Both physically and emotionally.

First, for the physical part.

You guys were right, I had 100 drunken sailors bags of mulch delivered yesterday.


You guys seem to really know me!

The emotional part:


I am drained from watching the final episode of Private Practice.


Dell DIED!!!!

I was so upset…I mean, he was such a good guy, an honest friend, he was just accepted to medical school and he was a great Dad…

If that was not bad enough, a few hours later I watched the finale of Brother’s and Sisters. I don’t want to upset anyone…but…

Robert has passed away!!!

He and Kitty just got their relationship to a good place and then this happens? He has 3 kids and might have been President one day and….

You can’t take Rob Lowe Robert away from me Kitty!!!


Oh, never mind.

And I did not just cry at the most critical moments.

Crying is for wimps.


Sobbing is for Pros.

I sobbed like I was losing my nearest and dearest…I am relieved that all the shows are going on hiatus. I will need this summer to recover.

I know what you are thinking…I need a life.

But you are soooo wrong. This is my life. And it is draining


And I must be honest with you. I lied up there. At the very beginning.

I am NOT physically exhausted. Nope. I only spread 25 bags of mulch yesterday…I could have done more.

I should have done more.

But I was just so upset about losing both Dell and Robert in one day…I need time to grieve.

**Wink Wink**

23 thoughts on “**Drained**

  1. You poor, poor woman! Are you attending the services for either or both? :)I wondered how long it would be before Rob Lowe was off to new things. I'll keep an eye out for him for you.I need to have bags and bags of mulch delivered too…..but I don't spread it. I'm too drained….:)


  2. oh my gosh! i didn't even know you watched brothers & sisters and now i am spoiled! but that is okay… i think i'd rather know and get used to the idea. maybe now i won't sob quite as hard as you? i was so sure that julia was going to be back and she was going to die and then we could have tommy's baby. when am i gong to watch?! good luck geting the rest of the mulch spread…


  3. Darn it. I was hoping the 100 drunken sailors would have come over and you would take some pictures… I couldn't wait to see them.I mean Rob is ok and everything but a drunken sailor…now that is HOT! You are a gardening wizard. You spread 25 bags? WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWI am sorry for the loss of 2 of your dearest tv friends. XO


  4. Oh, I hate it when that happens. I am so glad I stopped watching both of those shows (just too busy but loved both of those guys). I would have been a drippy mess.


  5. I KNOW!!! I can NOT believe they killed off Dell!! What the hell!!The Robert thing, I'm not 100% sure he died. There just may be a plot twist in the season premier. And, can you believe they gave Uncle Saul HIV!?! I mean, come on, really?I was right there with you, my sister, SOBBING when Dell died. Snot-running-down-the-face-I-can't-breathe sobbing. 😦


  6. Will you be wearing black the rest of the summer during your season of mourning?? I get choked up watching Finding Nemo, so there ya go.Have fun with your mulch. Look at it this way..you'll be buff when you get it all spread! : )


  7. Rob Lowe is moving to a new show, so you may get your fix of him elsewhere. And I honestly didn't realize we were into finale season already. I'm so entrenched in the world of reality tv that I'm actually unaware of reality!25 bags of mulch done is A LOT!!! Pacing yourself is a good idea.


  8. I am not into any of these shows. Because normal tv? Whats that? Now if you had posted about team omie zoomie or Dora.. maybe even the most recent disney movie, i'd be able to relate..but these days, no sardine! *sigh* that may be even sadder then anything! lol!


  9. Hi There, I watched the season finale of House —and Dr. House actually became human for the last 2 minutes… Does that mean he'll be human next season??? Not on your life!!!! haSeason finales always leave big cliffhangers for us to think about during the summer. AND–most of the time, the person didn't really DIE or LEAVE or go to JAIL or whatever!!!! It may have been a dream!!!! SO–don't grieve too much. BUT–in the case of Rob Lowe, well–he's been on so many shows that he may be trying to set a new record!!!! haHave fun with that MULCH…Hugs,Betsy


  10. I'm sorry for all the emotional pain that was inflicted upon you. I'm actually impressed that you were able to spread 25 bags with that heavy cloud over you.


  11. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KILLED OFF DELL! Monday was the first time in a long time that I missed it. I'm going to have to get on the net and watch it. What's going to happen to his daughter???


  12. Woman, you are nuts! I have TWO bags of mulch sitting in the garage for a month now, I can't lift them in my wheelbarrow as they are too heavy – how the heck do you do it??*faints*Um, wanna come help with my gardening? That'll take your mind off TV 😀


  13. 25 bags sounds like a lot of work. So sorry about your TV disappointments. Maybe the sobbing was cathartic, to take your mind off of the next 75 bags…


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