Monday Smonday

We had a wonderful, but jam packed weekend.

I have photographic evidence. 

There were four games of this:


Four of these make a boxer party.


This ONE guy…who with his wonderful parents drove 2 1/2 hours to watch her play.


She had ONE In the park Grand SLAM!!!

Her first. Ever.



And of course, One baby to nibble on. Super boy. Super yummy.


Did you read the bragging part? First.grand.slam.

And of course, some attitude with our chillaxing. That was not a first.


There was much driving for me yesterday…I took a small tour of Florida.

Southeast coast north to Central Florida, Central to the West coast, then south to home.  In THE RAIN.

It will take a couple days for me to catch back up. If ever.

Our spring break commences today.

I am feeling the spring part..when does the break come?


32 thoughts on “Monday Smonday

  1. Oh, FUN weekend Suz! I miss watching my kids play ball…silly things went and grew up! Sweet baby too. And great ONE…both of them (o:Have fun relaxing?? and catching up. Oh, come enter the giveaway herelifesoverhaul.blogspot.comHave a great Monday


  2. I didn't even know an inside the park grand slam existed. Mr. Handsome was very sweet to drive 2.5 hours to see her play, but let's hope he never crosses Ms. Grand Slam. I do believe she could crush him.


  3. I would have loved the ballgame….set off fireworks when Lo hit her g.s.!!!I would have loved the 4 boxers! I would have loved the baby!Driving in the rain – Florida rain- would have made me a bit nervous.The break starts when you sit down and tell everyone you're on break unless someone dies. What?! That's how I used to do it!


  4. Anonymous

    Morning Suz, What great photos today. Hope you get in a little \”break\” in Spring break! Happy Easter to you and your family!Congrats to your daughter on her grand slam! Perfect timing.


  5. Hi Suz, Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Congrats on the 'grand slam'… That's so neat!!!! And the new guy in her life looks like he's a grand slam also!!!!! Oh-how young love can be so special!!!Glad you had a great time with the bay also. I would have thought he would have had bruises all over him from your pinchin' and huggin'…. ha haHave a great Monday.Hugs,Betsy


  6. Congratulations on the grand-slam. Will she be known as 'Slugger' from now on? I'm glad you weren't bored over the weekend. I hope you can find some of the 'break' in 'Spring Break'.


  7. I would say that she had a lucky charm there that day.. but well she's just awesome all on her own! WAY TO GO ON THE GRAND SLAM!!! :)))What a little hunker that baby is! It makes me want to chew on him! mmmm LOVE BABIES! That sunshine makes me feel awfuly cold here.. but listen to this….. it's going to be in the 60's (or well uhh late 50's maybe we'll hit 60!) here today! WAHOOOOOO!!!


  8. Wow, what a weekend!Do you think Clippy only knows about the Denny's Grand Slam? ;-)How nice that The Boyfriend AND his parents made that trip. Could have something to do with her stellar performance, huh?


  9. he drove all that way? that is too sweet 🙂 and how sweet they look together! and you should be bragging big time about her grand slam. she is really fantastic 🙂 and i hear her coach is pretty cool, too! glad you made it back home from your tour. let me know if you find the break part of this week!! (and the attitude? not a first? really?)


  10. Finally got to read all the good news happeining in the sunshine state! Grand Slam??? Woot, woot!!!That BF is quite cute, no? And don't get me started on that baby.


  11. WoooHooo! Way to GO on the 'slam! Bet your throat is still sore from all the screaming and cheering :-DDid the doggies nibble on the baby too? :-oKiss! I meant KISS the baby! LOLTake your time to ease back into the week, there's no rush 🙂


  12. Forgive me, I'm not sure what a grand slam is, but it sounds wonderful and deserving of praise! Atta girl!! There will come a time,all too soon I'm sorry to say, when the rush and bustle of these teenage years will be a faded memory. Whhaaaa. I miss Jessica! Oh well. You're making the most of this time with your girls. Drive on mama!! Have a great Easter week ahead Suz.x-c


  13. I WANNA BE IN THE BOXER PARTAY!do they ever fight when you have pup company? congrats to the GIRL with the CURL in the arm to hit a grand slam! wowzers… and a cutie patootie to nibble on… so much loving this weekend… how can you stand it!i am coming to move in with you for the following reasons;1. yur pups..2. yur pool.c. yur wonderful family who always has so much fun.k? k.see ya soon… i've rented the u-haul…c


  14. CONGRATULATIONS on the GRAND SLAM! Do you think it had anything to do with his-handsomeness being there? He has a nice smile…and hers is megawatt!WOW. You do drive your family with lots of love – I can tell. \”In the rain\” must mean \”extreme weather\” for y'all. Did someone have to ride shotgun-watch for stray crocs?I hope you get some Break with your Spring! XOXO


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