floating around against the walls, there was no explanation for this, my dad would check inside and outside of the house, no source possible,you could hear doors opening and closing,once my younger brother was playing in the backyard with our dog and for some reason my bro went into the garage, the dog started barking and the door slammed shut, my brother could not open the door, he started screaming and my mom came out and opened the door with no problem,i can go on and on, there were lots of crazy things seen and noises heard. Even people who visited would experience something as well. My parents found out later that the previous owners of the house actually sold the house because of the paranormal activity.We lived there for eight years, I don't know how my parents handled it. I was between the ages of 1 and 8, so I was pretty young for most of it. But I do remember that floating ball of light.This is why I find this topic so fascinating. I know it's real.


  2. I believe. I didn't give it much thought until we moved into our current house and had a visitor of our own. Hubby saw him, Toddler daughter DEFINITELY saw him, I saw him. Running and sitting. We talked about moving. Then my Uncle came to visit, A Baptist minister. No more visitor. Scary.


  3. I completely believe they are real. Which is why ghost stories in movies etc. are so scary to me, because to me, they aren't just a movie. But, I don't think all ghosts/spirits are bad or trying to scare us. I think some people die and just have a hard time letting go and want to stick around for a while. Or maybe they have a connection to you and are interested in what you're doing. If a ghost/spirit is scaring you, I think you could tell them to go away and/or leave you alone. I'd like to believe they'd listen. I think my apartment in San Antonio was haunted, I often heard footsteps and such. But it was never scary to me, so I'd like to think it was a kind person just checking in on me.


  4. I'll bet you could find out about the plane crash rumor (if you wanted to) by searching the death records for that town and time frame. I believe you. I have heard too many first-hand accounts like this to doubt it.


  5. 1. i love love love that blue flower with the bee!2. i love you. even if you are dramatic.3. this would have scared me to pieces. but your theory sounds rational. well, as rational as it can!4. i hope i never have this kind of experience. ever. ever-ever.


  6. I believe. I've never had any encounters, and I hope I never do. A friend of mine lives in a house that she believes is haunted. When I visit she always invites me to spend the night and I never will…I would rather drive two hours home than sleep in that house!


  7. Good grief, you weren't kidding. You really should be writing a book! Why aren't you writing a book?? Or are you and going to surprise us all? You had me in a physically frozen state reading your last couple of blogs of your visitor- thanks I got my ab workout for the day.I would definitely do some research on your little friend to find out what became of her.If it helps I believe!


  8. I'm a believer as well!I've also had \”encounters\” if that's what you would like to call them, but mine were on the not so friendly side. I've had these \”encounters\” with both ghosts and spirits. But again, none were friendly! I like to talk about them but I grew up in a religious home and was told that talking about them only glorified what they did and made them stronger. I think it's all kinda fascinating. The little girl you saw in the window… that gave me the chills!


  9. Anonymous

    That is a really scary story/event. I do wish you knew Susan's family name so you could do some investigating. Maybe it would give you some peace.I love Grandma J's comment – I too, am a member of the Loon Club! ha ha


  10. Spooky especially since you were home without your mom. I've never seen any spirits myself but my sis and mom say they've seen things in a log cabin we lived in when I was growing up. My sister swears she saw a woman hovering over me while I was sleeping one night. Talk about the heebie jeebies.


  11. I've had MANY encounters, and have them right now in the house we live in. My son has had them, too, but he didn't know ~I~ was having them until he told me about his (almost identical).I am 100% a believer.That is *so* freaky about Susan, and that girl peaking out the window. WEIRD!


  12. It makes alot of sense, Suz… It really does. You need to do some research and find out about Susan and her mother. That may help answer some hidden questions within. I definitely believe that there are spirits/ghosts… Some people can see or feel them more than others. You know what you saw..Has it happened since???? What about now? Anything weird like that happened lately??? I hope you find out more info–and of course report it to us!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  13. I know that there are a lot of things in this world that cannot be explained. We'd probably be much better off if we just accepted that rather than trying to find a 'scientific' reason for everything. And, no, I don't think you're a loon.


  14. Yes. Yes what? Yes, you are Stephen King. You were the ghost write all along. We were all duped! Ha ha ha!Seriously though, writers like Stephen King are successful at their craft because they write authentically. They’re able to capture the essence of what you would be feeling in a very frightening situation. You did that with your mystery here. I believe it was that little girl. She wanted to play with you. It was not yet time for her to go, so she decided to stick around and relive some of her fond memories from childhood. How wonderful that playing with you was one of her fondest memories, so much so that she decided to visit you in person. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am so HONORED!!!! Don’t turn around now. I’m right behind you. Getting ready to give you a ghost hug.


  15. Thanks for all your answers!I do believe in spirits. I also believe that some people are more \”tuned in\” to seeing them than other people.Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that is on the wrong station 😦


  16. Anonymous

    OMG…that picture! I see her in the window! That's so crazy. Our radio station has a really great psychic on every so often – I love that stuff!


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