Walking Down *Raggedy Ann* Memory Lane.


I have been doing a lot of this and that this week.

Mostly THAT, you know how it goes.

I cleaned out a closet and came across this little flash from the past:


My Raggedy Ann and Andy pillow cases!!!

Raise  your hand if you had a Raggedy Ann or Andy Doll. 

Shout YIPPEE if you had the sheet set!!!

I loved me some Raggedy Ann.  Thank you Mom for saving this for me.

I remember having the doll and putting my own ‘stamp’ on her.

Do you remember she had a red heart on her chest…off to one side. Like, um, like a heart? 

Well, I thought it was only fitting for her to have a matching set.

Yes, I gave her matching heart shaped ‘lady lumps.’

I seem to recall cutting all my dolls hair and applying lipstick to them as well. (and by lipstick, I mean nail polish to the lips!)

See, my future in cosmetology was in the cards from day one.

I was also her for Halloween one year when I was about 5 or so.


I am pretty sure I resembled nothing like this Raggedy HARLOT Ann.

Who would do that to her? The nerve.

We are planning on working on our farm(ville) this weekend. Putting up the fence to keep the critters out. Coach is making me a fab lattice for the tomato plants too. Of course you will see photos when we get that far.

Did you deface any of your prized toys as a kid?

Are you going to do that this weekend?

I don’t do that stuff anymore…now we just dress up the dogs!!!!


They love it. I swear.

Bee sweet. Bee Fun. Bee a DOLL!

22 thoughts on “Walking Down *Raggedy Ann* Memory Lane.

  1. Ahahaha. But of course I cut hair and decorated the faces of several dolls when I was quite young. There was this one doll, Dagmar (from the ancient tv show I Remember Mama), who I disliked immensely. I think cuz I never liked the name! Anyway, her BLUE head ended up on a stick in the woods at our summer place. We'd come across her when we'd go for walks. Poor Dagmar.Love to dress up the dogs. Your boxer looks meant for the dogwalk!! x-c


  2. Anonymous

    As much as I loved dolls, I never had a Raggedy Ann. I love those pillowcases of yours. I've been cleaning out closets and hauling things to Goodwill too. I still have most of my dolls. I was pretty gentle but I did give them shots!!! Most of them have little ink pen dots on their behinds! Hope you have a nice weekend to work in the yard.


  3. He he! Gosh that brings back memories, BB! Yes I had the dolls but I didn't, um, \”change\” them I don't think… I was a wild child in other ways ;-)Can't wait to see your \”farm\”! I could use a dose of green…


  4. I never had a Raggedy Ann doll…. Were they popular WAY back then???? I had dolls and even had a doll carriage.. My favorite doll was named LuLu. We're having a wonderful time in Arkansas–but it's passing by too quickly. The weather has been great considering the fact that it is snowing at home. Hugs,Betsy


  5. HAHAHA! I am pretty sure I did that to ALL my dolls and barbie dolls!If I ever have a daughter.. she WILL have a raggedy Ann doll! Have fun with your yardwork! Can't wait to see pics!


  6. You haven't changed Suz! I won't be a Debbie Downer with my stories about toys as a little girl, I'll live vicariously through yours. :-)This weekend I'm leading a 2 hour spin class to raise money for injured military veterans. Check us out at spinningnation.com! I've got some other charity and fundraising work to do. They don't all usually end up being on one weekend, so I'm going to be a busy bee. Did you get that? A 'busy bee'? HAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Have fun at Green Acres beautiful lady!


  7. i am wondering how the fence is going to keep the critters out. when they can get up on the reatining wall and jump down. (are they that smart?) maybe you need a way to let the critters out once they get in! no raggedy ann for me. i was probably naughty 🙂


  8. I had more than 1000 pieces (things and dolls) in a Raggedy Ann and Andy collection I amassed from age 18 to age 45. No one ever gave me one as a kid and that's what happens when I try to fill a childhood void!I kept some special pieces and sold everything else on ebay, for a comparative song….I was just over it. On to other things.You brought back many memories with this.My little sister modified my dolls for me…..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..


  9. I still have Ann and Andy sitting in a very dusty display box in my bedroom. Loved the story and then was amazed when my mom actually bought me the dolls.After all this time reading your blog, I just read your profile. The Grease Pretty Woman entry somehow got into my brain as Greasy Pretty Woman and I wondered why you would like a movie like that. Is it true that my brain is shrinking every year? Evidently yes.


  10. love the photo of cocoa… with the sweater. i have never been a fan of the raggedy anns/andy's, sorry, hope it dont hurt yo feelings… they kinda remind me of clowns and i hate clowns and all they represent.ewwww makes me shudder to think of clowns… ewwwwcleaning out stuff tho, is fun. finding all kinds a stuff you forgot you had…thank you for the supportive message you left me, i love ya toots… you are good people.c


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