All the stuff that I wanted to tell you…

And then I condensed it down, for your health.

We had a fantabulous weekend with our East Coast Friends, Don and Kelly.

I love those humans.


Kelly and Suz 2009

We enjoyed good food, good wine, good laughs.

Some running around and some sitting around.

We love their boxers too.


Ozzie and Zack assessing the yard situation.

When they left on Sunday, we were all outside saying our goodbyes. We noticed that Cocoa was nowhere to be found.

HA! Cocoa was trying to sneak a ride home with them….That dog!  

April 002

Like they would notice a third boxer when they got home???

Remind me to tell you the story of how I came to fall in love with boxers…I blame it on their dog Zack!

Oh and getting ready for Prom on Saturday…did you know that I forgot about the corsage/boutonniere thing? Luckily, Kelly remembered at around 3:00 on Saturday.

I called Lo and said: “are you supposed to get THE Boyfriend a boutonnière?”

Her reply: What is a boutonnière?

Suz: “a flower you pin on his lapel”

LoLo: “What’s a lapel?”

Suz: speechless.

We popped into a florist, but they were closed. So, we headed to the grocery store….Kelly can “make something out of nothing” and well, she can also make a boutonnière out of a pot of 6$ purple calla lilies.  She is my Martha Stuart MacGyver.

We all need a friend like that.

She also plucked one of my orchid blooms and made a hair accessory for LoLo. Genius!


Hey, speaking of friends, Kelly is the one that told me I needed a steam mop…and I got one. Luckily, she did not tell me I needed massive piercings or tattoos.  Dodged that bullet.

Would you like my review/take on the steam mop???? Hmmmm????

Do you have a Martha/MacGyver type friend that you can always count on?

26 thoughts on “All the stuff that I wanted to tell you…

  1. It sounds like such fun! Nothing better than old friends who know your every wart and kiss ya anyway!Does someone have to own a boxer to visit you?There is actually a blogger I call Martha Maguyver because she can create the most beautiful things out of a gum wrapper and a paper clip.The Source and Shirley fill that bill for me. I know one other but she lives 300 miles away…


  2. AGAIN, you make me drool and long for your doggies… jeeeeesh will it ever end! no, i dont want it to end i love seeing them! do they ever fight? fight withthe visiting dogs?tell us why you love boxers? cocoa is SO freking cute in the truck! you allow me to see her personality on here and it comes across as such a cutie pie! boxers are diane and i's fave dogs, too. we fell in love with bella at the humane society, i sat down in the cage wiff her and she leaned up against me with her head on my shoulder, nuzzling my neck… as if to say, pleeeeease take me outta here, so we did. she was 3 months old then. she is 8 this year. we are so in love wiff her that we look for boxers and love them all, but i must say cocoa and ozzies and bellas coloring is my fave.your pics are great. this is too funny. i also love it when guy friends act like toddlers since they've known eachother so long. its so cute, isnt it..did lolo have a great time at prom? i hope so. she looked , well they both looked gorgous! diane would be my mcgyver friend… she can fix anything, she aint no martha, though! martha's too prissy and gaudy… diane is more well rounded.glad you had a good fun weekend. arent they the best, though?c


  3. Now I don't feel like a peasant over the homemade boot-in-ear my FATHER made for my date out of a gardenia. It was very aromatic to say the least. I can't wait for the review on the steam mop.


  4. Thanks to you Suz, and your sweet dogs, I find myself wanting boxers now too!!!! Steam mop? To tell the truth, I get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors. Works pretty well 🙂 But also to tell the truth, my knees are starting to feel OLD!


  5. Kelly

    I love your conversation with Lo about the boutonnière! My daughter is going to Prom in about a month (it still snows in Minnesota in April!) She asked me the other day if she's going to need to get her boyfriend a flower \”thingy\”.Take Care,Kelly


  6. I would like to see an episode of Macgyver right this second. I would like for him to come here and make all of these work piles DISAPPEAR! Is that possible? Darn it!


  7. and PS You would look GREAT with multiple piercings in nose and tongue etc : ) Seriously great : )Wouldn't that be a fun post?Suz get's pierced?My macguyver/martha friend is Jen. She is good at everything. I miss her so much.


  8. Oh Cocoa! How sweet and adorable! and yes I would love to hear about your steam mop. I will most likely be purchasing one in the near future but I'm kinda scared that they don't do what they say they will.


  9. I'm dying to hear your review of the steam mop! I've been thinking about getting one for years. I hope Lo had a blast at prom. Wow, seems so early for prom. I guess y'all do things a little different down in the south, huh? It's still a bit nippy here, I guess, in April. 🙂


  10. What a great time. And the puppies all look so happy!I loooooved the Prom pics below. Wow!!! The boutonniere turned out Oh-So-Fab!! Hats off to your friend. But the girls together were SO precious. You'll always be glad you took those photos. Great job on the hair too!!!And the pics of your mom were adorable!!Have a great day,M.L.


  11. I have no friend like that. Is yours available for rent?That's really funny about forgetting the boutonniere! But glad you had that friend I want to rent!I do wanna hear about the mop and about the boxer love!


  12. I'm happy you like your steam mop! I wanted to love mine but maybe just got a lemon… or a too-cheap one? Your weekend sounds like it was lovely and filled with delights, both two-and-four legged! Yey!


  13. So??? What type of steam mop did you get? I may need to know this information as some day I may actually have FINISHED wood floors…Hubs is my Maguyver. And my friends call me Martha (female dog) Stewart. =) Glad you had such a great weekend!


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