Letting Linds Loose with the Lens


IMG_0668You lookin’ at me?



Boxers Boxing.  Ironic?IMG_0681

I can only hope that this pose from Harley means he is begging for forgiveness for all his binging and purging.


Somehow I know deep inside, he really does not care at all.  Cats..PFTtttt…..


22 thoughts on “Letting Linds Loose with the Lens

  1. He looks as if he is thinking, \”I can haz Cheezburger…\” But not all cats are like him (or like Chumley)!Two Boxers boxing, one cat bulimic…maybe you are going to be able to compose a song, soon.


  2. Anonymous

    Linds takes some great photos – it appears that (unlike me) she can actually get down on the ground with her subjects!!! I'm with Caution Flag, don't trust Harley!


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