See What Happens?

I opened my big ol’ pie hole yesterday talking about how great LoLo has been hitting and lo and behold….the softball God’s heard me.

Her bat cracked at hitting practice last night.

See? paybacks. when will I learn??

I almost mentioned the fact that LoLo has been in the local paper a bit lately…luckily in the sports section and not the police beat.

Isn’t that what all parents want? To keep their kids out of the bad news section?


But I won’t mention that now.

You know, I could stir up fate again.


We have been taking turns; drawing straws, on who gets to be sick each week.

It has been about 4 weeks for me, so my straw was drawn this morning.

I am officially calling in sick.

Who is bringing me chicken Noodle soup?

How about some fresh squeezed OJ?

The more pulp the better. I like to chew my OJ.

Have a glorious snot-free day.

30 thoughts on “See What Happens?

  1. Yet another thing we have in common. Thick, slurry OJ. Mmmm. Delish. Extra special when later on in the day I'm in court and feel a sliver of pulp stuck to my lip-gloss. I carefully peel it off with my front teeth and chew on its deliciousness as the judge drones on and and on and on. You already know how much I love your little ladies. Girls Rule in my book, and your bee-ettes are the ruliest of them all. I wouldn't worry about the cracked bat. In Greece that's good luck. Opaa!!! :-)I'm sorry to hear ya'll are trading germ gremlins. 😦 I'm sending you good health vibrations through the clouds. Keep an eye out for them. When I'm teaching spin, we all sweat and grunt and have snot running down our face. I give recovery periods every 20 minutes. In the meantime I prompt my students to just lick the snot and sweat off their face. Delish, AND it helps replenish some of our lost body salt. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww! HA HA HA HA HA HA. I just made myself crack up with that last sentence. I'm glad my students have a sense of humor. I cannot have this much coffee this early in the morning. HAPPY TUESDAY SUZ!!!


  2. Aw man… sounds like my house. We have not all been well since mid January and the girl is currently sick. Driving us nuts so I feel your pain. Drat that straw!


  3. i guess that would be… me? i could stop on the way home from work. but i'd be bringing my still ingering germs with me! i know! how 'bout some toast! i kow just what kind you like :)i have missed lo in the paper! the citizen? now that they stopped throwing it in my driveway i don't alwasy get to read it. 🙂


  4. Oh yuck! My Mom used to strain my OJ for me. She was a saint:)Sorry you are sick. I'd be glad to share my meds with you but none of them seem to be working soooo nevermind.


  5. I swear everyone across the nation is sick! I'm still sick and so is gck-1. If we lived a little closer, like maybe in the same city, I'd bring you some thick OJ. B drinks his with water! gross. double gross. I hope you feel better soon. GET AS MUCH SLEEP AS YOU CAN!


  6. If I lived closer, I would bring you a batch of \”Comforting Chicken Soup.\” Email me if you want the recipe – seriously. It's easy to make, and it really hits the spot when you're down.KBL – you are a riot!Dear Suz, I hope you bounce right back! XOXO


  7. You are so funny with your stories. Congrats LoLo. Way to go! and yes stay of the BAD section of the paper – it really is a bad place to find your picture. Hope you are feeling better soon and the rest of the gang too.


  8. Oh no!! Poor BB! :-(I'd bring you chicken soup but it would be all messy and squawking and I don't think the chicken would like being all wet… so… I'll send you dayquil and nyquil instead! ** hugs ** and rest well!


  9. get to feeling better soon, take some airborne it really works!! keep a stockpile of it and take it even when you are not sick it will keep you from getting sick!!seriously your asking me for fresh OJ? aren't you the one in Florida? they are right there in your back yard? now if you want a shock of wheat i think i am in the right state!!


  10. The only good thing about being sick – I get to read the blogs I've been missing! Sitting in bed, tissues everywhere, empty cups of Tea (I had to get myself, no kids this week) and wondering why the Germies got me now?!feel Better!


  11. i too love to chew my juice! lol.geez i hope you feel better soon. if i lived near, you can bet your pretty lil beeswax i would be makin and bringin you some home made soup. thats how i roll.c


  12. Suz, hope you are feeling better now. Did anyone get your chicken soup for you?? Your Lolo must have some swing to break a bat. Yowza! Do you ever take your family to Spring Training in Fl? It's one of my fave things to do here in March.


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