Speaking of Tree’s…


Two posts in two weeks about trees, heck you would think I was a tree hugger.

tree hugger


Coach’s Mom and step dad have a sweet house at Lake Okeechobee. They have a very large oak tree that drops lots of seeds which then shoot up as lil’ baby trees.

Years ago, shortly after we moved into our home, they gave us 8 baby trees. They could not have been more than 12” tall at the time.

We planted them all. It wasn’t even arbor day!

One of them shot up much faster than the others and is now our very favorite tree.


The tree. approx 12 years old.

(is that a flying boxer under our tree?)


It is home to numerous bird nests.


Here is the “big” tree in background with one of it’s siblings in front. See the size difference? Is there such a thing as tree steroids? If so, this tree is juiced up. 


Perhaps one day, both of these trees will have swings…I imagine children enjoying countless hours of cloud watching; daydreaming.

Daydreaming; it does a soul good.

28 thoughts on “Speaking of Tree’s…

  1. I can't believe those are sibling trees. That one is positively gigantic in comparison. I love that you planted every one of those trees. You're a darling treehugger, by the way!


  2. Anonymous

    What a beautiful tree. It must know how badly you want to suspend a swing from its branches. Your dog looks like it is playing leap frog!!!!! Hope you have a good day.


  3. Wow that tree hit the jackpot on the good soil obviously. Are you sure its the same variety. Its a good size for 12 years. Nothing wrong with being a tree hugger. At least it can't get away!


  4. I've invested years in daydreaming. And no one could even tell unless they look at my messy house, lackluster career, and chubby midriff.I just pulled about a dozen Maple trees up from my shrubs and THREW THEM AWAY. Now I feel guilty 😦 They got no hugs from me before I tossed them. I'm sorry!!


  5. that is really cool… that your trees came from their trees! true family trees 🙂 i'm not talking about those kids who are going to swing on your swings… cuz you know they will be grandkids. nope. don't wanna talk about it.


  6. Oh how neat, Suz… I love big shade trees also. That one is doing GREAT… Amazing how different two trees can be from the other. YES—someday–you can put a huge swing under that Oak tree, not for kids but for you—and ME…. haHow are you feelng? Better I hope… Hugs,Betsy


  7. One of my favorite things to do on my road trip to Florida was reading the names of all the lakes and rivers on the road signs. I think its mandatory that they all have eight syllables in their indianish names.Your a tree hugger? You cudda fooled me…NOT!


  8. Très beautiful, BB! And wow, the size difference is amazing to see… do all the transplants look like the little one? or more like the big one? So strange, eh! You should name it Tyrone or Shaque or something 😀


  9. i sure hope you are feeling bettah sistah!i love trees too. they look beautiful in your yard and how special that they came from coach's parents! something to keep in the family for ages to come. maybe your girls will end up living there some day wiff their families. and there will be a tree swing for your grandkids to play on! i can see it now! and there will also still be flyin boxers in your yard.take care, oh suzzanna… dont you cry for me… for i come from omaha, ne… with a gay banjo on my knee!c


  10. I knew you were a treehugger. Those lucky trees. I absolutely love your flying boxer photo. It's hilarious. If you blew it up and framed it, I'll bet it would make you smile every time you looked at it. Are you feeling better yet? I hope so. Get well soon, Suz! XOXO


  11. And your such a cute treehugger!I love trees…we have so many which is nice for the shade in the summer but for the amount of raking in the fall, not so much. But we would rather have them then not!Hope and pray you are feeling better? Take care….love and hugs, Lori


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