I Rock(ed)


And I am tired as heck of rocking.

Rocked out.


I am done. Finished. Finite.

Finally. Now, I feel like rolling.


Partway through my rock excavation and plant ripping out, I decided to be proactive and I put down some weed barrier stuff. OMG…that stuff was a pain. But so are weeds.    (BTW this fabric is made from recycled water bottles)

OK the rules:

I don’t want to see any rocks nor do I want to hear any rock music.

I don’t want to have rock salt or rock candy.

I don’t want to visit Rock City.

I don’t want to know about the Rockettes.

Ok, I think that might be all I can think of.

Oh wait, this Rock


Well, he is still A-OK in my book. *wink wink*

Ironically, the song stuck in my head as I wrapped this up yesterday: “don’t be fooled by the ROCK’S that I’ve got…I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block…”

I am pretty sure J-Lo was discussing different rocks though.

Ok, here is the finished product:   

P1050122   P1050136P1050123

* Rock star*

P1050126 P1050127


The good news: the lanai is done.

The bad news: the house is a mess, ‘cause the domestic goddess turned into a rock goddess.

Oh, heck, who cares…

I have some empty chairs under the chicki hut…

And the term Frozen Concoction is coming to mind.

Happy Weekend everyone. Any plans?

Happy Mother’s day to all you Mom’s, Grandma’s, Aunts, fur Moms, Sisters, feminine men, …etc…you get the point.

If you nurture anything (except rocks) you are well deserving of a nice day.  How I adore a nurturer.

So, what time on Sunday should we expect you…unless you already have plans?

39 thoughts on “I Rock(ed)

  1. is 6am too early? because breakfast on your beautiful lanai sounds fantastic 🙂 it looks great! sure looks like it was a ton of work… you are one dedicated rockette (sorry!)


  2. Ok…your backyard looks like a place that I would pay money to stay at on vacation! Is it booked in July?!Seriously…it is supposed to snow tonight here in the Dakotas…just an inch or two…Take care ~Natalie


  3. I am coming down before everyone else to swipe the rock star. I love that! Would it be cruel to say \”Rock on Suz!\” ?Nah, it would be great and I know you would like it…So…Rockin' job on the rocks, Suz.Rock on you rock hauling girl, you!


  4. Your pool area looks like it belongs in a resort, beautiful!! You really did an awesome job, now can you do the same thing to our pool area? I'll provide the frozen concoctions of course… 🙂


  5. It looks gorgeous– nicely done! You are so talented. I would like to subscribe to your magazine. Happy Mom's Day! Hope you have a nice weekend with lots of pampering. You deserve it.


  6. Suz, you ROCK! You did a beautiful job. I think you should forget about the messy house and just sit on the lanai until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and a fab Mama's day!


  7. It looks so good.I am glad you took a second to thank the fur moms. I know a lot of them regularly read blogs and totally feel left out … : ) or not You are so silly.


  8. I'll be there around 10am on Sat morning swimsuit on and ready for a frozen concoction. You know what I mean. Love the garden around the pool. It looks so good. You did a great job. Happy Mothers Day.


  9. You did a fabulous job – it's just gorgeous! I love the palapa and the spa…can I come and sit with you, the next time the temps here drop into the 30s (like they did THIS WEEK – in MAY!$%&#*)? At the very least, I can sit there in my mind, now that you've given us the visual. *sigh* So lovely.I hope that fence isn't for keeping 'gators out. Do you really have 'gators nearby?You have more talent in your pinky finger than most people have in all of them. Happy Mother's Day to you – one of the best nurturers of plants, animals and people I know!


  10. Just reading that makes me tired! LOL But it turned out bee-utiful! Great job..now go soak those sore muscles in the nice pool.. and maybe enjoy a beverage in the shade! 🙂


  11. Anonymous

    i swear, you are the hardest working woman I know! you do rock!my son is making his first communion this sunday. i know, i know, it's mother's day. but i'm at the place in my life where if i can get two things done at once, i'm all for it ;)have a great mom's day! no work for you on that day missy!


  12. I thought about sending my former boss a Mother's Day card, but I figured that I would be the only one to get a laugh from it.If you smell-ell-ell, what the Rock is cookin'.


  13. Wow – all your hard work looks great! Your lanai looks like it should be featured in a fancy home magazine :)I hope you have better luck with the weed barrier stuff than I did. I put it down under the gravel paths between my garden beds, and the weeds just grew right through it. You're right about that stuff being a pain, and for me the effort wasn't worth it at all 😦


  14. lol i LERVE your rock star!!! how freekin cute is that? oh suz, you worked so hard on all of that lanai.. and it is simply gorgeous… it lQQks professional, and just, well, beautiful!you should be very proud of your handy work, you lil rockstar, you…you ROCKED OUT, SISTAH!just like a rolling stone… gonna get my picture on the cover… gonna buy 5 copies for my muthah… gonna see my smilin face on the cover of the rolling stone!!!lmao…your home is just awesome. beautiful. inviting.so, when can we come by?c


  15. Beautiful artistic (and back-breaking) work, BB! Woo! :-DHappy mother's day to you indeed – hope your Sunday includes a bit of much-deserved rest and time-out for YOU!! 🙂


  16. Jealousy!! I have plans for brunch but maybe I could ditch the kids and catch a flight down after that! lol Frozen drinks. Sigh…you just have to put drinks outside my back door right now….they freeze themselves!


  17. Holy crap I am coming over and never leaving. I'll just toss my sleeping bag under that tiki hut and await a frozen concoction. You are so amazing!!I am just going to toss down some flowers tomorrow and throw around some mulch and call it \”gardening.\” you shame me….Happy Mother's day to a GREAT mom


  18. All I know is I want your house and your pool. Please. And some sunshine, and a frozen concoction would really suit just fine thanks. Mine's a brandy Alexander. Good Work Suz XXX


  19. Hi Suz, Your lanai is absolutely gorgeous. I know it was alot of hard work—but WOW—it is fabulous. Love that thatched umbrella…. Congrats on a job well-done.Happy Mother's Day!!!! We're home from the beach –and I'll post in the morning. Had a wonderful time –but it's nice to be home. One of my sons is visiting me on my 'special' day today!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.Hugs,Betsy


  20. Dude… you are a ROCK STAR… can I just say that? I LOVE what you have done. I am going to VACATION at your house. Seriously. You RAWK. :)PS: And I hope you had an awesome Mommys Day too!


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