Before AND After Landscaping Photos; And Then I Got Lost Thinking about Pet Bears.


My little landscape project that consumed days of my time.

Before. Which is actually AFTER, because some of the old plants were already ripped out. I should have taken a BEFORE-BEFORE photo. But I didn’t. So there.  IMG_0028 IMG_0027

It is impossible for me to be outside and NOT have Ozzie tracking my every move…he is a Ninja boxer.

Damn the ninjas.

After. Plants added: Pinwheel jasmine, asparagus ferns, and some more fiery red ixora.

IMG_1316 IMG_1314

And lets not forget the bags of eucalyptus mulch. (About 40 for this area.) IMG_1312_1

With all this eucalyptus, I am expecting Koala bears to move in any day now.

I heart Koalas.

But they really are not bears. They are marsupials. This is the kind of things I have learned since my kids pay attention in school.

I always thought they were bears. 

Only two things I know for sure.

Koala bears eat eucalyptus. And Panda bears eat bamboo.

ok, I know one more thing. I want one of each.

I take that back, I want 2 of each so they can have friends.   They can also pretend they have mirrors if I duplicate them.

I think they would make good pets.


Please note, all the rock areas…four different areas.

We know what rocks mean in our yard right?

Snake haven

Do you think snakes are afraid of Panda’s or Koalas???? Gosh, I hope so.

I am so glad to be done with this part of the yard.

I am almost done with all the yard work for this season…and just in time. My fingernails were begging for a break!!!!

I am not getting any ‘hand model’ job offers.

…that almost sounded dirty….like my fingernails.

Now I also wonder, is there a leash law for pandas and koalas’ ?

**Thinking, thinking, thinking….Please don’t call me today, I have so much research to do on this bear issue.


27 thoughts on “Before AND After Landscaping Photos; And Then I Got Lost Thinking about Pet Bears.

  1. Anonymous

    Should I send my little neighbor down to question you about your rock growing???? She would be looking hard for your bears just like she watches for my zebras!It looks very pretty and I know what hard, hot work it is. You should be proud of yourself and treat yourself to something ~ but not bears!


  2. Good Morning,Your new landscaping looks fabulous! You have really worked hard. You deserve a professional manicure…or maybe a trip to the day spa…when you are finished.Happy Anniversary to you two love birds. I know I'm a day late, but the wishes are just as sincere.Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie


  3. Wow, girl. That is some hard work, but it looks great! Love it! Thanks for pointing out the snake havens for me so when I come to visit I won't accidentally get nosey and find a snake. That would be so embarrassing to see me freaking out and running around screaming. So thanks for sharing. : )


  4. haha, glad I finally got here again..need to back track and see what else I missed :(Oh and remember, if you get two of each you'll have more of each…Love the yard work, now go pamper them hands.I'll get back here after work (o:


  5. oh my gosh. my jaw dropped. i'm showing B pictures tonight of your house because he's completely against mulch. and completely against pine straw. and completely against rocks. i went behind his back to get some mulch for my flower bed and now that we have WW4 remnants in our front yard, we might need some mulch and rocks to cover it up 😉 GREAT job!and if you get 2 koalas and pandas… i'll come see them. i'll even pay a small fee 😉


  6. You did a wonderful job on this project, even if it has been hard on your nails! I like the pictures of your finished project and look forward to pictures of your koala bears and pandas.


  7. When I saw the title of your post, I thought: \”Oh, goodie\”! You didn't disappoint! My mom found a book when they went to Australia called \”Koalas Aren't Bears\”, so I had a heads up on that!


  8. It looks great! Love the greenery – but not snake-havens. One question: if you know that rocks attract snakes, why do you have rocks in your garden? That would be a total NO-GO, for me. Or would they also be attracted to logs, stumps, garden art, etc.? Are they simply not preventable?*shudder* I have to stop thinking about snakes.


  9. Awesome job, hooooooo – I may have to hire you to come garden here for a few weeks… he he… :-DA good pair of garden gloves is a life saver for me, I never go out without them on my hands.Snakes can be fed to the ninjas, you know 😉


  10. You are too funny, Suz! You know, you can mosey on down to Build-a-Bear and get your a panda and koala. Then you can put them in your garden.Your yard looks fantastic!!!


  11. I think the Koala and Panda would be perfect fits for your garden – now we need names for them! Oh – and I'm waiting for you and the doggies – I have 30 bags of mulch and a blender of margaritas (and edible Nyla bones for the doggies.) Hurry!!


  12. Your Boxers just called me to say that they don't want NO Koalas nor Pandas… Okay??????? ha ha Your landscaping job is marvelous. You DONE GOOD–my little friend!!!!! I'm proud of you –even if you need a manicure now. Congrats… Hope the snakes say FAR away.Hugs,Betsy


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