TGIF; Green Stuff Happens.

Friday again. Yippe.

Cyber hugs for all the nice notes and emails this week. Ya’ll are some very nice people.

All of you except for the weirdo who keeps leaving me links to see nekkid pictures of his girlfriend. Shame shame…I know your name: nasty person in Singapore.


Made some progress on the farm…

La’ fence by La’ Coach.P1040728

So far I have planted in the ground ‘maters, some herbs, jalapeño, a few varieties of lettuce.

My seeds.

P1040727 P1040726

I may have went overboard here. Maybe?

Spinach (aye! Popeye) Tomato’s, cukes, red pepper, cilantro, lettuce, broccoli and carrots.

Mr. Man is still working on the trellis for the ‘maters…but no hurry, they are still lil’ babies.

When my seedlings are bigger, they will be moved into the farmville with their older cousins. It will be a big family get together in there. Raisin’ cane.


No plans for the weekend. Maybe some weeding and laundry.

I know…great stuff huh?

You never know though, we may hop on a jet and play some roulette in Vegas.

_wsb_209x167_roulette chips

My favorite color of roulette chip: Chartreuse or Periwinkle.

Do you play roulette?

It is addicting, just like weeding. I sometimes find myself pulling dollar weeds and shouting: RED! 21! EVEN! LUCKY 13!!!

Happy Weekend.

Bee Happy. Bee Silly. Bee GREEN! (or chartreuse)

41 thoughts on “TGIF; Green Stuff Happens.

  1. I understand why comments were off for your post remember your Grandmother, but I was disappointed. It was so poignant! You are still the light of her life, no question.Love your farm and the young crops. I have a recipe for the best tomato soup in the entire world that I am going to post one of these days….for fresh tomatoes. It's The Source's….This weekend is the Academy Awards!! Surely you will watch at least the Red Carpet pre-shows…during which, if you haven't anything nice to say about the attendees, do come sit next to me!


  2. I wouldn't have the foggiest of how to play roulette. It always looks so flashy in the movies. I would like whatever color is the most money!! The fence and garden look great. I will never again post a picture of my little garden fence up in Idhao—I put it up myself & IT looks like it!! You've shamed me Suz. Have a great weekend.x-c


  3. Mary

    I haven't left a comment in a long time! Although I still read your blog…Your posts brighten my days!! Still cold and snowy here in OH. I can't wait for spring!


  4. Kelly

    Love, Love, LOVE Roulette! I usually choose the red chips. Your farm looks great! We're starting our own little farm this year. I've only grown herbs and tomatoes in the past so it should be interesting. Can't wait to hear how your crop does. Have a fun weekend.


  5. Wow. Glad you see your thumbs all green and happy! Things look great! I think I should have had your husband help me with my blackberry fence. Yikes. Will not be showing a picture of that one!


  6. Anonymous

    I think once you start weeding you just have to continue until you've pulled them all up!And fancy getting some guy posting photos of his girlfriend; some people are so uncouth.CJ xx


  7. Have a fun weekend. Your garden already looks awesome. I know you turned off the comments on your last post, but I'm going to sneak one in here about your grandma: Happy Birthday to her! I'm so thankful for the unconditional LOVE and SPICE that she brought into your life. I can tell that she had a huge impact on you, and I think you carry some of her spirit with you. Her love will NEVER leave you. XOXO


  8. ok you are putting my garden to shame! i would have thought that God would have liked it that I was planting (or trying to plant) a garden and I thought he would have given me weather to help move things along too! But He didn't 😦 well not lately… but this weekend it's supposed to be sunny and that's prefect for garden working! I'll be putting pictures up of my performance and hard work. I'm totally envious of your garden.


  9. Your garden is starting to look official! I can't wait for the maters. This weekend is all about baseball, track meets and the Oscars.I don't play roulette, but love me some blackjack


  10. 0h…if only I lived in Florida!! We never plant anything until after Easter…unless we want to take the chance that it might freeze and die – which is a chance I'm not willing to take! 🙂 I love tomatoes and can't wait to plant them. Kaeden loves going out everyday to find new ones to pick. He eats almost all of them before they even make it into the house!Have a great weekend!


  11. I'm very impressed with Farmville. Coach did a great job with the fence and you should have plenty of good eating in the weeks ahead. If you make it to Vegas I hope you get back home with more money than you had when you leave home!Have a great week.


  12. Your farm will be better than facebook's farmville! ha,ha! I think I still have 60 days before I can plant anything that Michigan's odd weather won't kill. YOu gave me some good ideas what to plant. Jalapenos are a necessity for my latino espousa!


  13. Hi Suz, You are turning into a real live FARMER…. You and your family are really going to enjoy all of those fresh veggies this summer…. Next year, you will have to double the size of your farm…. haHave a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  14. One of my favorite sweaters ever is a pretty periwinkle blue. I never thought such a color would look good on me since I'm dark, but I've loved that sweater threadbare!La Coach, you are La Bomba. How orderly and precise is that perfection of a fence!? I WANT ONE, Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!! You have motivated me to get going on my veggie patch. We're in the midst of trial waaaaaay out in the desert until the end of March. Have you ever heard of El Centro, Ca? Umm, yah. It's the hicks. So, as soon as I have a minute, I'm gonna start seedlin'!I KNOW you are awake out there!!!! How I wish you were my neighbor next door, I'd bring over my favorite pinot, a wedge of stinky cheese, grapes, a giant block of GOOD chocolate, and three blondes….we'd have the time of our lives until the pre-dawn hours. A girl can dream!Have a precious, lovely weekend with your sweet, sweet family, Suz. 🙂


  15. i cant wait to get started on our garden too… BUT the snow's gotta go first… ERGHi know you were so sad on your gramma's b-day and i just wanted to give you huge hugs… i am so sorry you hurt and are missing her so. i KNOW she will always be with you honey.. but now your brother has her to love and keep him company. and i hear they have humongous awesome birthday parties in heaven for each one who lives there.enjoy your weekend and hope the weather is warm and sunny. warm and sunny is good.c


  16. Someday, I will have a pretty garden like yours… someday!Right now all the impending yardwork is staring at me in the face as the snow melts, revealing 3 acres of lawn to rake from bits of broken tree branches (wind storms), flowers to plant and then hours of daily weeding and grass mowing…Um, can we sell this monster of a place soon? Pretty please?(then I can move into your castle, mouahahhaha! I can pay my rent by clearing your farm of weeds and 'maters. Yes? 😀 )


  17. Never once have I gambled.I think I should.I am too boring.My friends all went out on Friday night and they didn't invite me. I think because I never go to the clubs after dinner. I wish they would have at least asked. Maybe I am not fun.Kaish is sad today because he wants a dog. Gary is at work. Of course. Like EVERY freaking Sunday. I didn't go to church because my friend Marsha is away celebrating her Birthday. I think she might be in Vegas. We are having an audit next week at work. I am stressed out already. Thank you for listening to all of my complaints. I think you are like therapy for me. XO


  18. Hey there!!WOW! Sounds like you were BUSY, in a good way!! LOVE LOVE LOVE gardening.. Spring is still a little far from us… this week because we're having freezing temps.. but things are starting to bud! I'd love to come and help out in your garden, though!!Have fun!!! Enjoy your harvest when it's all ready!!! YUM!!!!


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