Busy As A Bee…Playing With Rocks.

I have been knee deep in rocks, dirt and plants this week. And add in there all the normal day to day stuff…I am slap-wore-out. P1050034

I am not particularly a fan of rocks, but we have them just the same.

The Quarry.  Fred Flintstone would be proud.


I prefer mulch. But mulch + pool = gross.

This is one of the areas that I have finished. It looks purty.


Did you ever start out with a small task and you just could not stop..then it ends up being a large ‘undertaking?’   I have been undertook. And I just can’t stop until it is done.

This week has been very busy for me and I have not been a good visitor, sorry. Keep the love.

I had to re-fertilize the entire property this week too. Not fun. And I don’t know for sure it was done properly. again. The fertilizer spreader thingy is a pain in my booty.

We have company coming this weekend, which I am happy about. (boxer partay!)

We LoLo has prom this weekend, which I am happy about.

My laptop died this week, which I am not happy about. Warranty = good. Finding a safe box to mail it back in? darn hard.

Also? I may have lost a lot of recent photos and videos…**tear tear**

Our 2nd freezer pooped out this week. Not happy.

I spent over an hour on the phone with verizon yesterday trying to get Linds a replacement cell phone…uuuggghhhh. Even with a warranty, there is issues. The child might succumb to death without her technology.

It is always something. And never nothing.

I complain…but I know it is all small stuff. Life is full of small stuff that keeps you bugged out some days.  But then, I can wander out and look at my pretty rocks and plants. :0 All is good in the hood.


So, how is your week going?



Now, go hug a tree, recycle, save a dolphin, compost and vow not to use plastic bags.



33 thoughts on “Busy As A Bee…Playing With Rocks.

  1. Your rocks are very pretty. And they look great by your pool…even though they're a pain. I know what you mean about little stuff kicking your tail end sometimes. But I'm glad you have that perspective. Sometimes I let things like that bother me and realize it's small stuff compared to other things I've gone though, and then those rocks or that spreader aren't such a big problem. Glad you do too! 🙂


  2. awww your pool and yard look SO professional and i'm NOT just saying that cuz you had a crappy week! it really looks nice. and i AM sorry you had a crappy week.rocks are good company. they dont complain much AND they dont poop or pee everywhere. i collect stones meself.. they nevah give me troubles…AND you dont even have to rub sunscreen on them out there all day long by the pool. they protect you from burgerlers toos. just try throwing one or two at a burgerler and watch them run.so you are having some friendly boxers over for the weekend? oh i envy you… i bet hey are those real sweet looking ones that visit you every now and then.deep sigh. i wish we lived closer. i would SO come over and play with all of them.i hope all of your broke stuffs gets fixed.hugs and happy earth day to you too.now, go lay in the grass and roll around, telling it you love it as you do.c


  3. Wow. You are amazing with the pool rocks. Fabulous for sure! So excited about the prom. And the boxer partay! And your friends.And your garden even though you did not mention it. I like to be excited about that.I am off to find a tree to hug! XO


  4. Wow, your hard work pays off, because your yard looks so wonderful! If you opened a B&B, I would so come to visit. It's the little things that make up life, isn't it? I've learned a lot of life isn't exciting or momentous. But all those small things are like the mortar, I think we'd be really bored without them! That said, dealing with technology is never not a pain. Ugh. Hope you get it all sorted out.


  5. I swear I can't remember to take those darn alternative bags to the store. I accumulate the plastic bags and use them in the trash cans. I try and will try harder – Mr Earth to do my part to keep you beautiful.So sorry to hear so many things not so perfect but like you said we sweat the small stuff too much – I know I do and have to make a conscious effort to not do that.What a lovely pool area you have. I love it. Looking forward to all of your pretties blooming there.Have a good day.


  6. You must feel great having accomplished so much! I've been overwhelmed by all there is to do, but have managed to simply sit around and watch Keith work. At some point, he is going to catch on to that.


  7. Anonymous

    i'm the same way. if i start something i have to finish; can't leave half done. so what do i do? i don't start at all, hee heeHappy Earth Day to you my funny friend! you always make me smile.


  8. Anonymous

    Hello Suz, I'm taking a little time off but have enjoyed the pictures of your \”farm\” and your pool area is looking great! I'm still battling with thick, yellow pollen here in GA! Hope you enjoy the weekend.


  9. are you sure you haven't been throwing those rocks around? maybe that is why so much stuff is BROKEN! hope you can save at least some of the stuff! your house is beautiful… as always. i hope you have time to be un-undertooken? can't wait to see lolo in her dress!!


  10. Cute post! 🙂 I love your pool area … and your plants and rocks look great. I'm jealous (as usual) of you and your Floridian life!! ;)Thanks for your comment earlier!


  11. Your pool area rocks! 🙂 Seriously, it is very pretty and I love what you've done. We are in the process of finishing our pool area with rocks and I can't wait to have it all done and purty… The tree hugging will have to wait until tomorrow – had my eyes dilated today and the sun feels like a laser beam to me…


  12. I love what you did w/ those rocks & plants by your pool – beautiful! Also, it looks like your pool is big enough for me to train for the olympics! (Except I don't think I'll qualify this year….darn!) Hope you take lots of photos of your daughter and her date for the prom – please share them! Fun!


  13. Using rocks instead of mulch is a great idea! I wish we had known about your project in advance — we have plenty of rocks we could let you have. Sorry to hear about your problems with technology.


  14. That's why I have done nothing to my yard this year–because the little jobs always become big ones.Bummer about all your technology punking out at the same time. Good luck getting everything and everybody back on line!


  15. Can I move into your back yard? I'll be really quiet.. and if you want I'll spit water out of my mouth and you can tell people i'm a statue! 🙂 ))) Let me know.. 🙂


  16. hey wilma, i forgots to mention that i hope lil pebbles has a great time at prom… we want pictures, of course! hope her date is NO dino…bwahahahahahac


  17. hey suz! you must watch the doggie video on my blog, a few posts back… there is a boxer in there but it is so cute i think you will smile..c


  18. Ugh! You sure do have a plethora of stuff on your plate!! I love the rocks and pool.My weekend should be a quite one, but on the hot side. Just to make sure I don't run the air too mujch I think I just go for some long drives.


  19. Okay, how do you know there are no snakes lounging in those rocks? I would not touch that area without a written guarantee…NO SNAKES ALLOWED! Lizards can be cute, but not snakes. (If a lizard is really a snake with legs, is it just the lack of legs that gets me? I don't know.)Your week sounds crazy-busy. I'm glad that you are such a good executive director of your \”company.\” Your people are blessed to have you! Don't worry about us; we're loyal, no matter how busy you are. XOXo


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