A True Fan


If I had to line up all the folks who like to hang with my girls…well, it would be a long line.

And I don’t even feel bad about bragging about that.

The first in line after Coach and I? Their Grandparents.

They are fortunate enough to have THREE Grandma’s and TWO Grandpa’s.

How lucky…I know.

There is an upside to divorce.


This past weekend, we were near my MIL and FIL’s hometown. They don’t get to see LoLo play as much high school softball as they do travel ball in the summer.

So Coach’s Mom showed up on Friday with her nails ‘did.’


Here is a close up.


I know. She is flippin’ awesome.



Have you ever colored your hair or nails to match a beloved team?

Nobody puts Baby in (a corner) Camp.


Except, for the baby herself.

Linds: The baby.

(that is what My G’ma referred to her as. The baby)

We had tentatively planned a Vegas trip for spring break…yes with the kids. But that plan fell through.

So, she declared this year, “I want to go to camp.”

Okie dokie.

Camp it is.


Our good family friend Connor has been going to this camp for years.

But she knows not another soul there.

She is a brave and adventure seeking kid.

She was on board and declared herself a camper this spring break.

A dude ranch camper.

Horseback riding , paintball, rock walls, zip lines, dancing, archery, water sports, skateboarding, photography…you name it. They will do it. (I wish I could have done this at 14 Or 42!!!)



Hence my Florida driving tour on Sunday. For my girls…anything.

Here is the kicker. This little baby of ours…well, she is a techno addicted kid. Forizzle.

Majorly addicted to her electronics.


So, when she learned that NO cell phones were allowed…and she  was game STILL, well we knew she was really GAME.  

Her little thumbs have never had this much of a break.

It could be bad for their muscle tone. Or good.


I pick her up on Friday. I miss her already.

If only she could call or text me….