I Am A Complex Creature


Dayquil sends me right to sleep.

Nyquil wires me wide awake.

Too much caffeine makes me loco.

Pain medication makes me jittery and cranky.

Tea makes me pee.

Uncooked spinach gives me intestinal bubbles.

Too many raw nuts binds up my insides.

Being around someone with a cold makes my sinuses hurt. Immediately.

Being near someone with the stench of cigarettes on their clothes makes me want to gag.

Watching discovery health channel brings on many, many body pains.

The smell of fried food gives me a headache.


Well now that I read all of that, perhaps I am not that complex at all.

I am a party. I swear!

27 thoughts on “I Am A Complex Creature

  1. Kelly (the ghost whisperer :o)

    I am the SAME way with Dayquil, caffeine and pain meds. I'd rather be in pain than deal with the side effects of a vicodin and my family prefers it that way, too. Really. Cranky. 🙂


  2. we could spend days talking along these lines. How do you do with Benadryl? Makes me WILD as a ??? -can't think of anything very pc to say today – maybe I need to go get a cup of coffee or take some dayquil. Somedays it's just hard to say some funny and pc at the same time. Don't get me started on the effects of natural HRT :)PS – sorry I haven't been around. I'm pretty wrapped up in starting my new site, but once I get going in a few weeks, I'll be back around.


  3. Anonymous

    i'm so glad dayquil and nyquil work the way they're supposed to for me. but i cannot do any caffeine, turns me into a jittery, anxious mess.i hate that i can smell a smoker from a mile away. what do they put into those cigarettes now a days that make them so stinky?


  4. Wooo! You could rent yourself out for special events, you know, BB's portable potty (er, party)! :-DThe smell of fried foods makes me drool like pavlov's dogs. Oh lordy, it's not a good problem to have.I agree that the stench of smoke is a horrible, horrible thing! 😮


  5. More things we have in common. Only I have never taken DayORNyquil, but caffeine throws me into tremors like I was in heroine withdrawal. Yup,tea=pee and I can smell cigarette smell from in my car on the freeway if my window is just cracked open. I also can not bear the smell of fried food: hate the smell of doritos and fast food joints too.(both of which my husband loves!!) I have been \”blessed\” with an accute sense of smell. Can I join your party?!


  6. You sound like a ball of fun! Nyquil keeps me up too. Gary says there is something wrong with me since that stuff can knock an elephant out. I would love to know how he would justify how he says that but I always punch him and throw him to the ground before he can justify.Love, Becky who is bigger than an elephant. (And not as pretty!)


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