TGI…Fridays are not all about fun.

I know. That stinks. But fun is what you make. right?

Today…farming, laundry, cleaning, eye exam, food shopping, cleaning.

My glamorous life.

About that situation yesterday…the situation with the Parking lot potty mouth crack wh*re…well, the more I think about it, the more I know I will get revenge.

You see, we live in a big small town which is nearly the same as a small big town…you always end up seeing the same people.

I predict in the near future, I may run over her little Mercedes in my suv. By accident of course. Thank goodness I have good insurance. And I need a new car soon anyway…so it works out for everyone.  That is what you call a win/win. Right?

I kid. I kid.

Speaking of cars and running over stuff…

*Someone* has finally brought up her grades and she is now eligible for a vehicle of her own. It is so sad that her parents are hard a**es and require her to have high grades…even in her AP and honors classes. I know, we are horrible parents. 

We didn’t just give her a car with a bow on it for her 16th last summer…what is this world coming to?

So, there may be a car shopping excursion in the near future. Maybe tomorrow. I am excited for her…she has been working really hard. And she has not joined a gang. yet.

I have not bragged about my farmville in a few weeks…it is looking delish.


My lettuce is going bonkers, the tomatoes are growing like crazy, I have zucchini and squash blooming and even little potato babies coming up. It is practically a zoo out there. Minus the animals.

But I have no clue as to when to harvest this stuff.

Green with envy? Nahhhhhh

I have been doing a lot of trimming down this week…um,not my waist (I wish) but the shrubs and stuff around the property.

Cocoa, pretended to be my helper in the yard….


Yeah, you can only imagine how little much she helps!!!

What’cha doing this weekend?

Farming? Shopping? Taunting people? Running over bad folks?

Whatever you do…please film it!!!!!

27 thoughts on “TGI…Fridays are not all about fun.

  1. I'm going to have to go to your next post and read about the crack Wh**** – lol! Let me know if I need to bring my SUV down there and help you! Congrats to your daughter to bringing her grades up! I promised my stepson he would live to see another day if he brought his grades up – no, just kidding! He did make the honor roll last semester so a car might be in his future when he's ready to drive – another 4 years. Your garden blows those farmville folks away! I've been starting my seedlings and probably won't be able to plant a garden for another month or so. By then you will have harvested several times. Okay, this is a long comment. I'll go away now!


  2. that is an awesome garden, i am glad you are able to get your girls a decent car if they earn it, not us if we got my \”A\” one it would be a 500 dollar hoopdy, maybe an old wrecked mercedes!! so no car for her besides the colleges she is sending her ACT's to do not allow vehicles on campus. we are buying a rototiller!! this weekend!! my garden is late starting but i think we just had our last frost the other day so all is well and we will be sunburnt before the day is out!!


  3. This weekend is full of mom duties – dress rehearsal for dance recital, dance recital, soccer practice, soccer game. Plus company coming on Saturday. What am I doing sitting here on the computer?!?


  4. Pick the lettuce now. It is ready girl. Then you can plant green beans in it's place. Start eating!Sounds like a kinda/sorta too busy day.Maybe you can squeeze a little tiny nap in there!I think that's neat you give your daughter standards. Good for you Suz!


  5. 1. Put away luggage from last week-end.2. Get dressed.3. Grade papers that were due back two weeks ago.4. Fight with some people in this house.5. Curse Weight Watchers.Sound blissful!


  6. That lettuce looks awesome! Now I want a salad.Congrats to *someone* for bringing up her grades. Now, if she could just give Stud a few tips on how to do that….Unfortunately, he doesn't have the same motivation. He's been 16 for 6 months now, and still has NO interest, whatsoever, in driving. Can you even believe that?!


  7. It is so pleasant to stop by your blog Suz. Great looking veggies you have there. Cut the lettuce and have a salad. Congrats to the scholar – and her 'new' car. I wouldn't want to pay your insurance.Have a good weekend.


  8. Hi Suz, You are horrible parents—making those girls make good grades… What are you thinking???? College scholarships or something LITTLE like that????? ha ha ha ….. (Good for YOU and Coach!!!)No–hopefully you won't run into the idiot again, but if you do, be sure and tell her where you threw her keys…. On second thought, maybe ramming the side of her car would even be more fun…Hopefully, up hwar in Tennersee, we'll be outside with our corn cob pipes, straw hats, bibbed overhauls, and cowboy boots —-working in our beautiful gardens… Don't know why we can't EAT ours though!!!! Darn!Have a great one, whatever you doHugs,Betsy


  9. Your garden is amazing. Pretty soon people are going to come from all over Florida to take pictures with their babies. Trust me.I have no idea what we are doing but I know it will be fun. The boys make my life so fun.


  10. Judging from the picture of your farm, you can start enjoying your lettuce now. You ant to harvest the leaves while they are nice and tender. If we get enough yard work done we might get a hike in sometime this weekend.


  11. I'm going over to Noe Noe Girls place tomorrow. She has hostas that need thinning, and I DON'T have hostas because the moles have picked them off one. by. one. Talk about a win/win!Your garden is SO pretty! And, the lettuce is ready…;)


  12. Oh dear. I haven't read a bout the ho yet, but I must say I'm stuck on that garden growing in your south forty! You should really give Cocoa some credit for keeping rabbits and other lettuce eating beasts out of your garden.I'm excited for *someone* getting a car! I want a new one too, but then I always want a new one. Now I have to go check out that b**ch you were talking about


  13. that lettuce looks ready to eat and i want some! throw in some tomatoes too please… your garden looks beautifully bountifully boldishly abundant! yummy….theres my cocoa again… god, she looks like she is missing me, dont she? i think she should come see us for a vacation.lemme know her flight number.oh suz, deep sigh….. i love your life…. thanks for sharing it….c


  14. Anonymous

    ha ha, you remind me of that scene from the movie \”fried green tomatoes\” where kathy bates rams her car into the snobby girl's car over and over. sweet revenge.your garden looks fab! isn't great to just walk into your garden and pick your goodies, so fresh!


  15. Dearest, You need to be harvesting your lettuce now. It will continue to grow if you pick it.Your garden looks wonderful. So well maintained. I'm envious.And you made me laugh my butt off because you're still harboring ill will towards Ms. Crack Whore 2010.Happy New Car Linds! Happy Saturday!


  16. Hey Suz…trying to do a little post catching up before I have to undo all the computer stuff and move it to the new digs…But I'll have it back up and running next week sometime.Love what I've read…the crack B**ch driving thing..good for you and your way of dealing with awesome Baby I hope you get, the cool daughter and the yummy already garden (o:I'll be back soon…miss ya!


  17. Terific veggie garden. Good work, Farmer Suz! Looks like WE may have to go car shopping too.Deer damage last evening in Utah. ugh.Hope your weekend goes better than our. x-c


  18. I must be part rabbit because I want to nom-nom-nom all over your lettuces. Forget green thumb, you've got the whole hand and arm! You are so talented, in so many ways. It is a delight to read your blog. Congrats on the grades! And tell your daughter congrats, too. Have fun!


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