Friday; Snakes and Imaginary Spiders.



What did I do this week?

Mulch mania. Missy McMulchesAlot.

80 bags down, 20 to go.

I did take one day off from mulch duties. Slacker McSlacksalot.

Remember a few weeks ago I declared that I would not mess with anymore rocks?

Well, I lied. Lucy McLiesalot.

I forgot there was a rock situation at the front of our house where I was doing some re-landscaping.

Guess how many snakes I encountered in said rocks? Guess.

A LOT. Turns out snakes like to hide in big rock beds.

Guess how many times I screamed?

None times.

Forizzle. But I did gasp a few times.  And I asked them to politely leave the area for a little while.

Guess how many times I screamed when I thought I had a big spider stuck to my glove but it turned out to be a funky piece of mulch.

Once.  And loUD!

I think my Mom in Atlanta may have heard that one.

I no likey spiders.

I will show photos of my landscaping beautification project next week. Right after Better Homes and Gardens is done with my post photo shoot interview.

*snicker snicker*

Speaking of snakes. Our Freddy The Freeloader is happy that summer is here…this is when he is allowed to leave the comforts of the playroom and head outside to the lanai. He oversees the outdoor kitchen. If you want to grill…you have to ask him first.

Freddy the Freeloader

He is always accommodating. And yes, he does stay in his cage for the most part. On occasion we (and by we, I mean the kids and Coach) will take him out for some exercise. Turns out he likes the pool and is a great floater. 

Please don’t mistake Freddie the Freeloader for a floatie noodle.

What makes you lose your marbles the quickest?

Snakes or imaginary Spiders??

Have a great weekend everyone.

Remember your Sunscreen and ditch the Funscreen!!!


27 thoughts on “Friday; Snakes and Imaginary Spiders.

  1. Anonymous

    Snakes give me the creeps! One year we had a dump truck load of mulch delivered. We got cheated……there were SNAKES in the mulch taking up valuable space!!!!!


  2. Snakes give me the willies big time! I just recently found a snake skin in our ivy patch and now I'm scared to death to root around in there to weed. Spiders don't bother me, but ants give me the creeps. Makes me itch all over just thinking about them…Have a great weekend!Anke


  3. Perhaps the snakes in the rock garden thought Freddie the Freeloader had a good thing and wanted you to adopt them as well.I don't know what we'll be doing over the weekend — it depends on the weather. But you have a great weekend!


  4. I just don't like snakes! So slithery and sneaky. Spiders: you can smack them and get rid of them. Don't like anything that doesn't have legs. You're very brave for having one in the house: I told my boys no reptiles or rodents in the house.I saw a piece of electrical tape on the floor behind the heat/air conditioning in the basement that I thought was a dead bat. Husband got a good laugh at my expense on that one!


  5. Somehow, I missed all of these posts, but I always look for you on my sidebar! A lot of catching up here! You've been a Busy Bee.I love your girl's glasses. LOVE THEM.100 bags of mulch? This is a goofy question, but why BAGS? Why not a dump truck load? That's how we do it up here (I'm NOT kidding). We order it by X number of yards.) But spreading it is just as much work, however it's delivered. Hats off to you! You must have rock-solid abs by now!SNAKES give me the worst case of the screaming-mimis. I don't love spiders, but snakes always always give me heart palpitations and a desire to scream at the top of my lungs. You are very brave to have one in your house, caged or not. This is a NO SNAKE ZONE. (BTW, Katie was totally unafraid of snakes, and would even pick them up. She didn't like spiders AT ALL). Do you think it's the legs/lack of legs? I wonder. Some psychologist needs to study this snake-spider fear question.I love your roses. Love all roses, but those are really sweet.Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Oh wow. The fact that you came across snakes when working on the rock beds made me SCREAM from all the way over here in Arizona. Did YOU hear ME?!I couldn't do it. I think you are Becky McBravealot. And spiders. Hate them. A lot.Have a wonderful weekend!!P.S. Surgery went fine for me – thanks for the well wishes!! 😀


  7. Spiders, without a doubt. Although I can now add big giant centipedes to the list…I managed to live 34 years and not know I was afraid of them, well, let me tell you…I am.


