I caught my cat sending a text to PETA.

One of the cats has had issues keeping the food down lately. You know what I mean. It was becoming a daily occurrence. And I was cussing daily.

I don’t like to cuss.

I have switched their food, but no luck.

So after I caught Harley hurling his food and then immediately running back to the bowl for more, I had a clever idea. (and I realized my cat might suffer from bulimia)


“Hey, how about we don’t leave the food out 24/7 for you to eat, throw up, and then eat again”

Yes, it did take me a few weeks to come to this brilliant idea.

So, I have been picking up the food bowl in the early evening, and putting it back out in the morning.

The other two cats are rolling with it.

But Holy mackerel, you would have thought I was starving HIM to death.

So, yeah, I saw him yesterday…texting a plea for help to PETA on my cell phone.

He got as far as:

“ hep me i hungy and dat mean laty..

No dice buddy. Welcome to real ‘cat’ life.

Geeze… and I think long distance charges would have applied.

Now I wonder, should I change the password on my computer?

26 thoughts on “I caught my cat sending a text to PETA.

  1. Poor kitty. Poor you. Glad you caught her before he could make a break for it. Don't think he would do too well out in the 'real world'. Sometimes when my cat gets 'pukey' as we affectionately call it, it's because she's got a hairball 'further down' as my vet says. So she gave us this stuff that's basically flavored vaseline and it kind of gets things moving again. She told us that the cat would probably just eat it off my finger. Silly vet lady. I smear it on her paw and lock her up in the bathroom until she's licked it off. She told me some ppl use plain vaseline. So maybe she's got hair troubles. Just a thought.


  2. What a character! He sounds like he does have some eating issues. Good thinking – we always leave the cat food out, and wouldn't have thought of taking it away, either. Of course, our cats go outdoors every morning and their food stays INDOORS. So maybe that's the equivalent. I know that they do occasionally supplement their domestic food with something a little…wilder, when they are outside. ICK. But they are natural hunters. I hope your cat is feeling better (and more acceptance) soon! You may have to send him to \”Getting Better House\” or whatever the \”reality\” show is that deals with food addiction!


  3. you silly bugger! that is funny. are you sure he dont have a hairball stuck somewhere?i think you SHOULD change the password on the computer…and then there's the phone… he'll try it again, i'm sure..lolc


  4. Cute post, Suz…. AND what a smart kitty you have who has learned to text!!!!! Man–put that cat in Ripley's Believe it or Not…. (That would also eliminate your food problem with him. ha ha )We're loving the beach. Wish you were here…Hugs,Betsy


  5. Poor Kitty! Poor you!Glad this is working…nothing is worse then NOT seeing that they have errr left a gooey mess and stepping in the warmness. Shiver. Fingers crossed that your problem is solved!


  6. Hahahahaha. PETA might start picketing your place Suz! But what a talent that Harley* is. My dogs need a secretary to do their typing! This really reminded me of our old cat Chuck (RIP?). I was beginning to think he was chucking up out of spite. Usually it was because he ate some huge piece of plastic wrap that would eventually come out. I had a collection of the wierd stuff he ingested. Finally got rid of it about a year ago…what does one do with such a collection anywho??*Harley is my sister's name.


  7. Anonymous

    My oldest cat, Kaboodle, was doing the same thing and had a knack for knowing which comforter was brand new to barf on!!! She's the one who no longer fits thru the kitty door but she too acts starved to death. I think we are doing the right thing to limit their food….I just hope we can serve time in jail in cells next to one another!!!!


  8. Are you sure you aren't a vet Suz? LOL! My kitty likes to find plastic things to eat and then waits till midnight to throw up on our bedroom floor. Those kitties are evil I tell you!


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