An Organic Love Story


My good friend, also known as my ‘farming mentor’ often shares with our family the bounty of his harvest.

Last week, he sent a large bag of goodies over….after inspection, I am wondering just what he is fertilizing his garden with. 



Boy carrot meets girl carrot, they fall in love, have babies and meet their demise on my salad plate.

The end.


28 thoughts on “An Organic Love Story

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! ohmigosh! I am dying again today! First you call some random woman a crack whore in the bank parking lot…now this…ha ha ha.. You are my favorite. You are by far the coolest blogger I know!


  2. I've got to stop laughing so I can type straight. I don't know about the fertilizer you Floridians use — I've never gotten anything like this out of my garden!


  3. this post shoulda been called porganic love story! wow they look so real life!makes you wonder what those lil rooty toot toot veggies do in the dark underground, for fun, dont it…?!? i wonder if they think up shapes to grow in just to freak us out when we pick them. like, surprise! i look like your aunt mable's boosooms… or summit like that. lolyes, with lo having her own wheels now, you will be free to do other things and it does feel nice not to have to get up so early….enjoy!c


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