TGIF; Marry a nice boy and NO cussing!

“Life is one fool thing after another, whereas love is two fool things after each other.”

                                                                                                Oscar Wilde

I was feeling pretty miserable for a few days this week. Thanks to the love and support of my fama-lama-ding-dong, I survived. The coach is very good to me. I should have milked it for a few more days though…

I swear, if my girls don’t marry someone as nice as their Dad, I will never forgive them. Plus, I will make HIS life a living hell. I will…


Cuss word of the week: Shiza Minnelli. (Liza, with sh)

We are not cussers at our house…but Lo said this out of frustration yesterday and it cracked me UP! Shiza Shiza Shiza.

My friend KBL has the best cuss words lines ever:

“Oh my helicopter!”

“What the French toast?”

That kind of stuff just makes me laugh so hard!! *Snort *Snort*088

Do ya’ ever wake up in the morning and feel like you SLEPT like this all night? Me too.


Nothing big happening this weekend…softball last night. softball tonight. Dancing tomorrow.

Da’ bears are 8 and 1. Sweet Shiza!

Happy weekend everybody.

Any plans for dancing? Poles involved? Me? NEVER.

Bee a happy fool. Bee a dancer. Bee Loved.

Do you have to give love to bee loved? {maybe not, if you dance on a pole! }

26 thoughts on “TGIF; Marry a nice boy and NO cussing!

  1. We don't cuss either – outwardly. That can sometimes be a tough burden to carry. My week-end: watching little pinewood cars race for 8 hours (thank-you, Cub Scouts) and then teaching a Sunday school lesson which frustrates me so much I might have to do a lot of inward cussing (and pray it stays inward)


  2. 'Marry a nice boy'…yes, one that loves you…cherishes you……treats you with respect…Sounds like my song and dance. But I trust that your two and my two are well on their way to making good choices…because they grew up under our roof…with Dads who were 'nice boys'.Now some of the stories I listen to at school…some of the boys that some of 'my' girls are dating…Yikes! It would keep you awake at night. Some days the curriculm just goes out the window and we talk about life stuff. And I probably sound like an old fashioned mom to them, but dang-it…someone has to give them the 'you are worthy' talk…Ok, this was way too long, but it is one of those subjects that gets me on my soap-box at school!Have a great weekend ~Natalie


  3. oh you. i am glad you are feeling better. but you shoulda milked it. i'm at 6 weeks and he's still falling for it. oh wait…i do hope your girls will find nice boys to marry. perhaps you should print out this post and hand it to potential (& current?)suiters! have fun at linds dance show. but seriously, you are gonna miss some good candy. and i heard they might be throwing bowls of salad with blue cheese, cranberries and pecans. seriousy!


  4. Liza with a sh. LOLi have a few good swear words myelf but i won't say them here in case google shuts you down. i will try to invoke ms. minelli in future. a lot safer!hope you feel better suz. have a great weekend.;-)


  5. oh, suz… youre such a suz! soo funny…i KNOW your girls will try to find someone like the coach, he is a great dada and girls always try to find someone like him… you have been great parents, they will both do well in everything!or you'll kick 'em in the shizer! lmao i love that!ever hear of these cuss words?oh my peppermint brownie!orthat sucks elmer's glue!orslumdogs and millionaires my rats nest hairs!oroh my vegetable garden!orfelix, you filthy funny fluffy kat!orcover me eyes gladys, she's crazy!no?prolly not. i just made those up!bwahahahahac


  6. my favorite and it took me a minute to get it, because i am SPECIAL was this line\”Sugar Honey Iced Tea!!\”Marty said it in Madagascar!! The kids show!! I also like \”Shitaki Mushrooms!!\”


  7. Love those non-cuss-words. Smileygirl can really belt out the cuss words. It's hilarious, because she looks like an angel, but she swears like a longshoreman!I agree: your girls MUST marry good men. No arguing. And I think they will, because their wonderful parents gave them such a good example.Have a great weekend!


  8. Well—I'll be Hoover Damed!!!! We all have our little expressions… But–when I mash my foot, the word \”ouch\” just doesn't do it…. Other words make me feel so much better!!!! Right?Have a good weekend…. No pole dancin' here… WELL–if it happens, nobody will know!!!! ha haHugs,Betsy


  9. Well darn it all. I was planning on pole dancing tonight. Now it seems like that might not be a good option!I like to say freaking all the time. My Mommy gets mad at me. Still. And I am like a hundred. Or 33. What FREAKING ever! I mean, it just sounds great. Is it really a fake curse word? I don't know. I had some other comments to say but I am too tired to right them. I am sorry you are sad. I am happy coach is so nice. I love nice people. I am glad I know you.


  10. I love madeup cuss words. Also, I say 'blast' all the time, a la Little Women. I'll remember these, they are cute! Glad you are feeling better…And I can't wait for the big reveal about the may or may not exist boy. 🙂 the official reveal, I mean! And yes, that is tooo darn cute!


  11. Here are some of my favorite cuss words (which I use instead of real cuss words – when I'm feeling like St. PJ):Holy Schnikes! (Rhymes with Nikes)Crumb Buckets!Fudge Monkey!Cheese and Crackers!Donkey DustBy the way, Scheisse (pronounced Shiza) means shit in German. 😉


  12. Um, you know that the german word for \”sh*t\” is written scheisse but pronounced shiza?I kid you not ;-)I want that dog. It comes with the fab couch, yes? Glad you're feeling better!! Yey for awesome hubbies and fambly!


  13. Glad you feel better and have the Coach. Sounds like a keeper. that's what the girls will want too, although they may kiss a few frogs along the way..Pole dancin and funky cuss words…hmmmm, must need something to do Suz…haha. Come enter the giveaway again and see if ya win something. And go see what's on the other blog too, the Fragrance Fans..yes, I'm promoting myself shamelessly..kinda like the pole thingy. Have a great Sunday!


  14. Shiza Minelli huh? Better than \”phooey\”, which is a fave of mine. Love the photo of dogbert. Don't they just get in the most uncomfortable looking positions??I'm with you on the marrying a nice boy thingy.My man is and daughter Jessica's man is too.(I used to be attracted to creeps,but got over it once I met Patrick!)


  15. Woot! Woot! Your posts always and never-never (which is forever) bring a smile to my face. I LURVE THEM!!! 🙂 True confession, it is because of you I've been trying to curb my funthusiasm. And I do mean TRYING – realy really hard. It's not easy because I do love me some cussin' and fussin'. Karen is right about Smileygirl, and I'm right up there with her. Tee hee. ;-)Do you watch the show \”Modern Family\” on ABC? Comes on Wednesday nights. This past week's episode involved reminiscing about childhood pets. One of the sons is gay and as a child he had a pet bird named \”Flyza Minnelli\”…and the father wondered how he never caught on to his son's homosexuality. Pretty funny show, one of my faves. Shiza and Flyza Minnelli. Ha ha ha!How about dem Bears!!!??? Seriously, I sure do hope your She-Ra's Bears' season rubs off on my Chicago Bears this year!!!! Did you hear, they're playing the Miami Dolphins. We're already thinking it might be fun to fly over and see the game. I ruv Coach. Vewy, vewy much. In the words of a beautiful, wise Apis Mellifera whom I am honored to call a friend, Coach is a man's man. He is a woman's man. He is a dog's man. :-)Thanks for the shout out!!! You are dee bestest in the westest better than all the restest!!!!


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