Reasons #230-240 why I love my new “baby”

The new Baby is such a fun family member.

Eight shots per second can really catch a lot of action…

and even some inaction.


I take it back…that smile, is not INACTION…it is an ACTION. Just ask her orthodonti$t. 

IMG_1697 IMG_1700

Watching a bad pitch pass by is a good thing.

I may have mentioned a few hundred times that 99 is my favorite number.  Let’s make that a gazillion times. Ok? Ok.


And now, for getting yourself home safely….  IMG_1733 IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1737 IMG_1738

Not LoLo’s most graceful moment, but it was nice to see that the Umpire was ACTUALLY watching this play.  That is not always the norm.

Did I tell you that she is playing for another coach this summer?????

It is odd for me too.

I thought the Coach was going to have the summer off.

*hopeful thinking*

Heck no…..Coach has been recruited to coach a younger team…and according to him, they are much easier to deal with.


Who said that?


16 year old girls are difficult? really? I did not get the memo.

As for this weekend, I did not do much aside from move my chair, umbrella and cooler from field to field and then back to the hotel.

I am exhausted and I still got too much sun. Again.  Dang that ball of fire in the sky.

 I hope you all had as a great weekend as we did.

Sorry for my lack of visiting…I have been a busy bee.  Catching up with you all soon.

Peace out.

Did you have fun this weekend?


20 thoughts on “Reasons #230-240 why I love my new “baby”

  1. Wow! Look at her go. She is fantastic! Way to go #99! Way to go! We had a great weekend. It was all I could do to push my little bug out the door this morning. You should have seen Kaish and Shoshi and Jonathon walking to the bus stop. Heads hung low, shoulders stooped…you know, like school was the WORST PLACE in the world to go. : ) Hurry up Summer! Hurry UP!


  2. I would NOT get that catcher angry. Ever. Love your new baby. Action shots are just wonderful. One question though: is it just a little awkward when you cross paths with your old baby now?


  3. AWESOME shots with that camera. She's looking GOOD.And what? Coach coaching someone else? Weekend was full of prom and then painting, planting, mulching, cleaning for graduation party. Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to have back-to-back parties? Duh.


  4. Those pictures are amazing! I have a friend whose son plays ball, and she gets some amazing shots with her camera, too.LOL at the idea that 16 year olds are difficult (girls OR boys!)!


  5. I love your action shots!! I was a bit nervous because that catcher has a pretty big rear-end, and well, anyway I feel your pain schlepping around from field to field in the heat.


  6. great shots! i was waiting for the ump to say… SAFE! looks like your weekend was full of the same old fun 🙂 mine was crazy. but crazy-good! can't wait to catch up!


  7. You are getting some great action shots with that new baby. But of course that smile is worth a million as well. Keep up the good work and keep sharing your pictures with us.


  8. You could get a real job –with your 'baby' — if you took pictures of all of the teams and their action shots. Seriously, I have a blog friend who does that. I don't know how much money she makes—but she takes great action pictures–just like you did…My son Mark used to coach Bay Lee's team (the older girls)… Now–he is coaching Brooke's team (younger one)… Don't know what he'll do once the girls grow up and are no longer playing… Does Linds not play softball??? I know she dances–so I assume that softball doesn't interest her. Have a great day with your 'baby'Hugs,Betsy


  9. I love that new baby, too! It's so cool to see all of the action shots. What a great athlete she is. You are such a good cheerleader. You are going to have to increase your SPF, though.Coach take the summer off? What would we call him? CoachOnSabbatical? I am looking forward to stories of the younger generation…are they REALLY easier than 16-year olds?


  10. wow is she gonna make a career out of it, suz? she is so darn cute. what does the lil one play? those weekends are the best weekends spent with the kids at sport events. i used to love that. well, i still do. just dont have anymore kids in sports to go watch. hopefully julian will start up. he's really good at the wii. emily n i are trying to work things out again, she reads my blog so i didnt wanna say nuttin there. her, me and julian went to see shrek 3 yesterday… it's a start. i love them so have SUCH a nice family, suz… you are blessed and i know you know that already but just had to your new baby…. is she crawling yet? lol…. she oughtta be with those great shots.take care..99 is the BEST number!


  11. Well, I am very glad she has the helmet to protect that million dollar smile! I wish my students could see her in action– here in China they think girls are too frail to play sports. Puh-leeze! She is awesome! Hope you had a good Memorial Weekend! I am jealous of your fireball in the sky!


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