I feel like an UGLY Tomato.


Lumpy. bruised. plump. discolored.

That is the way I have been feeling lately.

I can hardly stand to look pictures of myself.

Seeing recent photos always surprises me. Who is that girl? Blah.

I look at pictures from just 3 years ago…aggghhhh….such a difference. 


Pity Party; table of ONE.


I plucked off my first ‘edible’ tomato the other day from my farm-ville. (the first ripe one was sacrificed to an insect or two)

I was a bit disappointed upon harvesting him.

Not a beautiful tomato did he make.


I was let down.

And for a moment, I felt sorry for myself and my imperfect tomato.  

*double sigh**

To my amazement, he was beautiful inside.

Red, ripe, juicy.

Nearly perfect.


And so edible.

I need to get my priorities straight….I am in need of a swift kick in the butt.

Because things are not going to get prettier on the outside…no matter what. 

I can only work on the inside from here on out….

And maybe, just maybe if some random GIANT comes and plucks me out of my farm-ville…

…Perhaps I may taste like wine ripe and juicy on the inside to him.


31 thoughts on “I feel like an UGLY Tomato.

  1. hahahaha i know exactly what you mean… i have been feeling the aging process meself the past year or so. i still feel younger on the inside but when i go to do something i realize the old girl [my body] just cant keep up. specially with my fall, theres so much more i cant do. so i have been trying to ignore the againg part of me [outside] and focus on feeling younger and trying to be happy on the inside. there are days when my insides meet up with my outsides and i feel so down and blah, no energy… and i have to kick my butt out of it…if its any comfort, we all go through this.. you are not alone… and home made cQQkies always helps….have you hugged your dog today? hugs to you… and your goggies…c


  2. Suz, When you have enough time to begin contemplating your outward appearance to that degree, you need to start doing something more productive and fulfilling with your time. It's a head game. Trust me when I tell you that you will one day look back at the photos of you today and say, \”Man, I was so cute. Why didn't I see that?\”The tomato analogy was apt. I'm glad you put it in the post.You said something about things not going to get any better on the outside. That's wrong. Look at how lovely your mom is! She's not 15, but she's no less lovely!God made you perfect.


  3. I'm glad that tomato showed you it is what is on the inside that counts. Monday, I saw a doctor about how to take care of the \”old\” me. A couple of suggestions:Put more soy into your diet. I know that sounds silly, but give it a try.Go to bed earlier at night.Make sure you are getting LOTS (at least 1500 mg) of calcium and vitamin D. Yes, sunshine helps as D, but you need much more.Replenish and moisturize that skin. Drink lots of water as it plumps out those wrinkles.Get 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least four times a week. Quit looking in the mirror! Let your mind tell you what you look like. Once I quit looking in the mirror, I became this beautiful 25 year old. I'm wearing a mullet, but hey…LOL!Love you!


  4. I think my mom could relate to this post. She is having a very tough time with her recent weight gain. Its tough to watch her being so bummed out! I try and tell her how beautiful she is every day… and just like you, I know she is sweet and beautiful on the inside two. You are both such lovely ladies!p.s.s she misses you!


  5. I've never considered you to be an ugly tomato. But Farmville did teach you a valuable lesson — the outside may not always look like much, but there is nothing better than what's on the inside.


  6. I went to buy a swimsuit last night. I could have killed every person who crossed my path after that. Forget all the good lessons I've been learning lately; I felt absolutely miserable.P.S. I bet the people who see you every day don't think that tomato is an accurate representation at all. At least that's not what I see.


  7. If you are worried about what you look like – with your petite fram, size 6 clothes, blond hair, vivacious personality, and hilarious sense of humor – then the rest of us should just give up now ;)You are AH-mazing DAH-ling 🙂


  8. You are ripe and juicy and sweet and good on the inside, too, like your wonderful \”tomater.\”And it's funny that you are feeling \”not this way\” on the outside (me, too), because when I saw the prom pics of ALL of you, I thought how cute and snappy you are, and wondered how you could have such mature girls when you look like such a young girl yourself? You are lovely, Suz!


  9. Suz, you are so cute. We all get older and things change–it happens.My personal theory is that we are transferring our outer beauty (the firm, unlined kind) to our daughters-and they need it more than us at this time in their lives.Who wants their daughter to feel in competition with an \”overly\” hawt mom?!


  10. I think we all feel that way sometimes. Once when I had a new job, they sent me for a professional photo shoot…hair, makeup and all. Even at the time (much less three years later), I looked in the mirror and wondered where the person in the publicity photos might be hiding.Hooray for fresh garden tomatoes, no matter how ugly on the outside.


  11. Oh you silly girl… You are beautiful —on the inside AND on the outside. Why do we females go through this???? Why can't we be happy with US???? Why do we always look at others and wish we were more like them????? WELL–I'm an old lady–and I have felt ugly for way too many years. When I met George, he loved me for me—even with all of the excess fat!!!!! That was my answer… Someone loved ME for ME… That helped me to love myself and realize that it's never all about the outside…. Now—if we can just keep that man of yours from eating your insides like a tomato!!!!! ha ha ha haHugs,Betsy


  12. Awe, you can be my tomato sammich anytime, you gorgeous woman you!Slumps are normal, it will pass… Sometimes a simple thing as a week of eating specially well, a new cream or shampoo, a pedi or a new t-shirt can work wonders!If all else fails… doggy kissies :)*hugs!*


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