Suz; Making Contact


I made a leap last week and was fitted with contacts. My dependency on my glasses was getting on my nerves.

And by nerves, I mean I kept taking them off and losing them around the house. I figured I could not lose contacts if they were attached to my eyes. *fingers crossed*

Yippie for leaps in the eyeball industry, they now cater to folks with astigmatism. Like moi.

I have done really good with them. *patting myself on my back*

But some days, it is about 10 tries to get them in. * unpatting my back**

Why in the world is it so hard for ME to control my OWN EYELID?

Like it belongs to someone else… it closes when my finger is almost there.

I can hear my eyelid talking out loud:

“Here comes that little flimsy piece of plastic…here it comes…almost in….almost….now CLOSE EYE!!!!

On the rare occasions when I do get them in on the first try, you would think I had just won a gold medal in synchronized swimming.

On those mornings…I hear the Rocky Theme song “Gonna fly now” playing in my head.

27 thoughts on “Suz; Making Contact

  1. Don't give up! It'll get easier; I've been wearing contacts since I was a junior in high school: started out with the hard contacts…you know, the ones that really made you feel like you had a piece of glass in your eye?! 😀


  2. It does get easier… from what I've heard. I tried them a while back, but with needing bifocals AND having astigmatism, I couldn't see all that great with mine. I was bummed. So! Keep at it and I'm sure you'll be stickin' those buggers in there like a champ in no time! *insert Rocky theme here*


  3. good for you – and as Mary says- persevere.I had cataract ( clear lens extraction) surgery a few years ago and now I dont need glasses except for reading, after years of short sightedness


  4. you can't even control your own eye lid? oh how funny… i didn't realize the contacts were that new! but yay for you to be able to see 🙂 without being annoyed!


  5. I love my contacts (I look like a big nerd in glasses) but at the end of the day, taking them out and putting on my glasses is a sweet relief. There is a cost to beauty, and it's dry eyes.


  6. he,he,he good luck with that!! Wes tried those once and he couldn't get them out of his eyes!!it was so funny, he was in the bathroom for over an hour and would not let me help him!! MEN!! he swore off of them forever!! we women are more resilient we keep trying!! good for you


  7. Oh Suz, the thrill of getting contacts…not!I got mine when I was six…and have been wearing them for…ummm…. minus the 3, carry the nine…well..for a long, long, long time.I know that feeling. It's scary.But in a week your eyeball and your contact will have become best friends and they will just ignore that pain-in-the-eye eyelid!


  8. Good for you! You will probably love the contacts, after your eyes stop sabotaging your efforts to put them in. I know what you mean about that reflex. It's a good thing, though; your eyes probably act the same way if a fork or knife is coming toward them. They're just \”looking out\” for themselves! XO


  9. Anonymous

    i hate my glasses, I lose them too.hated my contacts, had to take them out for naps and wash and disinfect every night. that was years ago, are they different now?too afraid of the lasik surgery. i'm screwed!hang in there, i guess 😉


  10. Good for you. I gave up on the contacts. I've always worn glasses and the switch just didn't feel comfortable. I can stick my finger in my eye all day long but let me try to put that plastic in my eye and CLOSE – just like you. Glad you mastered those little things. Can you see better with the contacts?


  11. Hi Suz, I had never worn or needed glasses until I turned about 40 something…. Then I found that I needed them for READING…. To this day, I only wear glasses when I need to read. AND–I use the Walgreen specials!!! I probably have about 5 pairs all over the house…. But—I can still 'lose' them–or find that I am needing them and they are still not in the right places… ha….Enjoy your contacts. I'm sure you will get used to them.. Don't give up!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  12. I can get my contact in my right eye, but my left eye? It's like it belongs to someone else. I decided it's geometry messing me up, but still! So frustrating. Now I hold open my eyelid by the eyelashes after I've set it on the eyeball, and pull my eyelid down over my eye, which keeps me from blinking it out.Most days, I just prefer to wear my glasses. Contacts are very annoying to me.


  13. Ohhh you brave woman! I'm terrified of putting stuff in my eye – ok fine, a fork, a finger, a bee, that kind of stuff. But still.You done good!!How do you like the newfound freedom? 🙂


  14. I've been wearing one for years…yes one, and it works fine for me. Don't give up, it'll be second nature soon.I'm still in the moving mode so my blogging stinks right now…But I'll be back soon. Just had to stop by for a quick hello..


  15. You are much braver than me! Kudos little miss rockette!Just like Rebeckah, I looked at the picture of you hugging that tree..but I didn't think \”ahhhh\”, I thought \”firewood\”. Oh, I'm trying, really I am.


  16. You'll get it…. it takes awhile… I've been wearing them every day for 15+ years now (hard to believe!). An added bonus… when you chop onions, it protects your eyes from the \”fumes\” and you won't cry. 🙂


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