I want a BABY.

I NEED a baby.

Let me ‘splain myself:  


A few weekends ago, while at an out of town tourney, I used my BFF’s big ol’ super duper camera.

My eyes lit up when she pulled it out of the case.

I caressed it’s face.

I coo’ed at it.

I nibbled its…nevermind.

We aptly named it: The Baby.

“Are we bringing the baby?”

“Who is carrying the baby?”

I want to hold the baby”

You know those cameras that you have to carry around in a special bullet proof bag.

They have different lenses that you can take off and on.

They have a deluxe stroller.


A super duper camera like this:


Or this:


You have to get a college degree to use one or…

You have to pretend like you know what you are doing.

I pretended I knew what I was doing.


I am a professional pretender. It says so on that plaque on the wall.

DSC_0039 Bryan and Sergio DSC_0021

I have camera envy. I am Camera crushing.

I am in love.with.a.camera.

I won’t eat or sleep until I covet one for myself.

I am already hungry.

I take back the eating part

But then again, if I did get one, how long could I pretend that I knew what I was doing?

Do you pretend to know what you are doing at anytime?

Yesterday, I saw someone pretend to know how to drive.

I still want The Baby.

24 thoughts on “I want a BABY.

  1. I pretend I speak Chinese every day! I still feel like an imposter. Nice cameras! Mine is over 3 years old, a dinosaur in camera-years. I covet nice cameras too. But I am so poor, it is in the same category as coveting the Hope Diamond. I hope you get one soon! You have so many lovely things to take pictures of!


  2. i never know what i am doing!! and i want one of those babies too!! they rock, the thing to do is buy one and then sign up for a class in town somewhere on amateur photography.i took one when i got my little cannon, it is a skinny little thing nothing like the one i want, but we went and the teacher was like 'every camera is different' the thing to do is never get rid of your user manual and play with the camera to learn all about it.it took a couple of weeks there were these women in there who had these beautiful cameras and they were like cavemen holding them!!yes i was jealous but alas i started clicking away and he said the more pictures you take the better you get.alas i still want my baby , but now i have a new love, this new imac i got yesterday, it is sooo pretty


  3. Nana nana boo boo…I have a Baby. Mine is a Sony. I look like I know what I am doing when I use it because it is not complicated when you set it on auto. I really should take a class…


  4. I have a Canon Rebel and I love it! Don't know if I deserve it – and I definitely haven't figured out all its functions. I even have that bullet proof bag you mentioned. You'll be amazed when you walk around w/ that bag in public and whip your camera out to take a photo of a bird – people will gasp and say – now that's a camera! (Just kidding, I like to think they say that, ha,ha!) Yep – you need one of these Suz!!


  5. If I thought I could figure it out, I would love a 'fancy baby', but I can't always figure out how to use my 'point and click baby'. (it does have lots of settings though)


  6. The photo taken through the fence is SUPER artistic. No pretending there, my friend!! I'm too afraid to even touch one of those Babies. I can barely use the camera I have, and it's just point and click. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd still be using my 35mm camera!


  7. I really think you need to get that baby. Betsy and I each got a new camera and I'm doing a lot of pretending that I know what I'm doing. At least I am getting good at changing the lenses!


  8. It's safe to say that, ever since I got out of school, I've been pretending to be a grown-up. So I think that means I pretend to know what I'm doing on a daily basis.As to \”the baby:\” I have one of those, which we bought (used) from the kids' piano teacher. It's awesome, but since I don't even like carrying a purse, it's a bit of a burden. Never thought of getting it its own stroller…I haven't read the instructions; I do pretend to know how to use it. (It has a fantastice \”AUTO\” setting, so I rely on that – and it does take awesome photos.)I hope to hear that you've delivered your baby one day soon! =) There are lots of good deals on ebay.


  9. I hope you can get one soon! : ) It is so much fun and totally addicting. And you will definitely LOVE it! You will love that baby like crazy.PS I am voting for you and coach to have a REAL baby though. I mean, what the heck, Linds is going off to college. 1 more baby will give you something to do all day. Besides farmville and the dogs : )


  10. oh suz… what am i gonna do with you? in case coach won't give you a baby, i think mine is the next best thing… i'll let you try it if you want 🙂


  11. Sure—you want that baby UNTIL it grows up–and you have to feed it and pay for its college…. Hmmm… Make you change your mind???? I suggest–wait 'til you are a grandmother and then you can spoil that baby and send it home to its parents!!!! That's more fun!!!NO—I never pretend about anything… Har Har Har… BUT–if you get a fancy camera, I'll guarantee that it's not that hard to learn to use. IF I can do it, anyone can!!!Hugs,Betsy


  12. I got an SLR for my birthday. I've taken 145 pictures and I am getting pretty good at pretending that I know what I'm doing. The pictures are telling another story and I'm trying to get them to STHU!


  13. Anonymous

    With your beautiful and talented daughters, I think you need a \”baby\” to capture all the upcoming special moments! And….there's that garden you are working on too!


  14. i pretend i am alive each and every day. sometimes it works… and erm, sometimes it dont. on those days i just stay in bed so no one can see that i am not alive….nice camera! i hope you pamper yo'self and get one. [or two..] you deserve it after everything you do for everyone else. and the pups and kits… and yeah, the girls, too and dont forget coach…. whew, you are a buzy queen bee.[just dont kill the coach and eat him cuz thats what queens do]hugs,c


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