Is there a sign hanging over my head?


I complain a little bit about the amount of critters we have. Well, not the dogs, just the rest of them.

Last week, Lindsay’s leopard gecko went to the gecko farm in the sky. RIP our little anorexic friend.

Ironically, on that same day, I was walking in the back yard and I saw a beautiful baby blue parakeet sitting on the fence. Our eyes met and he said to me: Mama!!!!!


I walked towards my new baby and Ozzie realized that HE was not up my butt close enough to me. And as Ozzie closed in on me, he scared my new pet away.

Really, he saved me from a loud chirping, seed dropping cat target pet.

Is there a sign over my head stating: Will take any critter???

Today’s critter count:

2 boxers

3 deranged orange tabbies (I am sure they will live to be 100)

1 large and thriving leopard gecko. (6 yrs old)

1 very quiet corn snake; “Freddie the Freeloader.”

14 roaming and unnamed dust bunnies.

I have visions of the girls done with college, married with kids and I will still be buying crickets, mice and cat litter.

Mothers with small children should be warned about the longevity of some critters.

Why couldn’t my children simply ask for a goldfish?


29 thoughts on “Is there a sign hanging over my head?

  1. Suz:The sign over your head says,\”Busy Beez Animal Rescue. Come one, come all.\” and it's flashing neon.Let's have a poll for the new pet bird's name. Ihave a feeling he'll be back.;-)


  2. Sometimes, I think I should take empty cardboard boxes, draw cat and dog faces on them, name them and be done with it!Seriously, you lost me a corn snake. That cute little name does not fool me. A snake is a snake.Leave some seed out for the parakeet….. 🙂


  3. I saw it! I saw that sign before but I didn't have my reading glasses on…and now I know what it said.It said \”Suz…big heart, big home and free food for all!\”


  4. Actually giggled out loud this morning.. I had (thankfully) forgotten about dogs and their ability to shall we say..follow so closely behind. Pardon the pun! LOL Aww.. I hope he comes back. Birds are pretty. And it will give the cats something to do, other than lay around.


  5. Anonymous

    the only pets we have around here are the dust bunnies ;)ooops, i forgot…my boys have fish. i have nothing to do with them so i forget about them 😀


  6. no to the snakes! no freeking waaaaay…however, my philosophy on why animals come to you, because they CANT read the sign above your head… is because they innately know who the good people are who will take them in… diane is the same way, strange animals always come right up to her.. people like you send out signals that say \”come 'ere lil one, i will love you\”. if she sees a stray she has to stop and take care of it or return or call the humane society… whatev is needed. even when out of are a good person and they wanna live with you. jus like i do. i am packing as we speak… but you'll have to get rid of the's either me or the snake, suz… ;)c


  7. My oldest son at one time had a tarantula… He lived in a glass jar… Makes me shiver just thinking about him…Then we had a bunch of hamsters…. One got loose in the house one time.. That was fun–as you can imagine….. Yipes!!!!With kids come all kinds of 'pets'…. Maybe that is why we have NONE now!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  8. Oh YEA!!!! I read through all the comments hoping I would be the FIRST to say…this story reminds me of the children's book 'Are You My Mother?' I was SURE someone else would beat me to the punch. It's about a little bird that goes all over town asking every ONE and every THING this same question. Thanks for the fun little trip down memory lane. : )Mary Lou


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