I Dreamt I Had Insomnia.



Think about it.

I dreamt that I couldn’t sleep. While I was sleeping.

I must dig deeper into my psyche and see what that means.

Or maybe I will just let it pass.

I am getting a headache thinking about it already. 

I’d like to take a nap, but I am afraid I won’t be able to sleep.


Cocoa has never been stricken with insomnia. 


PS. I almost hit publish when I realized the title said: I dreamt I had amnesia. It took me 10 minutes to remember the word I was looking for to replace amnesia.

Irony surrounds me.

35 thoughts on “I Dreamt I Had Insomnia.

  1. hehe!! That is a very funny post… Last night I dreamt that I was doing something for my lessons today and when I got up… I went and did it… Good think my dream reminded me, otherwise, I'd forget for sure!


  2. Yeah..Cocoa needs to learn how to chill. (so does my cat, ha ha) Well, at least you didn't dream you were going to the potty-wotty in your dreams, cuz bad things can happen. I learned THAT one when I was about 7. So sweet dreams, my friend!


  3. You're so funny Suz! I wish I had my \”dream book\” from my psychology of adjustment class so then I could try to decipher it! I'm always dreaming about people chasing me! Maybe I was a criminal in a former life….And I'd love to rub that Coco's belly – that is one happy dog!!


  4. You must be totally exhausted! I once dreamt that I got into a physical fight with a wild monster. When I woke up I ached all over!Forgetting the right word? Phase II.Can I say \”thank you\” again? Ok, I just did! 🙂


  5. It's all of those meds you have been on. Hope you are feeling better, Suz…. Why can't all of us be as relaxed as our pets??? Could it be that we have too much to do in our lives –and they don't???? Wish I could spread out and sleep where I wanted to -and not have a care in the world. Someone else would feed me and care for me… Ah—sounds nice!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  6. silly girl! i wanted to call you this morning but did't want to wake you (while you were dreaming of not sleeping!) i had to go up by the imaginarium and i felt the need to call onstar…


  7. hahahaha that's so cute, suz… just like you.and gimme that adorable doggie! i just can't stand not kissing on her and ozzie….if i win the lottery i'm comin down to visit! k? k. and i wanna swim in your pool too on the lanai…oh sweet fantasy…i hope you get some good sleep tonight. maybe you could eat cucmbers right before bed, they usually cause nice dreams…c


  8. Oh my goodness. I hope you have sweet dreams. Whenever I start a new diet (so every Sunday in case you were wondering) I dream about food the night before. Weird, right?


  9. I wish I only dreamed I had insomnia. My dream last night was that I was sitting at the mall smoking and I couldn't figure out why everyone was so indignant. That was the only time I had thought about smoking all day. And when I did smoke, I was obsessed with making sure no one else was effected by my smoke…


  10. Don't you love being middle aged and struggling for a word… (especially when younger people look at you – like your kids – and sigh like \”She'll think of it EVENTUALLY… just be PATIENT….\”)


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