TGIF; News on ‘Susan’ and my Farm.


You’re about as funny as a monkey of barrels!!!

That is what Linds told me last night.

I believe her.


I really, REALLY did not mean to write so much about my ‘spiritual’ experience last week. It was not my intention at all. But I opened a can of beer worms. I am however DONE with it.

A few people asked if I was writing a book about this…

ya’ll are some FUNNY people. I could write it all out. It would however NOT be a book. More like a pamphlet.

Scratch that. It would be a leaflet. 

Last I heard, there is not a big calling for life stories in leaflets.

If that changes, let me know.

I did LOVE reading about YOUR ghostly experiences. Really…that was fun for me. I felt almost normal about this experience.  I got a few detailed emails with other stories and I love when you share with me.

It’s just like girl scout camp circle time with your peeps.

I will give you each an honorary ‘sharing of scary stuff’ badge.

Wear it in good health. And proudly.

Ok, so my wonderful Mom sent me an email the other night stating what I thought was true:

Hey Honey,
I just read today’s blog, and yes Susan and her mother were killed in a plane crash.  It was a small plane, I think it happened in NC.  That may have been where they were from. 

Don’t be jealous that my Mom calls me honey.

Well, I googled all the information that I had…and guess what I got?


The Atlanta Journal archives for obituaries and news stories only goes back so far. I hit a dead end.

**a moment of silence for Susan and her Mom**

Ok, onward and upward.

I am officially starting my Farm(ville) this weekend. We are calling it farm(ville)…just cause the farmville people on Facebook annoy me.       No, I won’t buy you a HOe!  And I don’t want to be your neighbor!!!

I put in the edging myself this week…hoping to keep the St. Augustine grass and dollar weeds from creeping in.


And seriously…if I had a dollar for every single dollar weed in our yard, well, I would be writing this blog from my vacation home on the peninsula papagayo on Costa Rica right now.


* hold on, my coconut concoction is dripping on my laptop.  Life can be so stresssssful.*

Ok, so nothing crazy for the weekend.





How about you? Farming? Laundry? Blogging about YOUR ghost?

If you have had an experience and have NOT shared it with me…then why the heck not??? Post it on your blog, or send me an email….I am NOW loving this stuff since I am a grown up and all. Not so scared anymore.

Stop laughing. I AM grown up!!

Bee Fun! Bee HAPPY! Bee a sharer!!

24 thoughts on “TGIF; News on ‘Susan’ and my Farm.

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Suzanne, I am hoping to work out in the yard this weekend also. We are expecting warmer temps and sunshine for a change. You of all people will get a laugh out of this….for the first time in my entire life, a cleaning lady is coming to help me with some big projects tomorrow… guessed it, I am PRE-cleaning for the cleaning lady!!!!!!! Have a great weekend.


  2. When I was in high school, we did a unit on folklore and were told to ask an elderly relative for a true ghost story. Of course, we had no relatives south of the Mason-Dixon (although all the ones north of the line were elderly)so I asked my parents' friend. He was a true mountain main but articulate. Anyway, he recorded a full tape of stories about his ghost encounters. There was no doubt that they were non-fiction. After I got an A+ on my project, my parents wanted to know if I had sent a thank-you to their friend. Of course I hadn't. So I just hid the tape knowing they would forget about the thank-you thing if they couldn't see the tape. I know if I could find that hidden tape, I'd probably have a best seller right in my hands. And now because I've already typed 5,687 words in this comment: my week-end plans? Going to IHOP where I will probably get stuck to the booth.


  3. I want to know how you keep your lawn looking so pristine. Mine's covered with snow and dog poo. Ideas?*picks lint off scarf and gloves and…*Your weekend sounds perfectly lovely, I'll be keeping you virtual company minus the gardening. I'll swap that with chicken keeping. 🙂


  4. Unfortunately the only work I can do in our yard this weekend is pickup branches and twigs brought down by the last winter storm. I'll probably get out and split some wood for the fireplace, but that's not exactly a fun project. Have a great weekend.


