If you ask for stuff in your blog it may come to fruition.


A few months ago I blogged about how I wanted my friends Camera that we nicknamed: The BABY. 

Well, I got my baby. Yuppers.

My very own Baby.

She is cute, sweet and big as heck. She came with a set of wheels.

I kid. I kid.

{Why, yes, my family is very very very very good to me. I love them a lot…even without the wonderful gifts. Forizzle. But, gifts are nice too. right?} 

I played with her yesterday…I think what I really need is a class. Or two fourteen.



I witnessed a perpetrator in the garden.


Don’t you hate that feeling when you KNOW someone is watching you???



Ozzie knows that feeling oh too well…

 IMG_0037  “If I look up again…I know that woman will be there with the camera….”


“I knew it…dang paparazzi.”

I also captured some frolicking in the pool.

LoLo and Linds HSM jump

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well…lacking perpetrators, but full of flowers, friends, family and frolicking!

29 thoughts on “If you ask for stuff in your blog it may come to fruition.

  1. Anonymous

    Great, fun pictures Suzanne! (except for the perpetrator, of course!) Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day weekend – enjoy the new camera.


  2. Wow…it sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's day…and a new 'Baby' to play with. I'd say you are one lucky girl.I'm glad your daughters were both there to celebrate with you. This is the first year that neither of mine could be here. Can't wait to see all your pics…perhaps you will have to start a separate photo blog now!Take care ~Natalie


  3. woo-hoo! coach is so good to you. i think you otta keep him! and i know it did come with wheels 🙂 can't wait to see it! and maybe hold the baby? i know… some mamas dont' let you hold their baby until they are a few months old…


  4. I certainly hope you enjoy your new baby as much as we've enjoyed our new babies. I'm looking forward to many more wonderful pictures, but please give Ozzie some space.


  5. They are the cutest girls in the entire world! I am SO excited for you. How could you NOT tell me about that… Jimminy Crickets. That is like the most exciting news on the planet. What kind is it? Do you want me to send you some of the books I used when I first started? I am SO happy for you!


  6. oh i am SO glad you got the baby!!!! you really wanted it!!!!now i can look forward to many many wonderful pictures on here, right?again, your aminals are precious and the girls look like they are having so much fun in the lanai… where i should be.. ;)c


  7. Congrats on the new addition ;)! I would ask for a baby on my blog..but with Gods sense of humor about my life…I'd get a real live baby..:) We both know that nots on the to do list any time soon! lol!


  8. Congrats! I know you will have fun. Don't forget to refer to the manual-it helps, trust me. OK, I'm off to blog about dogs that bathe themselves, food that magically appears at dinner time and someone that can cut my hair without messing it up!


  9. HI Suz, Congrats on the new camera… What did you get??? What lenses? I know you will enjoy it–like I am enjoying my new one. Keep taking those great pictures… sounds like you had a great Mother's Day.Hugs,Betsy


  10. Happy Mother's Day to you – and it looks as if it was! Great photos – you are going to have sooo much fun with your new baby.Those girls of yours are so full of light and joy. To be able to wear a bikini without self-consciousness…well, those days are long gone, for me. It's so great to see kids rockin' it and just having a blast!


  11. Anonymous

    congrats on the new camera, that's a fine toy!you made laugh out loud with your comments on ozzie!glad you had a great day with family!


  12. Congrats on your new camera! It will become one of your new best friends! You make an excellent dog paparazzi! Now tell us, what's Ozzie like in real life? 🙂


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