Friends And A Baby are on the Weekend Menu!


I am getting some much needed girlfriend time this weekend.  I have been around these kids wayyyy too much. I noticed I am talking like them. A lot. Or maybe they are just talking like me?  Like, OMG, now I am confused.

Have you noticed that as you get older, you can count the number of really good friends on one hand? You know, those people who know your stories…know your ticks and still love you? Me too. 

Girlfriends…there is nothing better.  And one of my girlfriends has the sweetest, cutest, most edible little baby boy. Super boy. I am going to nom nom nom nosh on his face.  

Surely I will post some photos… Before I nosh his face.


Speaking of babies that I can eat…

What kind of dressing do you like? Bleu Cheese? Ranch? Or would you like some of my homemade mustard/lemon/poppy dressing?

See how pretty my lettuces are growing? Red lettuce and romaine.

P1040863 P1040864

I am such a total garden nerd now. What time is the meeting? Gardeners Anonymous.


MMMmmmmmm can you smell that? Fresh Cinnamon raisin bread just piping hot out of the bread machine. Sinfully yummlicious.


Have a great weekend everybody. I hope your weather is nice so you can get out and grow something, cut something or run after something. (???)

If you are trapped indoors, may you have good company….a girlfriend or two, a furry friend, or even a cute baby to nosh on.

Bee GREEN. Bee friendly. Bee happy about something!

What is on the agenda? Spill it!!

25 thoughts on “Friends And A Baby are on the Weekend Menu!

  1. Anonymous

    Hope you thoroughly enjoy your weekend with your friend and her baby boy. Your lettuce and the freshly baked bread look yummy. Have fun!


  2. I really don't understand the multiple ending letters that my kids useeee. Stupidddd, I think.Borrowed babies are the absolute besttt! I need to find a friend who is still producing babiesss, although one who is growing lettuce works well enoughh.


  3. It is my birthday weekend, but sadly I am seeing a couple of days in bed as my big celebration. Sore throat, headache, stiff neck, runny nose–these do not seem like auspicious signs.Have a great time. I totally heart your lettuce.


  4. Your homemade dressing sounds yummy to me. You really are becoming quite the gardener and I hope your 'farm' continues to thrive.I'm hoping for some sunshine and warm temperatures so I can work out in the yard over the weekend. It's cold and rainy today — bummer!


  5. Anonymous

    wow, your greens look gorgeous! i feel like a salad now, yum. my favorite dressing is japanese dressing, so yummy!this weekend we'll be busy getting our house ready for sale and packing. summer will be here before you know it and we will be starting our new adventure in TN.hope you a great weekend with the girlfriends.


  6. You know why it is that as you get older you can count your friends on one hand? It's because that's all there ever was to begin with. It just takes us that long to learn the definition of friendship. You have to go through the big things with someone and come out the other end, over and over again. That is what makes someone a friend.I am jealous of your lettuce. It is gorgeous!!


  7. Please please oh pretty please send me that bread recipe, I just had about a heart attack when I saw that loaf! Want! NEEED!Thank you :-Dps: I have lettuce envy. Seriously.pps: Enjoy your girltime weekend!


  8. That lettuce looks awesome! Try and save me a tiny nibble of that baby, will ya?NOTHING beats girlfriends!! As a matter of fact, I just got done making plans with a couple of mine to go to Michigan this week while we're on spring break.You're making me want to take my bread machine out and fire it up. I've been trying to keep it in the cabinet, since I've been trying to eat less bread. 😦 But, since I'm on spring break, maybe I'll treat myself a little….The weather is supposed to be nice here this weekend, so I hope to kick off my spring break on a high note!


  9. Well thank heavens. I thought with that title it was gonna be a Hannibal Lecter kinda thing.Very relieved here.Anything is yummy on lettuce that beautiful.Lettuce be eating soon then…but not the friend or the baby.


  10. I would like to come over for a sandwich please?I know what you mean about eating cuddly gorgeous babies, and smelling how clean and babyish they are.Have a nom nom nom nosh for me


  11. That sounds like a delicious weekend…. a yummy baby, yummy salad and warm delicious bread. Oh yes and GOOD girlfriends – WHAT could possibly be better?!Hubster was out of town this weekend…. guys trip for him. He needed a get-away. Kids and I had fun, but I was soooo happy to see Hubs pull in the driveway this afternoon. I pounced. A love pounce. Boy I miss that man when he's gone…! 🙂


  12. I am always amazed at the power of female friendships. I too can count my true girlfriends on only hand. Hope you have a great time, can't wait to hear all about it!Oh and Ranch please:)


  13. You had me at the nibbling baby part. Delicious.I am having a stressful day. Kaishon's school stresses me out. Seriously. He is worried about PSSA's and the teacher just does not seem to care. He doesn't do well on tests. I keep telling him it doesnt really matter but the school is drilling it into him that they need to pass to get money. Are you freaking kidding me? I guess I should have sent this via email… I am a dork


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