  8. You have really worked hard, Suz…. I can't wait to see your lanai and your yard…. Bet it's gorgeous–all of it. I am scared of most bugs –and of course, snakes. I remember when I lived in Florida and Texas—where they grow those horrible, flying Palmetta Bugs (which I call ROACHES)…. Yipes–those things scare the liver out of me, especially when they FLY.Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  9. Please ignore typos as I type this with my eyes closed b/c YOU HAVE A FRICKIN' PHOTO OF A SNAKE ON YOUR BLOG! You keep a giant king cobra as a PET? Are you INSANE? It will EAT you!! Strangle you, bite you, poison you while you sleep which I could NEVER do with such a mammoth king cobra in my house! one time there was a giant king cobra in my driveway (waddahyamean there aren't king cobras in Maryland?!) and it was acting all dead and squished and stuff but I still yelled holy hell until the Captain came and cleared it away – all 4 inches of it but really it was 10 feet long – and then I wouldn't go in my driveway for a week.Holy hell snakes in your garden. I'm rethinking moving to Florida. Too many king cobras.OH By the way, I'm slightly scared of snakes but spiders? Nah.


  10. i am absolutely deathly, phobically really really scared of worms and snakes and caterpillers. thats just me.i will take spiders anyday, although i dont like them. diane always saves their lives and puts them outside in a jar and sets them free… i step on 'em.hangs head in shame…cant wait to see your new pics of all your hard labored work.are you craving mcdonalds per chance? you lil hard working rock displacing spidey screamin busy mcbee mcsuz….c


  11. It's amazing to me that snakes don't make you scream anymore… clearly you see them Very Regularly….The thing that makes me FLIP more than anything is maggots. I absolutely LOSE IT when I encounter maggots (because, it's always unexpected…. you open the garbage can… and somehow flies have laid eggs on some partially uncovered piece of meat and it's a Maggot Party…). OMG… just the THOUGHT gives me the heebie jeebies.


  12. I didn't know snakes are fond of rock gardens. Darn, I just created one in my front yard where I've already seen several snakes. My biggest fear is a thousand legger. Not sure what the scientific name is but I'm guessing it should be LongLegsofGrossness.


  13. Snakes freak me the hell out! Um, so do spiders… Is it ok that I not come visit when the critters are out and about? :-DMiss Mulchalot! You go, girl! Flex those gardening biceps!


  14. Freddy's kinda cute. We had lots of pet snakes when my boys were young. I'm okay with snakes (nonpoisonous) and I don't mind spiders too much. But roaches… well, I'll scream over them any day.


  15. I can't say I fancy either really. But I really do hate big hard shelled beetles and cock roaches. We don't really have any big beasties and insects here in Northern England. Perhaps the only hi-light of our climate really. But- wow its hot at the moment. Phew……


  16. I was right there screaming with you when you screamed at your spider. I had one crawl all the way from my lower back to my upper back to under my neck… all with my screaming and flailing my arms around. i thought i was safe when i flung him off… turns out he was only stunned and now on my belly. i was wearing my swimming suit to i felt every little leg moving all over and i'm cringing thinking about it again. kinda makes me not want to do yard work today but it…must…get…done. we're not moving the sago palms yet but we are digging up our date palms that all got frost bite and bit the big one and we're replacing them with what i like to call the \”alien\” plants. i'll put up pictures when we're done so you might be able to enlighten me on the name of them… unless you don't know either!have fun mulching!


  17. SNAKES! SNAKES! I'm screaming over here!! (One time in college I had a boyfriend who had a 4 foot python who escaped. Well that python surprised me from a bookshelf and I about peed my pants (okay I did pee my pants) and I ran out of that house screaming like a wild woman. P.S. Can you please come to my cabin and help me w/ my mulch. I promise to feed you very well, give you wine and Scout will sit at your feet and adore you.


  18. I hate snakes, I hate spiders. I hate ants, flys and I especially hate Florida Love Bugs….but apparently they all love me because I will never get then off the front grill of my car.


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