Faster than a speeding…


The coach and I have some miles on our vehicles.

I mentioned the other day that as soon as I hit 123,456, I am going to take a picture. Because I am a nerd like that.

He said, “well, I am almost there.”

The next morning, when he arrived at work, he emailed me this picture taken via his crackberry ‘cause he is a nerd too.

Denali Pickup odometer 4-8-2010

I sent him a reply stating: “Oh man, you beat me!”

Coach’s reply: “I am surprised I could take a pic going 150mph.”

I looked at the photo again, then gasped!!!!

My reply: “I am going to shank you.”

Coach: “You know going 150 mph I would only have 24 seconds total to…recognize mileage-get my phone-snap photo-and, oh, and get back in my lane…”

Apparently, he is a talented speeding nerd.


Don’t be alarmed.

His speedometer is broken.

Did I scare you?

He has no idea how fast he was going…as if having a working speedometer ever made a difference.

30 thoughts on “Faster than a speeding…”

  1. I think you are so cool. I can not even stand it. I don't think you are a nerd at all. And I NEVER think Coach is a nerd. I think he is the cooliest!


  2. What really scared me was all that math! If he knew he had 24 seconds to do all that, he probably also figures out his speed by counting lane markers or something smart and geeky like that. Remind me to never talk to him.


  3. Ha!! Vol Fan has a broken speedometer too. It doesn't matter…My Dad always watched for fun odometer readings. He would make us watch it turn. Thanks for bring back some great memories for me!


  4. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!I think Coach needs a vehicle with SYNC or some other bluetooth technology so he can talk handsfree while driving at the speed of lightning.Did you buy a car for LoLo?


  5. Coach made a good catch with his camera and you brought a smile (actually several) with your post. The two of you make a good team (but I'll bet you already knew that).


  6. Funny – yes you did have me wondering there for a minute. Hope you find the car of your dreams or at least a good one. What ya gonna get – a 'Vette. I'm sure it must be a FAST car.


  7. i did that with my first car, drove it to the ground, hee i get a new car every two years. i love the smell of a new car.


  8. That speedometer was my first thought. It knew it looked wrong!But I love that he took a pic of 123456. Do you think you guys will still have that car when it gets to 1234567? Sounds like you just might.


  9. Wow—you have some miles on that vehicle…. Our Prius has over 150,000 on it now —and we'll keep her 'til she dies!!!! haWhen my Daddy died in 1969–I was on my way home from TN to VA –going through the boonies. My speedometer was broken on my '68 Camaro. Anyhow —I got stopped for speeding (how can anyone speed on those curvy country roads???) I pleaded my case (Daddy just died, speedometer broken, lots of tears, etc.)—but that mean old man gave me a ticket anyhow. Darn him!!!!! Found out later that that area is a speed trap and that that county makes alot of money on idiots like me….. Hugs,Betsy


  10. No, you didn't scare me but you surely made me feel like a doofus. I didn't get the number sequence at first glance…it just didn't register. I wondered why in the world anyone would anticipate that weird mileage. Then, red-faced, I finally got it.


  11. ohmygod… until i read the last part, i thought whoaaaaaa he's a goin a bit fast out there! your coach was about to be a roach….glad its broken… so, what kind of new car/truck do you want? c


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