~Dog Daze~


We have two boxers.

Did I ever tell you that?


Maybe I have posted a photo or two hundred. We adore them.


It’s not that we don’t like other dog breeds…but we have just fallen in love with the boxers.

They have a great disposition. {short hair} They think they are lap dogs. {short hair} The nibble on each other, but never hurt each other.  It is more of a naw naw naw. You can hand feed them cookies or ice, and they never ever give you teeth…very gentle in that respect. {short hair}


Sometimes I find myself perusing the local Boxer Rescue site, seeing how many more we can fit on the couch property.


Coach tells me he will build a shelter/boarding house out back. Then we can rescue a lot of them.  {But, he also jokes about building a chicken coop so we can have our own eggs.}


{Ozzie sleeps like this; eyes open, tongue hanging. Don’t you think he hit the doggie lotto when we adopted him? Yes, the powerball!}


When I was a kid we had a beagle mix named Trouble. From what I remember, he was sweet…and lived up to his name. There is a story about him eating an entire cooked Turkey, that he pulled off the counter.


Coach always had Labradors growing up. Labs are sweet and some of them like to eat unusual things, like furniture and drywall.

Cocoa has only eaten plastic water bottles. Of course, we did not realize she was ingesting them until she had TWO emergency surgeries within a two week range. Hence my loathing of plastic water bottles. They are bad for the environment and for Cocoa.   

I already have names picked out for my next two boxers: Comehere and GoLayDown.

Do you have a favorite dog breed?

24 thoughts on “~Dog Daze~

  1. Your dogs are so beautiful! We had a (supposedly) full-blooded pit, but everybody thought she was a boxer. One of these days I'm going to figure out the scanner and post some pictures of her. We've always had pits/pit mixes…wonderful dogs…if you treat them right. Mine were all big babies. And, even though new people coming to the house didn't realize it, they would lick you to death instead of bite. It's all in how you treat 'em!


  2. Anonymous

    Good Morning, Ozzie and Cocoa have the sweetest faces! They are so lucky to be loved so much. I've never been around boxers are labradors. I've known chihuahuas, retrievers and of course, doxies all of which seem pretty sweet. I'm a sucker for any animal – dog or cat and I try desperately to stay away from adoption days at the shelter! (I do have a few names on standby though!)


  3. I sleep just like Ozzie – scary!Love your future dog names.My fave dog breed is cairn terrier. My hubby loves those dogs with the blue eyes (?). If we ever got 2 dogs, we would name them Guiness & Bailey. But for now we're focusing on the babies and just drinking the dog names 😉


  4. big dogs scare me. i have kids so i don't have dogs. there is a scene from 'shrek the halls' where the cat says ok i will assume the position and the kids start in on pulling his tails and ears, those kids were portrayed as ogres, they were really my kids. they will love and hug and squeeze you to death. no animals until they are older.my favorite bred is border collie and beagles they are too cute and very smart


  5. I'm with Mary – pits are awesome! My brother rescued one about 6 months ago, and the entire family is in love with him. It's ALL in how they're trained and treated.I adore huskies, and believe it or not, Buster is 1/2 husky, even though he looks more like a golden. His mom was black as night, with a white mask. I also really like goldens, labs, shepards, um…apparently most big dogs. I can not STAND little lap dogs, though. Argh!! They annoy the bejeezes out of me!!!


  6. Your doggies are one (or two) of my favorite things about your blog! They are too darn cute and funny. I love how they are always in a part of your pictures..even if you didnt mean to! They just always sneak in!


  7. We are lab lovers. We lost our 14 year old yellow lab, Gus, last August. Our 5 year old yellow lab, Jake, went through terrible depression. Lost his hair, itched all the time. We treated him for food allergies, bought $75 dog food. Quit feeding him snacks, and nothing helped. He finally got over it, but now he is soooo spoiled. Guess we need to get another one to keep him company!


  8. You are making me want a boxer now! I think it would make Scout very happy! Your dogs are definitely living the life of luxury! I've gotta make sure that Scout doesn't see this and start demanding that her 80 pound butt sit on the couch w/ me! We had labs growing up and they ate the drywall too! I love the Bernese Mountain Dog of course but other breeds get my love and attention too. I've been obsessing about the Anatolian shepherd and the Australian Shepherd. Next week I'll be obsessing on those boxers…


  9. First, I must say, I'm a CAT PERSON. But if I must choose a dog breed as a favorite, then…I can't. I have fallen for a boxer (Rosie), Boston Terrier (Lilly), golden retrievers (Wrigley & Louie), corgi (Beamer), Yorkies (Bev), Golden Lab (Sam), and so on. Call me fickle – there are just so many great dogs out there! But I AM a cat person.


