Now *AND* Later


Do you know the real meaning of the candy called Now and Later?

You know, those little sweet squares of destruction deliciousness.


I learned the meaning at age 12, while innocently sitting on the hUMp in the back of my Dad’s blue Mustang.


Now means: enjoy the great taste of the sweet candy NOW.

Later means: Soon you will be at the dentist…’cause back at NOW, you pulled your filling out of your molar with your dang quarter candy.

SHiZa Minelli!

ShitAkE Mushrooms!

The visit to the dentist was not as painful as the verbal lashing from my Dad concerning buying candy and the co$t of dental health. 

If I could have turned back time, I would have kept my quarter in the pocket of my faded brown corduroys where it belonged.

Now and Later, I will neither forget or forgive.

28 thoughts on “Now *AND* Later

  1. Then of course, comes the third stage: Later still! That would be when your filling needs to be replaced because it's old…and now your tooth is old….and well, you need a root canal….MWAHAHAHAHAHA!I've never had a root canal and am actually scare to death of the thought.


  2. Honestly? I think the word \”life\” should be dropped from our language. From henceforth on it shall be referred to as now and later because there isn't much that happens now that doesn't have a consequence later. Aw, such is life. Oops, I mean, such is now and later.


  3. I pulled out my temporary crown last week by eating some gummy candy, after the dentist specifically told me not too. OOPS! The candy, it is so tempting, and my memory not to chew on that side is so short. Hope you are feeling better, and had a great weekend with your four footed honeys.


  4. Oh I love Now & Laters! Just about as dangerous as Aba Zabbas. But I'm more cautous and frugal…I suck on taffyish candy and chew it with my tongue.Thank you, and hoping someone takes pictures of Andrew today for the big shave! :))


  5. Wait.I LOVED Now and Laters!When we were later, we'd get change from the change jar and run across to the convienence store to buy them! We thought we were spoiled! Now I think it was my mom who was. 5 kids. Gone for 20 minutes. Silence. SO WORTH IT! 🙂


  6. Awww man. Poor maligned Now and Laters. It was probably a bad filling to begin with from a bad dentist and I'm thinking there could still, possibly, be a law suit involved here.Sigh.I am succumbing to the logic of many Americans.AND I still keep trying to spill my McDonalds coffee in my lap, too.


  7. I've never heard of that particular candy–but I'm sure there are many \”Now and Laters\” in our lives. We enjoy the NOW —and suffer the consequences LATER… Sometimes it is worth it –and sometimes NOT.Hope you are feeling better, Suz.Hugs,Betsy


  8. Thank you. I've always wondered what the name of that candy meant (really, I have, and I did used to ponder it when I was young…as soon as I read the title of your entry I wondered it again), and now I know. And, it makes sense. I'm just thankful I never learned it for myself.


  9. It's always so fun to run over here and get my laugh for the day. I'm sorry you've been sick…but my favorite quote while catching up over here, \”Excuse me, I just coughed up a lung\”. Hopefully your good humor will help you get better sooner!!!M.L.


  10. That must either be a Southern candy or another generation candy, 'cuz I never heard of Now & Later.It does look like those tastey Starbursts that are capable of ripping a filling out for sure! I read this post to Patrick because he is always breaking teeth from chewing on tictacs and ice.I'm always being a pest about it when he makes that loud crunching sound, but does he listen?? Nooooooo. I don't understand WHY the man misses me when we're apart I'm such a nag!!


  11. oh i lerved now and laters… banana was my first fave, orange my second! now when i buy them they are all hard and stuff, so i switched to laughy taffy… yummyi used to suck on them forever so they WOULDNT pull me fillings.but if i ate too many, my tongue would be raw as well as the inside of me cheeks.yep.c


  12. I have broken so many fillings that I can really relate to this. ICK! Have too many crowns, now, and even an implant…and I don't mean the fun (breast) kind, either.


  13. PSsuz, i really hope you are back to your old self and feeling much better….that lung you coughed up? you can still use it for a squeegie to clean windows…it has lotsa pores…lmaoc


  14. It's \”Eat some NOW, Save some for LATER\” – that's the commercial I remember as a kid… But, you are right… and those candies are dental surgery just \”waiting\” to happen!!!! OUCH!! They are strong enough to pull your teeth from their roots!!! We used to eat them when we had loose teeth to help get the teeth out!Do you remember, \”Bit o' Honey?\” I loved that candy and especially the flavour of it!!! YUMMM!!!!


  15. I've never heard of this candy but it sure sounds typical, LOL!Always afraid to lose a filling when chewing on sticky stuff :-oQuarters are meant for spending. You did good, girl 😉


  16. my boys \”discovered\” now & laters a few summers ago…at the swimming pool (of all places!!)….i have them convinced that the pool is the \”only place you can get them\”. ssshhhh. don't say a word!by the way…\”shiTAKe mushrooms\” is now our 'cuss word of choice'…ever since watching those silly penguins on Madagascar….we love those penguins!! 🙂


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