Friday; A whole lotta buzzin’ going on and some public procreating.

I was piddling around the yard the other day and I could smell summer.

No, not chlorine, sunscreen or stinky dogs…I could smell our jasmine trees blooming.


As I got closer to the tree’s not only did the smell get stronger, but could feel the buzz of buzzing. The bee’s were having a big ol’ bee bash. And they did not care if I stood by and watched.


It pleased me to know they were doing their job…and having fun. IMG_1428

That is my cousin Joe-Bob avoiding eye contact with me. Rude.

I am thinking I need a macro lens…eventually.

But, this one is doing a pretty good job with my close-ups. (28mm-135)


And then, to my shock and amazement I caught these two gettin’ jiggy wit it.


Oh, my virginal eyes.

Did I just UP the rating of my blog?

Could it be any worse than the Nekkid zebra?

I think not.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Lets remember the real meaning of this holiday. A salute to those who have served our country…the real super-hero’s.

32 thoughts on “Friday; A whole lotta buzzin’ going on and some public procreating.

  1. I wouldn't be taking pix of the bees. I'd be going where they aren't.. but your pix are very pretty. And as for the lizards..*singing off key* love is in the air….


  2. You know what that last picture means, don't you????? You will just increase the population of your lizards around your house…. Hmmmmmm…. ha ha Love your Jasmine tree. We have one called the Confederate Jasmine –similar but very different. Ours doesn't bloom until June/July…. Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  3. bwahahahaha this post really WAS about the birds and the bees! poor lil geckos or lizzards- no privacy! your camera takes such good shots. i am glad you enjoy it.i wish i could smell the jasmine from here… is there such a thing as aromablogging? i want me some.enjoy your holiday…we opened our pool this week and took our first dip today- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i've been waiting SOOOOOOOOOOOO long.c


  4. You're doing fine without a macro lens. These are wonderful pictures. Our jasmine is still a couple of weeks away from blooming, but I enjoyed seeing yours. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Too funny, Sue, but then there's always something to chuckle about when I come over here. Man, you guys have been busy and everything looks beautiful!I looooooved all the pics from yester-year, below. Especially that wedding day photo…priceless AND adorable!!! Happy Anniversary. But you never told us whether or not you got the bronze do-dad for the hubby. Ha!Happy Memorial Day!Mary Lou


  6. Lizard Porn??? Wow…. you can see all KINDS of things on your blog!Hope y'all have had a great Mem Day weekend. We just got home from the beach a little bit ago. A good time was had by all. And yes, we did give the kids a little \”mini sermon\” on the importance of FREEDOM and the fact that many people have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our fine country!


  7. Hey Busy Babe, love to you and yours on this and every holiday. Love your bees and your buzzin' always. Thanks for your encouragement about my photos since we have been friends … it all has meant so much. I am busy working on what I'm showing at the Art Fest in historic uptown Watertown on June 12 !!! xoxo.


  8. Those photos are so clear that I can practically SMELL the jasmine blooming. It helped me to know what to look for, in case ours decide to bloom. They are not nearly as happy as yours are, that's for sure!You certainly did \”stalkerazzi\” those jiggy lizards – they are probably wishing they had decided instead to \”get a room.\”


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