My *Short* Career ‘Under The Big Top’


My friend Mildred wrote recently about a large tree located at her childhood home. She mentioned how her Dad made a swing for her and she spent countless hours on that swing watching the clouds take on shapes.

Isn’t that a dreamy sight to imagine? Nothing to do, but watch the clouds? 

*taking a few minutes to daydream*

Ok, I am back.

Mildred’s post made me think of the large tree in the backyard of my childhood home.  It was a great climbing tree, which also meant it was a good ‘falling out of’ tree as well.

I recall one specific day (after recently visiting the circus) that my brother thought I would make a great trapeze artist.

scan0003 (2)

It made sense to me too. After all, I was small, bendy and easily persuaded.

I recall the rope in the tree and Mark hoisting me up; my string bean arms reaching out to it.

I held on to the short end of the rope, while Mark had the long end…and he began to spin me.


I spun in a circle one time, lost my grip and proceeded to land on the large roots at the base of the tree.

I immediately had bright red blood bruises up and down a thigh.  


My trapeze career was short lived.

I am thankful I stood my ground and I did not try this as Mark had  originally planned, with me holding the rope by my teeth.  

You can see that HE was the adventurous one in the family, as long as the adventures involved ME.   


*I found an ariel view of our old house on Google earth..and that big ol’ tree is still there!*


Trapeze photo borrowed from:

22 thoughts on “My *Short* Career ‘Under The Big Top’

  1. one time my cousin and i made 'wings' out of paper and sticks we were going to fly off the roof of the house, i ended up going one step down to the shed, it was still about 5 feet off the ground or so. i jumped, skinned my knee and didn't fly. he broke his leg…oops, kids what can you say!! i thought he was the lucky one cause he got a cool cast to write on and all i got was a dumb old scab


  2. Aren't older siblings \”helpful?\” Especially at mixing it up, when things become too quiet at home.I'm glad you survived that circus event – and you even gained wisdom from it. BTW, you were the cutest little, tiny girl! Adorable, then & now.


  3. My brother was exactly the same, always thinking of some adventure for ME to try first. Love those memories of our own climbing tree. I'm going to search to see if it's still there. Thanks for the idea.


  4. Oh Well—–Sorry the career under the Big Top was short-lived, Suz… Glad you weren't hurt though when you fell… Bet that is not the only time you got bruises I'll bet when playing with Mark!!!!!! What else did he convince you to do while you two were growing up??????????? Bet this one will make you THINK…. haHugs,Betsy


  5. Anonymous

    Older brothers are good at these adventure ideas, aren't they? I'm sure glad you still have all your teeth! That is such a sweet photo of you two. I'm just wondering what your brother had in the bag…..a frog sandwich perhaps???


  6. Ah! Big brothers just express their love, er, differently! LOL!Seriously though, that is one CUTE photo- stole my heart! Not the trapeze one – sheesh. That just scares me. Heights, brrrr!I love big magestic trees…


  7. oh my it IS a good thing you didnt hang by your teeth or you might be living with caps today!!!!!your silly brother….sounds like it was fun, though..c


  8. You were such a cutie patootie Suz – but I can see you were full of the dickens even at a young age! Glad you didn't break any body parts on your short lived circus trapeze act! (I did jump w/ a sheet off our garage roof. Got skinned knees and grounded by my mother for a week who said that was the closest I came to giving her a heart attack!)


  9. Holy cow! I can see the whole scenario now. Sweet little Suz dutifully following big brother's instructions. Ahhh the blissfull thoughts of flying through the air! Oh well…at least you won't regret not giving it a try!!hehe.


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