A True Fan


If I had to line up all the folks who like to hang with my girls…well, it would be a long line.

And I don’t even feel bad about bragging about that.

The first in line after Coach and I? Their Grandparents.

They are fortunate enough to have THREE Grandma’s and TWO Grandpa’s.

How lucky…I know.

There is an upside to divorce.


This past weekend, we were near my MIL and FIL’s hometown. They don’t get to see LoLo play as much high school softball as they do travel ball in the summer.

So Coach’s Mom showed up on Friday with her nails ‘did.’


Here is a close up.


I know. She is flippin’ awesome.



Have you ever colored your hair or nails to match a beloved team?

27 thoughts on “A True Fan

  1. She is awesome! I did dye my hair orange once. Go Vols!! Turns out temporary dye tends to 'stick' to hair that has been bleached so I was a lovely shade of salmon for a couple of weeks:)


  2. She is awesome! I hope I'm a cool grandma too. Oh, wait…I am! But, since I don't do my nails, I will have to think of something else. I've got plenty of time though since my guys are only two.


  3. That is the most wonderful manicure I have EVER seen. She is a wonderful grandma (or should we say, fanma?) And she's clearly hip, too.You are so sweet, but no, my feet do NOT look or smell like roses. =)


  4. THAT is one cool Grandma!!and yes..a very long time ago, when I was teaching in texas, i had a tail that was dyed hot pink…my principal jokingly said that the tail would be okay only if it was purple (our school color)…next football game, i sat right in front of him…me and my purple tail. His sigh was heard 5 rows in front of us. i live for moments like that!!


  5. What a fun Grandma!!!I was very impressed about your baby #2 being willing to leave her techno gadgets at home to go camping. Way to go!!!And I also scrolled down to read about #1's Grand Slam!!! Wow! Kudos to her.Have a great Easter weekend.Mary Lou


  6. No, I've never colored my nails or hair to match a team. I did purchase a purple and gray hairpiece for Phx Suns games though.hehe. Can't find it now.Your MIL's nails are B-Ute-E-ful!! And sweet to have Lolo's# too. When my Jessica finally has kids I'm gonna try to be that kind of Grandma too! Go team!


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