  10. My husband always wanted boxers but they were hard to find at the time. We had a yellow lab mix and then a beagle mix. The beagle mix kinda made me crazy because she was ruled by what she smelled and would pull the kids SO hard!I love when I see floppy eared boxers like the one you have! I think you have one of each, a flopsy and a clipped though.


  11. Oh my gosh I had the biggest smile across my face the entire time I was reading the post! I loooooove both of them! And I love their short hair. And the way their whole body folds in half when they get excited. And the way they never ever bite down completely. And how many kisses they give. I love boxers, yours and mine.And I often look at the boxer rescue site as well! too weird!


  12. He he, only you would think of such practical names :-DCoach should definitely get on the chicken coop work. *pokes coach*Favorite breed… dunno. I thought to like french mastiffs but short-snouted breeds are just the pits. They can't breathe properly, it's not normal. And oh, the stink… or maybe this dog just has bad B.O. And the short hairs stab the soles of my feet and lodge in there like splinters – ouch!I guess my favorite breed would be chickens then. LOL!!ps: your babies are specially adorable, though. puppy? LOVE!


  13. Your dogs are gorgeous. But I have to admit I am generally pretty leery of other peoples dogs. My favorite is the Airedale terrier, we've had two. That really is the only big dog I like, and will love all over one no matter who it belongs to; as long as I have permission. For now my favorites are my to evil chihuahuas and the Amy dog. 😀


  14. We had Springer Spaniels in the past and thought they were terrific. Now we have two Golden Retrievers and think they are terrific. I have no doubt that if we had two Boxers…yeah, we'd think they were terrific as well.


  15. How do Cocoa and Ozzie feel about having new brothers/sisters? Aren't they afraid they will get less attention?When I was growing up we had a Spitz that was a great dog. When my kids were small we had a Brittany Spaniel the kids adored.


  16. We are a beagle family now, but are thinking of maybe going bulldog on the next go-round. I'm not a fan of dogs you have to walk–when I walk I like to be by myself. Bulldogs are supposed to be just that speed.My number one criteria is the same as yours (short hair)!


  17. Hi Suz, I had a cocker spaniel for over 15 yrs. and loved her… BUT–I wouldn't get another long-haired dog. I also do not EVER want a 'barker'. There's nothing more irritating than hearing someone little yappy dog barking nearby…. SO irritating!!!I'm not sure that George and I will ever get a pet. We travel so much –and fences are not allowed in our community. Dogs can only be outside on leashes… I just don't think that is fair to a dog. IF I were alone, I'm sure I'd have a dog–as a companion. Here again, I don't want one of the 'yappy' ones!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  18. tHiS iS a rAnSoM nOtE….GiVe mE tHoSe 2 bOxErS wiThiN oNe wEEk oR i wiLL tHrOw wEEdS iN yOuR pOoL aNd mEsS uP yOuR rOckS.dOnT mAkE mE dO thAt. i LiVe fAr fAr aWaY.[i WiLL tAkE vErY gOOd cArE oF tHeM.]bUt i aM seRiOuS- hAnD tHeM oVeR….


  19. I love Australian Sheep Dogs. I used to work with a few at the dog shelter, they were so sweet and beautiful. Alas, I am allergic to animals, so I can't have a pet. This breaks my heart many times over.


  20. Your canine babies are beautiful and VERY well loved!You remember my Irish Setter growing up, don't you? (Murphee?) Sweet dog. But in my adult life, Hubster and I have had Labs… and have endured the requisite destruction that comes along with them. They're great dogs… loving, loyal, protective… but DANG they like to destroy. Just be prepared. Dogs are great. I'm immediately suspicious of people who dislike dogs.


  21. C's ransom note is hilarious! LOVE it! (btw: you know, being the Insurance Nerd I am, I can get you a good deal on \”Kidnap & Ransom\” insurance… and yes, there IS such a thing!)


  22. Airedales and Welsh Terriers of course!! Neither shed and they are crackers, like me!!The pic of Ozzie sleeping is soooo funny. That would kinda scare me. I'd want to at least close his eyes. I was always afraid of boxers since I was 3. One \”treed\” me while visiting my Aunt Terry. Only came to trust them later on in life.


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