Not Knowing the Boundaries Of Our Country.



Friday. Yipee. Our last Friday for the school year!!!

Does anyone have any big travel plans for the summer?

Share. Please.

Me? I want to go to Costa Rica. Badly. Coach and I went in 2005 and loved it…I want to share it with my girls before they go off and leave me forever


It won’t happen this summer, so I thought to myself, perhaps NEXT summer? Then I remembered I made a promise many years ago, that I will have to fulfill next summer.

I told both the girls that when each of them graduated, we would take them on a trip to Europe.

Yeah, What was I thinking?

What do you think the chances are that they will realize Costa Rica is not located in Europe?   

I will answer that. I think my chances are pretty good. For example: 

A few days ago Linds suggested we go to Key West this Summer… and then asked me if we needed passports to go there.

I then reminded her Key West was in the same state that she lives in. The State of confusion.

I love my globe challenged family.


Wishing you all a relaxing weekend doing something that you love with somebody that you at least like.

Finish this Sentence:

If I could go anywhere this summer I would go to: ___________.

Happy Friday my Peeps.

Bee someone special, no matter where you are.

30 thoughts on “Not Knowing the Boundaries Of Our Country.

  1. Oh my gosh. Your little blondies are just as funny (and bright) as can be! A passport for Key West. Brilliant. I think you can totally say Costa Rico is in Europe. She will never find out!


  2. You know where I would go? A HOTEL. I'm just so tired of camping – having gone once this summer.When you go to Costa Rica (which I'm pretty sure is in southern Europe) take lots of notes for me because I just made a similar promise and am sincerely hoping my daughter has a pitiful memory.


  3. Tofino, Vancouver Island, B.C. – and I'm going to do it.You will love, love, LOVE taking them to Europe – you will create some of the best memories together! If you need any ideas about where to go or stay, or eat, please email me – it's not too early to start planning now! Have a great weekend yourself.


  4. Anonymous

    Cute, fun pictures of you and Coach! I hope wherever you four go that you have a blast. I would like to go to a spa and have my long, stiff neck massaged until my head spins freely!!!!! Enjoy the weekend.


  5. I'm easy. I would go straight to my hammock on my deck, under a shady umbrella, with the stack of books that I keep adding to every summer vacation [it keeps growing cuz I never get a chance to read them. 😦 ] A lovely little margarita wouldn't hurt, either. 😉


  6. Suz – I think you may be able to put one over on your daughters! LOL! I'm sure any vacation as a family will be lots of fun and there will be no objections from them! By the way, Costa Rica is on the top of my hubby's list to visit, and his next place is Belize. Mine right now is Italy, then you in Florida (ha!) and then maybe Costa Rica….


  7. africa :)i hear that key west is kind of another world… i can understand why she thinks she might need a passport! but i bet you can talk lo into costa rica after graduation (eek!)


  8. Costa Rica – Im in – pick me!!! I think COnnor would love it there! He may not want to come back – then probably because who would cook for him and do his laundry (its no Dude Ranch). Me Im off to Mich and drive to SC with my girlfriend. Then off to Bimini for a long weekend. Im looking for a good book – do you have a suggestion? Kel


  9. That is too cute. Sheesh, someday, maybe we WILL need passports to travel in the U.S. *sadness*But on a happier note, I have always heard good things about Costa Rica and your pictures remind me….I must go there before I die. I am traveling to the U.S. this summer, the best spot ever! (Ok, right now, I might be biased.) Have a great weekend!


  10. Life is never dull in the State of Confusion!if we could go anywhere this summer it would be Alaska. We've always wanted to take a cruise there. Have a great weekend.


  11. If I could go anywhere this summer I would go to: ___________:Anywhere but blank? LOLSeriously, if we could find a great place to board the dogs, someone to take care of the chickens and mow the acres for a week… I'd North Carolina, to go see what it's like… before possibly moving there in a few years.What? I'm practical :-DYour family stories always make me laugh and warm my heart – it's almost like you guys ARE my family sometimes! :0)


  12. I thought your post was going to be about all of the illegals taking over our country…. ha ha .. I keep thinking that it would be nice to be an illegal.. They get all of the perks and advantages of our country FREE…. haGeorge and I have talked about going to Alaska–but instead of this summer, it will be next summer. Our 10th anniversary is next summer–so that is where we really want to go.Have a great weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  13. suz, i havent been on a vacation in so long [like over 10 years and then it was just to go visit my sister] so i would gladly go anywhere. key west sounds wonderful. i have always wanted to go there. your girls are so lucky, suz…. i wish i would of had parents like you and coach. not for any other reason than you are both so nice.c


  14. I'd go to Cape Cod to join the grandkids on their family vacation. Let's see, do I need a passport to go to Massachusetts? It seems kind of foreign to a Utahn.Love \”state of confusion.\” Sometimes I think I live there, too.


  15. Scotland or Norway. (that's how I finish the sentence)Several different friends are regular Costa Rica visitors and they all seem to love it…If enough folks from here go, it's charm will be ruined I'm sure.That has happened with many cool spots in Mexico. Jen's \”we for one\” has me laughing!!


  16. Do you want to know what I think? NO? Well, I think you and Coach should sign up to go on The Amazing Race! You look so cute on that zip line, and Coach seems like the type of guy who wouldn't mind eating bugs and stuff.


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