Is It Friday Yet?


I am not complaining, but I do feel like I was run over by a watermelon truck. Or a tomato truck or and Easter truck.

I exhausted myself yesterday. Starting it on Saturday night…I cooked a lot. I feel like I was in the ring with some big ol’ scrappy girl for a few hours. Sore. Sore. Sore.

My Grandma would have been proud. Not about exhausting myself, but about us all being together on her Holiday.

It was great to see both of my cousins at the same time with all their kids.

I was so excited to NOT drive this holiday and have everyone here…but dang, it may have been easier to drive and have someone else take care of it all!! But then again, the food would not have been nearly as yummy. brag much?

We hid lots of eggs for the two youngest rugrats.

You can see below…it was HOT. So the rest of us were just hunting for shade!!


LoLo and Coach

 Lolo and Dad

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter…and are not exhausted.

I had more photos…but my camera decided that it only wanted to hold on to a few. Rude.

I am going to wee/feed/fertilize the yard this morning. Our yard has never looked so badly. We could have lost children in all the weeds…The coach says it should only take me an hour…but I seriously doubt that!!!

And then, LoLo and I are going on a college tour this afternoon. Wish me her luck.

Monday Shmonday. I need a massage!!


20 thoughts on “Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Hang in there — Friday will get here yet. It sounds as if you had a wonderful Easter, but somehow I doubt that working in the yard is going to make your aches and pains go away. Good luck to both you and LoLo on your college tour.


  2. awesome picks, or they would have been!! I love lo and dad!! we had a wonderful easter too, as you can see from my posting and pictures we took you would think the girls were in a real live professional photo shoot!! not, but we tried!!


  3. Hi Suz, Gee–you made me tired, just reading your post. That's not what Easter is supposed to be about. Next year, either get people to bring stuff to share, or get the bulk of the meal catered… Yes–your grandmother would be proud, but you don't need to do it ALL yourself. She would tell you that!!!!Hope you get some rest now… Good Luck with Lo—choosing some college possibilities… Can you believe that your daughters are growing up so fast????? I still think of my sons being teens —and they are only 46, 40 and 38!!!! ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  4. I was eastered out by 3:00 yesterday afternoon. We had 3.. yes THREE easter egg hunts yesterday…. 3 big meals.. lots of playing. Lots of EVERYTHING. No one ever told me how much work it was to be a mom! Feel better lady! maybe one of your kids can give you a massage. I make Aidyn rub my head all the time! Ahhh the pay off!


  5. Ummmmmmmmmmm, you are going to wee on your farmville… That made me crack up. And I don't even think you did it on purpose! I am glad it was a fun day for you even though you cooked like a maniac. You are the best.Love the picture of linds and daddy. sweetness.


  6. I need a massage too. And some advil, but only if they're the liquid gels… those tend to work much faster. Glad to hear you had a great Easter weekend! Time to nibble on some leftover ham 🙂 yum!


  7. Grandma would be so proud of the beautiful Easter you hosted for everyone. Sorry you can't rest today. But, tomorrow should be declared Suz Day, and you should be left alone, in your room, in your jammies, with some trashy novels and/or some glossy magazine for the day. Oh, and a cute cabana boy to bring you all your meals and a few snacks!


  8. Anonymous

    I am sure Grandma was smiling down on you all this weekend. Sounds like a delightful time. The heat has been terrible for April – makes you wonder about June!!! Don't work too hard in the yard and feel better soon Suz.


  9. It is always amazing how a holiday can take it out of you! I never truly appreciated how much work my Mom put inot it until I started taking a turn. My camera was rude this Easter too. It decided it would not take pictures just because I did not have a card in it! Sheesh!Hope you feel rejuvinated soon:)


  10. I want to hear about the college trip, please. And when you come to visit the Pacific NW, we have the BEST massage therapist in the lower 48 right here on our street! She joined us for Easter supper, as a matter of fact. Love that woman! XO


  11. I am so jealous of that sunshine. I need to retire that phrase from my commenting, but just know, I am! I'm sure everyone will remember they had a lovely time. It is so nice of you to work that hard for your family. Good luck with the college tour!


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