Too much *Down Time* can turn your brain to mush.


Still on the mend….

On Friday, I watched about six hours of “Say Yes To the Dress”. In.A.Row.

Saturday I watched 4 episodes of “Girl Meets Gown.” Then I topped it off with a few “My Fair wedding with David Tutera”

Sunday I watched Bridezillas. I won’t divulge how many episodes. (BTW: there are some crazy, narcissistic and mean women out there)

I am on wedding overload.

Ok, who is getting married??? I need to put all my plans in place.

I promise I won’t take over.

Ok, I will totally take over, but you knew that.


I have also watched way too much HGTV.

I am ready to redo most of the house. From my bed.

I really want to redo our dining room.


I love the table. I love the buffet. I like the china cabinet.

I hate the chairs. They are too big for me. I feel like Goldilocks in them…though I never find the one that is just right…they are all too big.

And couldn’t I stain the pine cabinet, replace the glass top on the table and and and and…..

I might just do that…

when I get out of bed.

Look at that, I just noticed how far my feet are from the floor.


I had a dream this weekend that I went into our garage and found a few shopping carts.

I suppose we stole them? Really, we don’t steal.

They were this old fashioned kind of cart:

269898603_27936eb2d0 images

Remember those?

This type of cart was poorly designed. It only held a little bit of groceries on the top. I suppose the large bottom area is to hold….what?

A small rhinoceros?  I know my girls liked to sit on the bottom. Silly.

Speaking of carts, don’t you hate it when you go to pull one at the store and it is full of garbage?

Who leaves garbage in the cart? YOU? YOU?

And why does the store NOT clean this up?

Don’t get me started.


I was at the drycleaner recently and spied one of these carts.3823406936_0bcd483872

I was T H I S close to asking where I could purchase one…I could use this in my house.

Our laundry room is a jaunt from the bedrooms.

Plus, it would be fun to put the cats in it for a RIDE.  MeeEEeeeOOOooooowwwwww.

It also reminds me of my days hanging out at the laundry mat. Oh, the people you see at the laundry mat….

Don’t get me started.

Shortly after the funky stolen cart episode, I dreamt about big moist brownies, just chock full of almonds.


All that wedding planning, dining room redoing, laundry and shopping has wet my appetite.

So, who else is craving a brownie?

Happy Monday.

Photos from Flickr Creative commons; except for Brownie: CookieMaddness.Net


26 thoughts on “Too much *Down Time* can turn your brain to mush.

  1. Well Greg and I are thinking about renewing our vows and having a party this fall for our 5 year wedding anniversary – so you can take over that if you like! Are Coco and Ozzie available as ring bearers?


  2. I never thought before about having a laundromat laundry cart at home, but now that you mention it, that is simply brilliant! I wonder why you can't buy them at Target?? Now I want one. Back in the day, I watched Fashion Television on VH1 for 8 hours straight. In my pajamas. On a weekend. It was glorious. Ain't no shame!


  3. Hope you feel better soon. I can't think of much worse than hours upon hours of reality tv. Praying you're up an at'em real soon. Looking forward to the redecorated dining room! ; )


  4. Anonymous

    I'm addicted to HGTV too and I would gladly help you with Brownies loaded with almonds! Sorry you are under the weather. Take care and feel better soon.


  5. after all these year i think today is the day… you are really losing it. nope. wait. i think you have lost it. yes… lost your mind! your cats would attack you if you put them in that cart! anyway, i loved travelling the journey in your mind… silly city 🙂 hope you are really better soon.


  6. I am dealing with a bride right now that DROVE ME CRAZY. And when I say Crazy I mean, crazy, crazy, crazy, CRAZY! I am so stressed. I can't even look at a show with a bride on it or I hypervenilate. I am so crazy I am not even going to change the spelling on that even though it is wrong.Eat a brownie.


