*Sharing is Caring*



Unless it is a cold virus or a jail cell.  Keep those to yourself. 

Ok, I said I had a little something sweet that I wanted to share. Actually I said it was super duper sweet and cute news that will get me into trouble for sharing.

It is not BIG news.

Nothing that needed lights, press, or an interruption of your lunch. (thankyouverymuch Tiger Woods)

I may disappoint you today.

I said it was nothing big. OK?

NO. I am not getting a puppy. Please. I have enough animals.

*Ruff Ruff* *Meow* *slither* *sss…sss…sss* (noisy *lizards)

Ok, so the cutest. sweetest…little thing that I thought I wanted to share, but was afraid to share, cause I will get into trouble is:


It is too risky for me.

I shant do it.

I have much to lose. 

I will die a painful death.

I still have much unfinished business.

I mean, who would organize that huge pile of photos on the table?

What? You don’t care about my painful death?


Thanks people.

Ok, well, then I will tell you but in code words. Ok? Ok.

Don’t complain if you can’t figure this out on your own.

I made a promise.

There is this painful death I have to worry about.

Ok, so the cutest sweetest little piece of news is as follows:

It involves a teenager in my house.

I won’t tell you which one. But she may or may NOT play a sport that involves a stick like apparatus and a round thingy.

 No, not hockey.

But I can’t tell you what sport. Ok? 

Well, anyhoo, when this teenager was a little girl, she may have played this sport way back then too. LoLo giants

She is 6 in this picture. lil’ jack-o-lantern.

Well, anyhoo, when she played this particular sport that I can’t mention, she had boys on her team.

You know back then, she was one of the boys. Well, she practically is today as well, but she has caught the boys eyes for more than just playing sports. You know what I mean.

Heck, look at her:


Oh wait, not THAT photo.

This one:


I mean, we don’t have to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dogs to play with her anymore. (The sayings I learned from my Dad…)

So, this particular teenager may or may NOT have a boyfriend that MAY or MAY NOT go to the same school as her.

He MAY or MAY NOT play a sport SIMILAR to hers too.

No, NOT Lacrosse.  

And guess what else.

He MAY or may NOT have been on her SAME team way back when.


He MAY or may NOT be in this photo right here:

lolotball giants

(my jack-o- lantern is 2nd from the left)

This particular boy MAY or MAY NOT have been to our house several times in the last month.

This particular boy may or may NOT have a cell phone permanently attached to his ear talking to one of my children.

I am just sayin’.

That is all.

I think that if all this were true, that it would make for a really, really sweet and cute story.



if it were true.

I won’t confirm anything.

I hope my death is not too painful.

I love you all.

PS. Remember I like tulips. 

PSS. Someone please feed the animals and water my garden.

PSSS. I like all my photos organized in chronological order.


36 thoughts on “*Sharing is Caring*

  1. oh i bet you are in BIG trouble now 🙂 but… i think that is a mama's job. to embarass their kids. just usually it is just in the house or at the grocery store. not on the internet where the whole world can see! i wonder whcih she'll be more upset about. the boy? or the curlers? thanks for sharing. there is no one more caring than you! love ya! are you better yet? i am home again today…


  2. Oh, this is so very sweet…and I must know…Is he the cute little boy that is pressed to her side in the TBall picture? Or the one in Center Front with the big grin?!(I'm heading to teacher inservice today. Keep me in your thoughts!)


  3. awwwwwww first puppy love… how sweet. you were right. it is so sweet. and it is your JOB to tell us these things to make up for ALL the times the kiddies embarrassed you… payback, and all that…after all, they were warned that one day they'd be sorry for snitching something that made you turn beet red!bwahahahahashe is SO perty.c


  4. LindsayTheBestDaughterThatYouHave(InGrade8)

    Hey Hey Mama! He's The one on the far right! 😀 I meannn… HE may or may not be the one that my sister may or may not be dating… 😀


  5. You handled this with extreme and utmost delicacy. I think you are ALMOST ready to apply for work with the CIA. The way 3 possible candidates are included in that photo, and it's \”vintage,\” so no one would necessarily recognize him now…very well done, indeed.What fun!My friend MB's husband said the best way to deal with this is to sit on the front steps of the house, cleaning his hunting rifle, when the young man shows up for a date. Since you are an animal-lover, I'm not sure if Coach has a gun. Shall I ask my friend if you can borrow? XO


  6. PJ, she likes white tulips, but she ain't goin' nowheres just yet. What the helicopter is going on here!??? Is that the professional pickle eater I see up there, commenting on her sweet mama's blog??? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! That had me RMAO!!!! It's the Little Bee herself! Hi Lindsey!!! 🙂 You most certainly are the BEST 8th daughter your Mama Bee has in the whole widest world. Have you all seen the movie \”Love & Basketball\”? LoLo may or may not be the prime choice for lead actress in \”Love & Softball\”…hee hee. Ohmigod, if they grow into adulthood and marry and have babies born already suited up for the diamond, I may just have to direct a Lifetime movie about it. Just. That. Sweet. XOXOXO


  7. OMG! This is SO sweet! Wait, are you even alive to read this right now!? ;-)Reminds me of Stud and his wife. Did I ever tell you he got married in the 2nd grade? (Hmmm…maybe there's a post here….)


  8. uh-ohyou're in trouble.butit is very cute.and obviously the main thing is you are delighted that she's sharing this with you (and us) which means she trusts you. (and us) cos she knows we are very discrete of course.;-)


  9. OH Suz—–She won't kill you for telling us… Besides, you didn't really 'tell' us!!!! AND—besides—she's too happy right now to get upset with you…. Love that YOUNG LOVE…. It's so sweet.Keep us posted PLEASE….We had a wonderful Birthday celebration and got home today!!! I'll post a blog tomorrow morning.Hugs,Betsy


  10. Adorable – puppy love!! (Tee hee!) Are there any upcoming dances at school in their future??? That's awesome that you have that photo of them as \”little kids.\” P.S. Scout is crying in the corner that you and Bartholomew aren't coming to visit. I'm trying to console her….


  11. This is terribly terribly sweet. But you KNOW she's going to kick your butt for posting this on your blog, don't you? (I'll make sure to bring the tulips to your funeral, and play lots of Duran Duran in honor of the 80s.) It really is very very sweet.I think you must really really like this boy… which is nice.


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