Starting Life; Later.


A scene from our kitchen, last week: 

Upon rising and getting herself ready for an 8:15 dentist appt, sleepy Linds was being a bit whiny.

(Did you know teenagers love to sleep in the morning?)

Linds: Oh my gosh…why do we have to go so early? I can’t believe the dentist is even open this early. Whyyyy? 

Me: Well,  believe it or not, a lot of people are already at work, getting busy with life.

Linsd: Why? Whyyyy?

Me: Life is for living kid!

Linds: But why can’t we live later?


Meanwhile, at camp, she is up at 7:30am everyday. I suppose some things are worth getting up for. 

She has only been gone 3 days and I already miss my little whiner.