Monday Monday

I almost forgot to share with you how great LoLo is doing in softball.

I was going to share earlier…but I was scared cause when you start bragging about something then it all goes to heck.

But if I don’t share with you, and she remembers that I posted the video of her sister dancing a few weeks ago, well you know, this will come up in therapy later.

She has been hitting like a maniac. A softball maniac.

Doubles. Triples. Singles.

All that talk makes me crave ice cream. Rocky road triple scoop please.

Here is a triple from Friday night.

As she watched this video last night with me, she said: “Dang, I didn’t even finish my swing”

She is so cute. I am going to keep her. For just onnnnnne more year.

I have some really, super duper cute news to share too.

I have been holding it inside.

I am ready to burst.

I must share.

But I won’t.

I can’t.

It may get me into Trouble. Trouble, with a capital T. Seriously, it is just the cutest, sweetest little bit of news. But still. Trouble is Trouble.

So maybe I will share later in the week.

It is better to get into trouble closer to the weekend. right?

We had a beautiful weekend. I don’t want to rub it in too much…but it was glorious.

I played in the veggie garden for a bit. I love my dirt. What to do about ants in there though? Any suggestions?? I don’t like ANTS near my stuff. (No offense Aunt Trisha!)

Cuteness overload:


Cocoa loves getting her ‘Tan’ On. Ozzie, just loves to follow.

Quite possibly, a short while after this photo, Ozzie went back inside and *someone* else may or may NOT have lazed in that chair to read and possibly dozed off for a little bit. Possibly.

And possibly she dozed off while laying on her back and possibly she snored a bit in her throat and scared herself. possibly.

I won’t name names. Su*anne.

How about you?

Any triple dips…any little snoozes?

How about those ants????

29 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Ants: yes. But mine are in the house and I drown a colony of them every morning.Triples? Never, but her hit surely did sound fantabulous, didn't it? Thwack!What day should I come by for the news? You can't hold out forever. Maybe an hour or two from now?


  2. yeah, give it up suz… we cant wait till the end of the week, we are only HUMANS. maybe the pups can wait, but not us, not MEEEEEEE. do tell.DO. i say, tell all.pleeeeeease….if you tell today i will tell you how to get rid of those dirt ants… before they eat all your mators, cuz they will the lil freaks…a trade off, yes?;)youre such a tease..cDO TELL.


  3. What a great hitter your daughter is! I've always loved softball and played in leagues all the way up until 6 years ago. (Greg ended my fledging softball career – ha!!) You must be so proud of her! And your dogs are looking cute as ever and have the right idea about lounging. Okay, now I'm on the edge of my seat about your cute little news! Here are my guesses:1. You're pregnant! :-)2. You're getting a puppy3. You're coming to visit me!4. You're inviting Scout and me to come visit you!Tell me, which one is it???? 🙂


  4. Aww.. how am I supposed to go on down my blog list and read everybody else's news when I know YOU've got news and won't tell?! I'm just gonna hold my breathe until you tell…………………………………………………….*exhale*.Darn. I guess I'll just have to wait. I have no idea about the ants. Do you have an organic nursery near you?


  5. I can't even catch a ball let alone hit it. You should be a proud momma! Your dogs are so people like ; I love it.and I am just going to ignore your tease….


  6. Anonymous

    Oh my, I just read Shelley's comment and lost my train of thought – completely!!!Oh yeah, way to go LoLo!!!Love the doggies pool side &how will I get any packing done with this capital T stuff hanging over my head???????


  7. I thought I was the only one who falls asleep semi-sitting up, then wakes myself up snoring. Phew! I always feel like an old wrinkly man when I do it. I've never played roulette before. I'm scared of gambling, I like money a lot! Congrats to your daughter on the softball skills, yay!


  8. Well, if you are going to visit Shelley, you better make a stop in Ohio. Kathy and I will meet you and Coach at Milich's Village Inn, located in Barberton, home of one of the best chicken dinners around.Now regarding that video, it sounds like the announcers are real \”homers.\”


  9. You are so funny girl. Congrats to the ballplayer. Way to go. Love those pups sunning.I haven't had to deal with them in veggie beds too much. Last year I had some in my large veggie bed and I didn't do anything to them. They wanted a plant and I let em have it. They didn't spread either. I really can't think of anything you can put on them that is safe.


  10. What I wouldn't give to be snoozing in one of those chairs right about now!!!!I believe Chesapeake Bay Woman has some experience with ants….I know what the news is!! You're coming to Blog Fest!! YAY!!!


  11. Now you know I'm no expert when it comes to gardening 😉 but try and google hot sauce spray or pepper spray. My mom has used it in the past and said it works really well and it doesn't hurt the plants. Let me know if it works out!


  12. Miss LoLo is Da Bomb… you give that girl a High 5 from me. Beautiful, smart, athletic.. She is ALL AROUND too cool for SCHOOL (now, LoLo…. I don't mean that LITERALLY… it's just a SAYING…)And the dogs lounging? Priceless. Quite a little life they've got going.And yes, I'm dying to hear the news as well. Do tell.


  13. She's got the moves, that Lo! I'd hate to be a burglar in the middle of the night at the receiving end of that bat, ha ha!Mmmmm snoozing in the sun… I forget what that feels like but it sure sounds amazing :-DTrouble. Hmmm. Did you get some chickens? WOOOHOOOOOO!


  14. (admire daughter's prowess with the bat)wow.butwitholding comment love until you spill the beans.sending more ants to florida.and possibly a plague of locusts.yes, that's how mean i can;-)


  15. WOW!! That was some hit! It's very appropriate that you decided to brag about her. I hope I'm home when you share your big news. It's not always easy to visit using this iPod!Thanks for the birthday wishes.


  16. Go Lo!!!We had a glorious weekend too. Perfect weather and all! Thanks for finally sharing. I was beginning to think you were hoarding it all for yourself.Me hate ants. flies. bees. wasps. hornets. snakes……big old list.Me love your pooches though…..


  17. When I was reading the single, double, triple thing I thought the SAME exact thing. Ice cream. I think it is what any logical person would think.Linds is SO fast. I do think you love Lo more though because you sure popped that dance video up pretty quickly. I wish you would stop playing favorites. It really gives me a headache.Psyche : )I love that you could get a tan during the weekend. I could have gotten a tan too IF I felt like shoveling the snow in a bikini : ) I hope it all melts by this weekend. I am crossing my fingers! and toes.


  18. This may be a bit late (I'm waaaay behind on my blogs) but for your ants, Ortho makes a product you can use in your garden for ants and other insects you don't want – they are granules that come in a bag and you sprinkle them where you don't want the bugs. I can't remember the exact name right now, but you should be able to find them easily at Home Depot or a garden center… I've used it in the past and it worked great :)(If you can't find it, let me know and I'll get the exact name of the stuff for you)


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