Friday; A whole lotta buzzin’ going on and some public procreating.

I was piddling around the yard the other day and I could smell summer.

No, not chlorine, sunscreen or stinky dogs…I could smell our jasmine trees blooming.


As I got closer to the tree’s not only did the smell get stronger, but could feel the buzz of buzzing. The bee’s were having a big ol’ bee bash. And they did not care if I stood by and watched.


It pleased me to know they were doing their job…and having fun. IMG_1428

That is my cousin Joe-Bob avoiding eye contact with me. Rude.

I am thinking I need a macro lens…eventually.

But, this one is doing a pretty good job with my close-ups. (28mm-135)


And then, to my shock and amazement I caught these two gettin’ jiggy wit it.


Oh, my virginal eyes.

Did I just UP the rating of my blog?

Could it be any worse than the Nekkid zebra?

I think not.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Lets remember the real meaning of this holiday. A salute to those who have served our country…the real super-hero’s.

Before AND After Landscaping Photos; And Then I Got Lost Thinking about Pet Bears.


My little landscape project that consumed days of my time.

Before. Which is actually AFTER, because some of the old plants were already ripped out. I should have taken a BEFORE-BEFORE photo. But I didn’t. So there.  IMG_0028 IMG_0027

It is impossible for me to be outside and NOT have Ozzie tracking my every move…he is a Ninja boxer.

Damn the ninjas.

After. Plants added: Pinwheel jasmine, asparagus ferns, and some more fiery red ixora.

IMG_1316 IMG_1314

And lets not forget the bags of eucalyptus mulch. (About 40 for this area.) IMG_1312_1

With all this eucalyptus, I am expecting Koala bears to move in any day now.

I heart Koalas.

But they really are not bears. They are marsupials. This is the kind of things I have learned since my kids pay attention in school.

I always thought they were bears. 

Only two things I know for sure.

Koala bears eat eucalyptus. And Panda bears eat bamboo.

ok, I know one more thing. I want one of each.

I take that back, I want 2 of each so they can have friends.   They can also pretend they have mirrors if I duplicate them.

I think they would make good pets.


Please note, all the rock areas…four different areas.

We know what rocks mean in our yard right?

Snake haven

Do you think snakes are afraid of Panda’s or Koalas???? Gosh, I hope so.

I am so glad to be done with this part of the yard.

I am almost done with all the yard work for this season…and just in time. My fingernails were begging for a break!!!!

I am not getting any ‘hand model’ job offers.

…that almost sounded dirty….like my fingernails.

Now I also wonder, is there a leash law for pandas and koalas’ ?

**Thinking, thinking, thinking….Please don’t call me today, I have so much research to do on this bear issue.