  7. Oh Suz thank you for the morning smile. 🙂 In all my down time of being on the mend, I can relate all too well. And you ae right, all those tv shows can turn our brains to mush…:)…and yes, there are a lot of mean brides out there…:) I loved people watching at the laundry mat although I am thankful that I no longer have to spend my time in that way…and I have always wanted one of those carts too..would sure be helpful for lots of things but I could picture my little's pushing one another down the street in it…\”)thus creating even more chaos than already exists at my house. :)I don't really know how much babysitters are getting paid these days…on the rare occasion that I have had one, I always over pay so that they will come back. \”)I really hope that you will be back feeling good very soon. ((((Suz))) Take care & hope that you find something good to entertain you today. 🙂 Sending love and hugs your way…Lori


  8. I love how you can pull together several random topics and make sense of your blog posts…plus you always make me smile.Yes, both you and I will have the opportunity to be the mother of the bride…maybe twice each…we can hope?! I'm sure I will have to remind myself several times that it is their wedding and let them plan it their way!I hope you are feeling better. And, my cats love a ride in the laundry basket…so I'm sure the cart would be even better!Have a creative Monday ~Natalie


  9. I'll take my brownie with a scoop of ice cream please! I also want one of those laundry room carts. I know exactly what you mean about the people in laundromats….they give the people at walmart a run for their money.


  10. Well I am craving a browine and quite possibly some of the meds you are on? Would never have thought to take my pets for a ride in a laundry basket. lol Hope you feel better soon!


  11. Oh! now I have shopping cart brownie fever (minus the toxic nuts, LOL)! :-DI don't remember ever seeing those types of carts, not sure they made it to canada? Or maybe they were the Costco prototypes? LOLYou need to rest, you… I'll sip a hot tea in your honor 🙂


  12. oh, poor lady!!! Gosh! Feel better :)My theory on those carts, as we have 2 dogs and 2 cats: the lower part was for the 25 pound bags of dog chow, 10 pounds of cat chow and 40 pounds of cat litter I buy every couple of weeks 🙂 of course, a much SMALLER space also holds all that!


  13. As hot as it is up here a big scoop of ice cream would go great on that brownie. I would think your dreams would leave you exhausted in the mornings. I hope you are soon feeling better so you can get started on the dining room re-do. I look forward to seeing the pictures.


  14. Hello Girlie, I can tell you the truth that I've had WAY too much Down Time this past month…. Not being able to walk has really got me down. I've sat WAY too long —and even though I don't watch the same shows you do, I have seen WAY too many Law and Orders this month. I have solved more murders than you can imagine. Talk about the brain turning to mush!!!! ha SO–when you complain about having too much 'down time'—just remember that it hasn't lasted for over a month…. Just get well and be thankful you can walk… (I am getting better—but this 'down time' is darn hard… ha ha)Hugs,Betsy


  15. the BEST part about taking to your bed is OD'ing on reality TV. I can't get enough of it and relish the chance. I just hope you are being looked after by your peeps and if not I will come down there and take care of you.It's not a problem :-))


  16. Suz, maybe you should renew your vows! If I ever meet someone, I'll call you for advice! Bridezilla is one show I simply can not watch, I want to punch most of those girls in the face…ugh!


  17. Oh my, I can't wait for the days to watch tv in bed all day!! When will these littles grow up?? Ha, then I will be complaining that they grew up too fast. Women…we can never be pleased 🙂


  18. awww honey! what is going on with you that you are still sick and in bed???????????? i'm starting to worry now.are you ok?being that i have been \”off work\” since november 11, 2009… i know how it is to watch oodles of shows… for me it was little people, and jon n kate + 8. jus couldnt get enough of them. househunters was up there too, along with cooking and travel channel stuff oh and most i will be crotcheting a baby blanket for my niece who's due in november.take care and please feel better….hugs,c


  19. I'd like to see the wedding you are planning in your mind. I know that there is such a (paid) job, but those wedding planners have to deal with bridezillas for real, and not just on TV. *shudder* I'm thinking, \”Not worth it.\”As for reorganizing your dining room…it's fun to do, and free, when it's all in your head. I often re-do houses in my head.


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