Going WITH The Grain(s)


I have been trying to eat a better lunch and being consistent about it.

I started making Sandwiches again.

Sammies; they are one of the greatest inventions. 

You know they should always be cut on a diagonal right? They taste better that way. You are welcome.

It is nice that I have fresh ‘maters and crispy lettuce to add to them.


*taking my bow*

A few months ago, I discovered this wonderful 5 grain bread at my Publix bakery. It tastes amazing. Love it.. very filling too.


Shortly after that, I was at a different grocery store and in their bakery, I discovered 9 grain bread. Well, if 5 was good, 9 must be even more amazing.

And it was. I looooovvvveeee it.

It makes a great slice of garlic bread too if you are making red sauce with spinach ravioli! I’m just sayin’

Well, on Monday, I was at a different store. Oh, you heard? I mean you HEARD me gasping in the bakery dept???

I found 12 grain bread; the Holy grail of grainy bread.

Holy Mackerel. And yes, it is even betterererer than the first two.

If this keeps up, soon I will be having this delivered:Round_hay_bale_at_dawn

I know that is hay…but hey, you get my point.

And we all know FIBER is good for us.

My children just cringed at reading that…knowing full well that a tutorial on our color health is coming next!!

Yippee the colon talk again…at the dinner table.

And speaking of gorgeous grains, take a gander at this photo I found:


Makes me want to belt out:

“My Country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty”

Does anyone else remember singing that song in elementary school way back when??? 

I sure wish I appreciated a nice sammie back in the day. Back then, it was all about the chocolate milk. Pfffttt.

31 thoughts on “Going WITH The Grain(s)

  1. Anonymous

    Publix better get with it and add a few more grains! You make me hungry talking about fresh lettuce and 'maters to go on a sandwich. I giggled at you saying to diagonally cut the sandwich……Mother NEVER wanted me to cut her sandwich. The hospice nurse fed her one day and cut her sandwich diagonally and to hear mother brag about what that woman did!!!! It just tickled us all so much. Who knew it could make such a difference.Hope you have a nice day.


  2. that is a beautiful picture! i thought \”amber waves of grain.\” is that the same song? my brain isn't up to singing quite yet this morning… but yes, we always sang \”my country tis of thee\”… and \”America the beautiful\” (i think that is where the amber waves of grain go) anyway… glad you are enjoying your grainy bread… i love it, too! i will not be chomping on hay though… nope!


  3. Love the beautiful pic at the end and yes I do remember standing to sing My Country Tis of Thee and nobody complained or thought their rights were being violated either. Miss those days.. anyway, that's sort of a soapbox and we aren't talking about soapboxes, we're talking about bread…oops!I hear great things about Publix and we don't have them here. Makes me sad. I love me a good loaf of bread too.. and with fresh maters. Sammies don't get any better than that!


  4. YUM. And yes, I agree with you about the diagonal cut.Love the grain photos and the reference to the song…I remember singing it, too! If you want to see that sort of thing in person, the eastern part of Washington state looks a lot like that. I mean, for hours and hours of driving, that's most of the view. It's beautiful in its own way, but don't ask me to live there. I love the water too much. My throat starts to feel parched. Maybe I've lived on the west side for a little too long?


  5. I'm thinking that sky is over a Kansas wheat field. Love me some Kansas! I can say that now that I don't live there. =)What brand is that bread? I need a sammie.


  6. that sky looks scary as h-e double hockey sticks!! i guarantee you there was a tornado that night!! oh yeah your post was about bread. i love the grainy stuff the only kind of bread not loaded with high fructose corn syrup. however it is high in the point system for weight watcher, though they have these thin buns, check them out they are like skinny burger buns full of grains and only one point per bun!!


  7. I love sammies, too… shhh, don’t tell anyone, but most of the time, i don't cut my sandwich in half, not even diagonally…wish i had a publix here…back in elementary school? name a day i DON'T still sing that song…;)


  8. Anonymous

    i love grains! i put lentil or garbanzo salad in toasted whole wheat bread, add maters, lots of lettuce, olive oil and a little lemon juice. mmmmmm, heaven!


  9. I'm totally with you on the grainy bread! The longer I have to chew it, the better! :)My babies sing \”My Country 'Tis of Thee\” every morning, right after the pledge. The funniest thing is listening to what they THINK some of the words are! tee hee! I ALWAYS used to cut Stud's sammies, in all different ways. He particularly liked the double-diagonal, which then made little triangle sammies. Little squares were good, too. I have this really cool thing from Pampered Chef that made little round sammies, that he used to call Flying Saucer Sandwiches. Then, of course, when I was feeling particularly frisky, I would bust out the cookie cutters and make all kinds of great shapes, like dinosaurs. Oh, how I miss those days….great, now you've made me blue! (you know I'm only joking, YOU could never make ANYONE blue. I have a feeling your daughters might not totally agree with me, but if they say so, I'll shank 'em!)


  10. I don't eat sandwiches much anymore. But I do love good grain bread. Not all grain bread taste good though. Of course I remember singing that song and Pledge of Allegiance too along with daily prayer and bible reading (sometime). Well this could lead to more running on so I'll stop there. That is a beautiful photo. Becca


  11. We found a nine grain bread mix to use in our bread machine which is absolutely delicious. I was glad to hear that you know the correct way to cut a sandwhich.


  12. The picture is GORGEOUS! When you say you 'found' it, what exactly do you mean by that?I am not a huge sandwhich fan. I LOVE raisin cinnamon bread from peppridge farm. I am sure it is VERY healthy.


  13. we have been eating 12 grain here for a long time… also, honey wheat berry by earthgrains. yummy yum yum… its great toasted, too.i have to \”borrow\” that beautiful picture for my collection, k? i collect pictures just for my own personal viewing… is that ok if i borrow it?when i first saw the bale of hay i thought of shredded wheat and like how big of a gallon of milk woulld it take for summit that size! i used to eat shredded wheat rolled up like that when i was little. of course wiff lots of sugar!i could crawl on me knees 5 or 6 miles for one of your fresh vined 'maters…k, i'm leaving now.. i should be there in approx. 6 years 22 days.. k? save me one.c


  14. Good evening…you must know that I visit your blog every day…even when I don't have time to comment.I have been lecturing…'harping' to my Fitness class about \”Make half your grains whole\”…This was perfect…And the photo? Did you take take in North Dakota?? I swear that those trees in the distance are our farm!! Take care ~Natalie


  15. Oh, I am so jealous! Here in China they only have processed white bread. I don't know why, but I miss whole grain bread. I don't like to eat the white stuff, so I am breadless here for the most part. I miss sammiches.


  16. I'm late to the grain party, and I'm hanging my head in shame. I too love the 12 grain bread, but I've been two scared to read what the 12 grains are!I still sing My Country Tis Of Thee!


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