Getting Better and Going Solo


I took your advice and I went to the Dr. yesterday.  You know who YOU are. You bossy and smart people. You.

Have you ever coughed so hard, you thought you might wet your pants? Me neither.

So, I am on the drugs now.

I spent a good part of the day running around; Dr., Pharmacist. Super WallyWorld…I got home, unloaded the car and had a few hours to rest before I had to pick up Linds.

15 minutes later:

**Ring Ring**  Hello? “Mom, it’s me Lo, I am sick. I can’t stay for softball practice.”

So, a jaunt to the high school and another trip to the Dr. and yet another to the Pharmacist.

By the way, have you ever walked up to the pharmacy counter and said: “I would like to fill my subscription?”    Me neither.

My pharmacist thinks I have a thing for him now; 4 visits in one day. Whatever. I am a tease.


My people are leaving me for the night and a good part of Saturday.

ALL of them.

It will just be me and the critters.

I will be fine.  As long as Cocoa does not insist on me giving her another mani/pedi.  She never stays still for the polish to dry….boxers are impatient like that.


She is so cute! Sometimes I just want to squeeze her so hard and love her so much that her eyeballs might pop out of her head.

maybe I shouldn’t advertise that?

How is your weekend looking? Solo? full house? A mani/pedi for your pooch or you?

you know I was kidding about the mani/pedi for Cocoa. Although, she does insist on a monthly European facial and Hot Rock massage.

Bee Healthy. Bee Silly. Bee Colorful!


27 thoughts on “Getting Better and Going Solo

  1. i am so glad you went to the dr. even if you didn't already have the two strikes! but proscratinating… that's how you get those strikes, ya know! i sure hope your meds work quicker than mine. i am holding out high hopes for these last 5 days of this script! i seriously cannot bear to have to wait at that pharmacy counter for another hour. eek! the weekend is looking quiet… which is pretty great. of course, that leaves no excuses for not cleaning. oh wait. i'm still playing the sick card 🙂


  2. How sad to think that the only medical advice I gave you was to soak in the tub and let Cocoa doctor you. Thank goodness you have other readers who are smart.My weekend will involve pretending that I am still dieting but going to Dairy Queen anyway.


  3. I feel the same way about my \”girls\”: I love them so much I could just squeeze them! Cocoa is so beautiful: we really want a boxer next go 'round! Glad you're feeling better! There's nothing like having 1 night all to yourself, is there? Enjoy!


  4. Good Morning,When you had Lo at the doctor's office, I hope you got some drugs for her sister too. I'm guessing she's next…Your dog has to be just the cutest…the way he poses with his green friend!My weekend? I am spring cleaning like crazy. The Norwegians are coming to visit!Have a fabulous Friday ~Natalie


  5. We've been to the pharmacy so much the last few weeks that they don't even ask me my name anymore. They just go hunting in the bin for my last name. Sad. OK.. your pup just gets cuter and cuter. And standing next to his topiary'ish self? Adorable!Feel better soon. Hope the drugs kick in quick and you're back to feeling great in no time.


  6. Solo? Whats that? 3 young'uns means constant chaos! 🙂 At least i'm only responsible for 1 of them on the weekends!I need a mani pedi something fierce!glad you finally went to the doctor! hope you're feeling better soon!


  7. Hopefully we'll be outdoors enjoying some sunshine and warm weather. I hope Cocoa and Ozzie let you have some peace and quiet and you get completely over your 'bug'.


  8. Glad to see you're back! Meds are there for a reason, at some point we all need a little help eh?You'll totally enjoy a bit of silence, unless the doggies rooo you.Doggies are for squeezing, colds are for sneezing, and asthma is for wheezing. Oh dear lord. I need meds I think!


  9. i laughed hysterically when i read what you wanted to do to Cocoa! I want to do the SAME thing to Marlee but have never vocalized it 😉 Props to you! And seriously, boxers totally need to stay still. Don't they know that their nails need to match ours now that the weather's getting warmer?! I have numerous hot pink blotches on the rug from her jumping up too quickly. Oh and my garden… little bit of green gunk/mold growing thanks to all the wonderful rain we just had. And my cucs (cucumbers) are all but dead. Agh. Better luck next year!


  10. I should be having a ROCKIN weekend at College of Charleston with Daughter but instead am counting the hours til I get home and can finally go to the DR (two weeks of sickness is enough I think – and coughing so hard I pee? Um perhaps I understand that idea…)Hope you feel better. Hope I get some good, strong drugs. And yes it will come with a lecture I'm pretty sure.


  11. I'm glad you are taking medicine as prescribed and I'm kinda glad your peeps have left you alone to REST this weekend. That is what you're going to do, RIGHT? If you only do 75% of what the doctor says, you will NOT get 75% better. I went to the doctor yesterday too. The ear,nose and throat guy. I have to blog it. It was interesting. And funny.


  12. I love that picture of boxer by shrub! Hope meds are kicking in today. Enjoy the peace. I'm headed to Wilmington because Sparkle (14 yo) has her first horse show. The weather is gorgeous! Finally! Spring fever sure beats cold and flu season.


  13. Okay – you need to frame that adorable photo of Cocoa! I love her! Scout said she does too and will share her pink nail polish! (And I hear ya on the squeezing your dog so hard that their eyes pop – Scout is running from me right now!) By the way, our dog shampoo bottle has a cute photo of a boxer on it. Every time I use it, I think of your 2 pups!


  14. You are just so funny, even writing about sickness and drugs! I adore boxers, yours is gorgeous. I had a boxer years ago, and he had a handsome brindle coat. A very smart breed of dogs.


  15. Man, every blog I read is about illness! It must be that time of year. Hope you feel better soon!I feel the same way about my dog. I could actually eat her up, I love her so much. Also? Have painted her toenails hot pink before.


  16. YAY! You went to the doctor! Are you feeling better yet? I hope so. The pharmacist will have to deal with it. =) I hope it doesn't spread through the entire house. XOXO


  17. You're too funny.. it's good to see you have a sense of humor even when you are sick! Me, NOPE! Glad you got meds and that hopefully you are a lot better since your wrote this post… I'm still sick with sinusitis… and still on meds, too…I think Cocoa would look great with a pedicure… and you can never love your animals enough.. Just don't squeeze TOO hard because it's sooo hard to get those eyeballs back in once they've popped out!!!All my best,Leesa


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