File this under: A Domestic Love Affair.

My Review of the Steam Mop.

Being the domestic goddess that I am, I thought I should share….

Cause you know you NEED to know. Ya’ know?

I will admit , I don’t like it.


I LOVE it.


I got the newest version of the Shark.

I am told that the earlier versions had shorter power cords…this one is perfect. It also has an extra large ‘head’ for my extra large house.

(bed bath and beyond w/ the 20% off coupon!!)

He is the perfect companion to Rosie.

Rosie comes in and sucks up all the debris and HE steams the nastiness away.

I did not know I needed one of these until I had 2 good friends tell me so.

Yep, I have friends like that. They even tell me if I have pepper in my teeth!!

I used him on the porcelain tile floor and he did a wonderful job. I always felt like I was just mopping my dirt around the tile before…you know, moving it from the tile to the grout. When the dirt hit the grout, it held on for dear life.

This works better. The floors look great.

I have even brought him out for quick clean up jobs. (umm..hello? Dog pee. Thank you lightening storm!)

Works great on the pergo laminate floor in the bedrooms.


I used it last weekend in our bathroom on the to-die-for marble floors…it worked just wonderfully!!!


No cleaners + No chemicals = Awesomeness!!!!

I give it 8 thumbs up!!! (I’m an octopus?)

I will never go back to my old Mop again…ha ha.

** Baby come back…that commercial gets me all the time.

Swiffer my butt!**

**I was not paid to do this review**

I Just wish I had been….

I feel like an UGLY Tomato.


Lumpy. bruised. plump. discolored.

That is the way I have been feeling lately.

I can hardly stand to look pictures of myself.

Seeing recent photos always surprises me. Who is that girl? Blah.

I look at pictures from just 3 years ago…aggghhhh….such a difference. 


Pity Party; table of ONE.


I plucked off my first ‘edible’ tomato the other day from my farm-ville. (the first ripe one was sacrificed to an insect or two)

I was a bit disappointed upon harvesting him.

Not a beautiful tomato did he make.


I was let down.

And for a moment, I felt sorry for myself and my imperfect tomato.  

*double sigh**

To my amazement, he was beautiful inside.

Red, ripe, juicy.

Nearly perfect.


And so edible.

I need to get my priorities straight….I am in need of a swift kick in the butt.

Because things are not going to get prettier on the outside…no matter what. 

I can only work on the inside from here on out….

And maybe, just maybe if some random GIANT comes and plucks me out of my farm-ville…

…Perhaps I may taste like wine ripe and juicy on the inside to him.