Here He Comes!!!!


He is on his way…you know, that big fluffy guy with large feet and  big ears.

That would be my Uncle. My Dad’s younger brother. The only family I have left on my Dad’s side will be here on Sunday. Getting down to the da’ nitty and da’ gritty.

suz dad U Alan[1]

Mi Padre’, Suz and Mi Uncle on a very very windy Easter in the early 80’s.

I am the daughter he never had. I am also the daughter that he never had that gives him more time than his boys do. 

Ahemmm…did I just say that out loud? Oh, I suppose I did…my bad.

This is our first Easter without Grandma. Easter was HER holiday.

I am the Matriarch of the family now…well, that is what Grandma told me last year.  And if she crowns you with a title, you heed it.

Goodbye to my filter and hello to saying what is on my mind…or the golden years as I like to think of it.

great grandma[5]

Grandma heading to church on Easter. Clearly she enjoyed the cat calls from the neighbors.


So…getting ready for Easter. And working on the yard. I forgot how much I hated loved all the trimming. I think in my next life I will have a postage stamp yard and not a prairie. Or full time gardeners.


Linds is coming home today from Camp. Well,as soon as I go pick her up, then she can come home.

I think it would be more memorable for her to walk home and save me the 6 hour roundtrip drive. I have things to do, she does not realize this. .

Although we had no contact while she was at camp…I did get a sneak peek of her this week via her camps’ facebook page. 


Apparently the new thing at camp is to make your own canoe out of duct tape and cardboard. Then they drop you in the middle of the Atlantic lake. 

I think this might be an eco-friendly flotation device, but I will have to investigate further.

So Easter weekend. Is everyone just a little shocked at how quickly Easter snuck up and pinched us on the derrière? I KNOW. Me too.

What are you doing this weekend…



Sunrise church services?

Streaking through the neighborhood?

We will have a semi-full house…8 adults and 6 kids.

All will be fully clothed, I hope…especially my Uncle. 

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I have a cute Easter story to share tomorrow. Lords knows, that this time next year I won’t remember it. And with my growing filter, I will have much more to say. That was a warning.

22 thoughts on “Here He Comes!!!!

  1. I'm totally beginning to understand where your crazy sense of humor comes from and now that I know we'll be saying adios to your filter…..maybe we should have a Bon Voyage party!!!I love that you are so involved in your Uncle's life!! His sons are boys; boys have cooties. I hear tell it's a bona fide excuse for almost everything.I adore the cardboard boat photo…and the resolution is so good, it could be a poster…in your family room……just sayin'Happy, Happy Easter, Suz!!


  2. I look forward to the day I can ditch the filter, but no one has yet passed me that crown. Oooh, enjoy and have fun with that crown! What cute pics! I'd be concerned about that canoe too! But, she does look like she is having a blast. Have a safe trip! Happy Easter!


  3. LOVE the picture of Grandma! She looks like she was a character! Am spending the weekend in the Carolinas visiting friends and old neighbors that I haven't seen in almost 6 years! Am so looking forward to Easter Sunday! Have a Holy, Happy Easter Weekend!


  4. OMG, that canoe made me gasp!! WTF?! They let your baby paddle across the lake in paper!?!?I'm sure you will pull off an Easter celebration that will make Grandma proud. I'm SO excited that you're losing your filter!!! Woo hoo! Mine is nearly gone. I realize it's the first thing to go as we age. 😉


  5. Anonymous

    Great pictures you shared today. I wish you all a happy Easter. I have started saying what I think too and believe we'll live longer because of our new filter!!! We're having a quiet Easter at home. Maybe Sat. I'll pull some weeds – amazing how quickly they begin to come up!!!!


  6. So cute that your grandma named you the matriarch. It looks like Linds had so much fun. Your trip home with her will be filled with all that happened. I've got grandson this weekend! We are going to dye some eggs. I am so looking forward to the Easter bunny coming to my house again. It has been a long time. The kids will come up on Sunday to pick him up and have Easter dinner. It is going to be a cold meal, bbq, tater salad, cole slaw. Don't want to be tied to the kitchen when I can be playing with my Boogie.Happy Easter, Suz!


  7. A. looks like you were ALWAYS a babe!B. That is the cutest picture of your grandma EV-ER! C. Fun picture! I want to go back to camp!D. I am envious of your back yard, and I'm sure i'll be drooling over your garden.E. Coming back for that easter story!:::))))


  8. Looks like she's having a blast at camp! What fun! It's stormy here today and we've got 'the day off', so it's sort of a bummer. But we have egg coloring planned. And church.


  9. Anonymous

    great photos! have a great Easter with the family!we're off to Oceanside for a week to get away from the remodeling and visit with my in-laws who are here from PA.


  10. Any woman who is willing to call herself a \”martiarch\” is entitled to ditch the filter!!!We have a wonderful weekend planned! Full of family, food and friends:) I've made little Easter goodie bags for all of the little kiddos!! Happy Easter!!


  11. It looks as if Linds did a great job on her boat — I think the boat in the background sank. Are you raising a budding designer?So you're saying good-bye to your filter? I can hardly wait!!


  12. Easter weekend… finally! B doesn't like ham so this is the one time we can eat it as a family without him complaining! I make it in the slow cooker with dr pepper. Yes ma'am I said dr pepper! it should be great! Don't forget to hide eggs for ozzie and (my second lil girl) cocoa!Have a great Easter weekend!


  13. Hi Suz, I love your posts. Your sense of humor is wonderful!!!!!! Looks like Linds has had a fabulous time at camp. Wonder how long that cardboard would last if I were sitting IN it in WATER?????? Can you just picture that????? ha ha ha I know you will miss your Grandma on Sunday–but you will be surrounded by others you love and who love you. Your Grandma will be there in spirit I'm sure!!!!Easter Blessings to you and yours. Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  14. Well here's a virtual TOAST to YOU, the new matriarch of the family! Let is all out, sistah!Happy Easter to you and your beautiful familia! We are heading to the beach (on Monday) for a MUCH needed Spring Break get-away. I'm looking forward to \”a drink in my hand and my toes in the sand\”. (wait… that sounds like a Van Halen song?!) 🙂


  15. happy easter to your keister!i know you must miss your gramma so much and i'm so sorry. i bet they will be having a huge party in heaven and it will be her first time going… maybe she will even hide some eggs!i hope you have a lovely visit with everyone… any doggies coming, too?looks like linds had a great time at camp… more pictures, please..c


  16. Okay, your Grandma rocks. Showing leg on easter? Love it!Yes, getting ready for Easter has been a week long waste of spring break ordeal. My yard looks great and I don't even think DCSS will have to come to my home and take my kids away any more. Awesome!


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