  5. hmmm.yesterday i left you a comment about the ghost story!i even said that i could see a little girl in the side window of the front door. ( i know it's not susan's door but still…)i was spooked!!i theorized (oh yes i did) about your visitation too.i said some pretty profound stuffi did!it was the best comment EVER!an award winner fact if i could post on my own blog as good as i wrote that comment.i wouldn't be sitting on a blog that hasn't had a post since feb 4?would i?no!sowhat happened to my comment?obviously your blog is haunted by the mischievous spirit of a little girl who runs around in the middle of the night traumatising people.she deletes good comments.that's what she does.THAT is scary.there's no other logical explanation.that's what happened.i couldn't have forgotten to press send could i??i don't think so!;-)


  6. Since you liked my farm animals so much, how about I loan you a few to eat all the weeds. However they will also eat all the grass and anything you plant and I think you may have a problem with that!Say the word, and they are yours for the week! Happy farming to you!


  7. Hi Suz, I'm glad you did find out about Susan and her mother… You didn't realize how many cans of worms you opened up by talking about your ghostly experience… I guess we ALL have gone through something similar in our lives. We're leaving for Arkansas on Sunday morning –so I'll be making lists and packing for us. We take everything but the kitchen sink with us—so I hae alot to do!!!!! Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  8. Suz, you didn't say whether you checked the Atlanta Journal archives on line or at the Atlanta Journal facilities.Normally, they have the archives going back to when Jesus played second base in the Bethlehem Baseball League if you or someone you know goes to the actual facility.Or if there is an Atlanta library – the home office one, not the little satellite branches, it would have micro fiche going back to Jesus again.Can't get to Atlanta? Hire someone who lives there to do find it, print it and mail to you? I know bloggers who live there.


  9. A monkey of barrels…hmmm. Do you have a visual of that?I think we are going to be forced to weed and do clean-up out there by Master Gregg. He even included David in the \”We need to do yardwork this weekend\” speech, since spring has come early here. (Usually the \”we\” in yardwork means Gregg and me.) I loved David's reply: \”I didn't mess it up!\” – as if Gregg and I did. No dear, that was Mother Nature at work, and she does it every year. Welcome to your home.Have fun in your garden this weekend!


  10. Anonymous

    so sad you're not going to write any more about ghosts, maybe another time, ya?i will be doing laundry and cleanup. but i will be going to our local library to tomorrow to hear a talk about Chinese Tea and for a tasting session. yes, i'm a total teatotaler.and on sunday we're going to our local theatre to see my son's friend's performance in peter pan.


  11. I have to go read the ending.I love your farm (ville)I was just talking to my Mom about something and I mentioned something about you to her. Like you were a real live person she knows. I told here she has to start reading your blog because you and Grandma J are my besties.I am going to read the post but I cant comment because my parents computer is ridiculous and I have to keep starting over.


  12. I'm such a big chicken that I didn't even make it through your ghost story – so there, I admitted it! 🙂 But now you are peaking my interest… hmmm….This weekend I hope to get some sunshine and some rest and relaxation! If only I were in Florida *sigh*


  13. You crack me up! Farming…the only farming I would be possibly successful with is Farmtown on Facebook! I wish you much success. Thanks for giving us the \”rest of the story\” here on Susan and her Mom. Sad, but I'm sure it felt good for you to know. 🙂 Susan


  14. Boy you sure did out-do yourself putting that edge up! I can't wait to actually see something sprouting…even a dollar weed.I'm with you on the Farmville thing, and the Mafia Wars and the Zoo thing too. Just don't take away my Bejeweled Blitz.Now, a moment of silence for ::::Susan and her Mom:::::


  15. Hi Suz…just came over from Jenny Matlock where you won the cook book! I won a Cake book last week..she's so fun. Anyway, just wanted to come meet ya, read a little and come back for more soon.Have a great week!see ya yesterday…~Vicki~


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