Random Friday; Spicy Aperture


Learning aperture.


I took this photo minutes after googling: aperture. (and then I watched a 3 minute video pertaining to my camera explaining how to use aperture on it.)


I know, you are totally impressed with my skills. That would be my ‘green’ skills and not the photography!!!

Well, actually, my green skills are a bit off too. My peppers are ready, my cilantro is done and most of my ‘maters are green.

So how is one to make her delicious salsa like this? I suppose the farmers market could fill in where I am lacking.

Next year, a schedule maybe?

Very important question: Should I purchase an extended 4 year warranty for my Canon camera???

Not much going on this weekend for moi…Lo and Coach have a softball tourney and Linds has a sleepover.

Cocoa and Ozzie have already scheduled out 46 hours this weekend for snoozing. They are dog tired.IMG_0311

I am excited about a little romantic rendezvous’ planned for this evening. Oh yeah…I am meeting a very good looking guy tonight, he has a pick-up truck and we are meeting in the back of a local plant nursery.

YEAH BABY!!! {said in an Austin Powers accent} Shagadelic!

Oh, wait, that sounded more than it is.

I have started another landscaping project. Yep. Just one more.  I need the Coach and his big ol’ pick up to help me.  And he offered.  Gentlemanly as always.

{Is Gentlemanly a word? Spell check let it slide…so yes?}

Friday nights…not what  they were 20 years ago.  But still, perfectly fine in my book.

Are you having a rendezvous’ this weekend?

If so, I hope it is hot and steamy…and not necessarily with a steam mop!!


26 thoughts on “Random Friday; Spicy Aperture

  1. Anonymous

    Ozzie and Cocoa are dog tired from posing for your new camera!I bet your home-made salsa is delicious.Can't wait to see your new landscaping project. I hope all of you have a great weekend.


  2. lovin' your skills and I would totaly buy the warranty! As for hot and steamy? Err.. hot possibly. Hopefuly. Its supposed to warm up, and BD and I are working in his garden 🙂 I'm hopeing for hot steamy as well.. but 🙂 we'll see where the weekend goes! lol


  3. Who says chivalry is dead? I want a boxer so very badly, but don't think I can handle another dog just yet! Besides, I don't think my parents would be too happy with me since they are the doggy motel when we go out of town!


  4. You are doing a dandy job with your camera. I purchased an extended warranty with my camera- never know and they don't make things like they use to. This is not a disposable item $$ like so many other things,


  5. This Post reminded me of a mug I saw recently…it showed a toilet with this quote below, \”Remember when twice in one night meant something other than going to the bathroom?\” Hee-hee!I looooove your completed rock beds by the pool. Kudos to you for all your hard work. It turned out beautiful!I also got a \”kick\” out of the 'Kill Bill' prequel photo shoot…especially your cartwheel. That would put me in traction. Way to go! : )


  6. I wish I had your steam mop. If you haven't seen my post yet for today… go look… then be my bff and send me your steam mop! 😉 Since I don't think you'll overnight the steam mop, my weekend will be filled with scrubbing the kitchen tile on my hands and knees, since that's the only way grout will get cleaned, and shampooing all the carpets. We're also moving some sago palms from one location to another like 10 feet away. Hopefully I \”accidentally\” kill them. I hate them. B loves them. Agh. And I'm jealous of your peppers! Mine still have yet to show themselves!


  7. i wish i was free tomorrow night! i hoep you can find stuff to amuse yourself 🙂 i guess those date-night plants should do it! i did finishe the last batch of salsa… YUM! love fresh salsa… and the corm was a great addition.i am a bit envious of you playing in your yard with your new camera! fun!warranty? on a something you are going to carry everywhere? yeah. i think i would.


  8. Oh my Friday nights are all about carpooling and what's for dinner Mom. If I'm lucky everyone is tucked in bed by 9pm and the Hubs and I can sneak a bowl of popcorn and a movie together. That's our date night! But I wouldn't have it any other way:)PS Your garden is looking great!


  9. Hubster and I are taking BOTH cars in for oil changs tomorrow morning…. hubba hubba…. as I told him on the phone… we are \”born to be Mild\”!! :)Other than that, just a lotta relaxin' goin' on….


  10. I say YES get the warranty extended… It takes one grain of sand to wreck a lot of things, specially if you ever change the lens or accidentally drop the camera or some dogs sneezes on it… up close… LOL!Looking forward to seeing more of your projects, you're so handy!ps: a date night is what makes people happy, not what the books say it should be. so there 😀


  11. My hubby would love to snatch one of your jalapenos! I started my indoor garden and will be transplanting this weekend. Everything has sprouted BUT my jalapenos! Please send some STAT! Your rendevous sounds exciting – I need one of those!!P.S. YES on the warranty!!


  12. I have to say that I am very much suffering from camera envy – the pictures you've been posting the past few days are great!I have a Cannon SureShot that I've had forever. I really haven't used it since I switched over to digital, but that thing took a lot of abuse over the years and still works. My SLR camera is a Cannon too and I never had a problem with that for the years and years I used that either. Now that I think about it – it's kind of sad that I don't use 35mm film anymore since I got a digital camera… those were my creative days!I would skip the extended warranty and put the $$$ that would have went towards the warranty in the bank.Your garden is looking great – another reason for me to be jealous!


  13. I don't know which is most impressive — your camera skills, your gardening skills or your ambition. I said 'just one more' project about three years ago and I still have more projects lined up than I can get to. I hope you enjoyed your Friday night rendezvous.We passed on the extended warranties for our new cameras.


  14. Hi There, I'm certainly impressed with your new camera As George said, we don't buy those extended warranties much on the things we buy. We just try to be extremely careful.. The only problem we have ever had on any of our 'toys' was when the cellphone accidentally went into the potty… Uh oh… Verizon sold us a 'used' phone for $50. That was still cheaper than the warranty would have been. No 'hot and steamy' here this weekend –either inside the house or outside.. George is outside working in the yard and I am on \”Squirrel Patrol\”—keeping those darn things away from my bird feeders.. Hard job you know!!!!Have a good one.Hugs,Betsy


  15. Anonymous

    oh, num num..home made salsa, don't forget some diced avocado and a hint of lime, mmmm mmmm.can't wait to see your next landscaping projet, miss busy bee 🙂


  16. He he. How did you know my hot & steamy night was with my Haan steam cleaner?? Now next weekend Patrick will be home(whoopee!!) and the Haan will stay in the cleaning closet.The \”kids\” look very comfy and your peppers are HuGe!! I don't even have a bud on mine yet—much colder here than in FL!! Don't work too hard on your garden. x-c


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