Friday; Things Look *a bit* Rosy.

I hope this day finds you all to be in good shape.

I have not been feeling well this week. Ughhhh. But I will live.

My family has had to pick up my slack. And they came through.

LoLo has picked Linds up after school each day this week, very nice.  Having another driver in the house is just peachy.

(no comment on the extra gas and insurance)

My MIL took to Linds to school two mornings for me and one of those mornings she brought me fresh cut roses from her yard. Aren’t they gorgeous?

IMG_1872I have to brag and let you in on the fact that I gave them this rose bush years ago…and it produces the most perfect deep apricot colored roses!!!

Something so simple as a few cut roses, just lifted my spirits. Funny how it is so easy to make someone’s day.

Speaking of roses…one of my little busy bee roses is doing very well:


They make me smile.  : )


LoLo starts a summer gig as a baby sitter tomorrow. She will be in charge of a 10 year old and a 6 year old. She is so excited, as am I.  It will keep her occupied and give her some $moolah$ too. It looks like she may have another part time job as well.

Busy kids are good.

Question for anyone with younger children; what do babysitters earn per hour these days? I always paid 10.00 per hour when the girls were younger…but maybe I was overpaying.

I always seem to overpay somewhere.


I did something really crazy and reckless this week;  I sent my girls to Target  Talk about living on the edge!


Ok, maybe not crazy or reckless, they have never given me a reason to not trust them.

They actually came home with less than they went there for. Which never EVER happens to me.


Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Bee healthy!

Bee Rosy!

30 thoughts on “Friday; Things Look *a bit* Rosy.

  1. i wondered if you were okay… but i wish you had called me and told me you were NOT! i wold've brought you some chicken noodle… tacos? yeah. i don't know how to make soup 🙂 yay! for lo! 2 summer jobs? wow! laura is working 3 weeks at the horse place… and volunteering one week. and then… nothing but FUN! hang in there. and seriously, if you need tacos or quesdillas or… cake, let me know 🙂 love you!


  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well Suzanne. Your MIL's roses are such a pretty color and I love the Busy Bee roses ~ so sweet! Your daughters are the best. I wish LoLo all the best with her babysitting job. Hope all of you have a good weekend and hope you feel better real soon.


  3. Good Morning,I am sorry to hear you have not been well this week. I hope it is just a pesty bug and will be gone soon and that it is not serious.Yes, I loved when Amy started to drive her sister around…and then Emily started to drive too…and I never went anywhere…so sad…I'm home for overnight. I actually have my wireless so I can visit my favorite blogs this morning.Take care ~Nataliep.s. I love Target too!


  4. awwwww i hope you feel better A.S.A.P.can i make you some chickie noodle soup?i would ya know. and hand deliver it to your front door.if you lived next door… heeheei just adore those deeply peachly colored roses you gave your MIL. i could almost SMELL them from here…i think 10 bucks an hour is reasonable for sitting for 2 kiddies. add 5 more per hour for additional kiddies.i think you OVER paid back in the day… but thats just you, always being have a good weekend and feel better please!!!c


  5. Less than they went there for? Get out of the city! GET OUT OF THE STATE! That is craziness. They have a gift, those girls!I just knew something was the matter. I could tell by the lack of your profound and witty posts… You poor thing.The roses cheered me right up.I am an overpayer too! I think it is WAY better to be an overpayer than an underpayer!$10 an hour for Kaish is what I pay. Now that he is so big he hates babysitters : ( Why is he growing so much. I can NOT take this.I hope you feel better soon!Much love and many kisses! Becky Bee


  6. I'm sorry you aren't feeling so hot. Hope you feel better soon. Also hope school is out soon. Mercy sakes alive! This is our second week out, although some others around here have only been out one. Sending hugs your way! : )


  7. $10/hour is the going rate here whether it's one or 1700 kids.The roses are lovely! What a good family you have to not collapse when you're sick. And the Target thing is a problem. They'll need to get over that \”bringing home less than they went for\” problem immediately.Feel better, sweetie. Really. Really.


  8. Hope you're feeling better. The roses are beautiful.Great that your daughter has a job, maybe two! I don't know about the going rate for babysitters — it's been way too long since I needed one.


  9. Hi Suz, Sorry you have not been feeling well… That's just NO fun. Glad you family has pitched in and helped. Hope you feel better over the weekend… Take care of YOU.Glad Lo has a couple of Summer jobs. I am one who totally believes in teens working and making their own money. That's how they learn!!!Hugs,Betsy


  10. So sorry you aren't feeling well. What's up with people getting sick in Summer?Those roses are beautiful, and so are yours on the bush.As far as what babysitters make/charge, if it's a full time stint it should probably be a weekly rate with lots of snack food. She should also charge extra if the parents come home late. People are good at milking it and stopping off for shopping or happy hour if it's a flat rate. I'd check the local paper or employment agency for domestic help to see what the rate should be.


  11. Hope you're feel better Suz! Maybe you better come up to Michigan and breathe some fresh northern air and get some puppy love from Scout! Those roses are beautiful! And $10/hour for babysitting is a fab rate! We pay my nephew $8…..uh oh, maybe we're cheaping out on him!


  12. Rose so lovely! Sorry you're under the weather but glad you're back.$10 now seems about right. You don't want to know how much I paid in Spain in the 90's – it was more than $10 and double after midnight….and don't you love teen drivers? Except when they crash your car twice in 6 months? Yeah, about that….


  13. Anonymous

    oh, i'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. so glad you have your family to help.those roses are just perfection, bee-autiful!aaah yes, target, i always spend way more that i need to in that store. i love my target.get well soon!


  14. I'm glad to hear that roses help you feel better and I hope you are soon feeling back to normal.It was nice of your girls to be so kind to you at Target's. I think they are both keepers, but then you already know that.


  15. Sending the little Sickie Bee {{hugs}}. Hope you are recuperating now. Isn't it great to have women/young ladies around to care for/about you? Whaaaaa I miss my Jessica.(When I had my cancer surgery in 2002 she flew home from college,Seattle to Phoenix,for 6 weekends in a row to be with me.)Did Target allow the girls to use your c/c?? I'm amazed.


  16. I will pop over to visit you and visit the mall ( with your credit card). You can trust me with it too- really. Honestly. We can't do that letting other folk use our card over here- its a hanging offence!! ( well – nearly!)


  17. Are you beginning to feel better? I sure hope so!When I was babysitting, I earned fifty cents an hour…there is something sooooooooo wrong about that!I pay $15/hr for babysitters for Mom. These are not aides, just people to be in the house with her in case something goes wrong when we aren't here.I recently heard someone else say $12/hr.


  18. Wow, I am impressed with your girls' Target shopping ability. Can they teach a class in that? I always spend about $50 more than I expected. At least! Those roses are so beautiful, they are cheering me up just looking at them. Sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather, hope you're feeling better now.


  19. I hope you are feeling better today. Being sick is no fun. If you lived closer I would make some of that Comforting Chicken Soup for you and your peeps.It's awesome that everyone is rallying to help. You've done a wonderful job with those sweet daughters of yours. And the roses! Mmmm. Hugs to you & lots of get-well-wishes!


  20. Awe, I didn't know you were under the weather… (( warm hugs )) and good canadian medicinal doggy kisses headed your way!The roses are amazing. Ah-mazing.I can almost smell them from here 🙂


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