Friday; Being Left.


Well, it has happened.


I think we all knew this day would come eventually.

I am not the easiest person to live with.

Well, I mean, I am the easiest person to live with, if you abide by every little demand I make of you.

I can be picky.

I am demanding.

I am darn near perfect.


“Yes I am darn NEaR perfect, and if you can’t handle that, well then there is the door”     That’s what she said.

The Coach has left me.

He packed his bags and skipped town yesterday.

Things are looking bad around here.

LoLo is packing and leaving town today too. She has had it up to here

It will be a ghost town around these parts.

Ghosts and me…and the dogs and those cats.

Seems Linds has decided to leave as well now…seems things will be better for her from a different view.

Good riddance to all of you…you’re nothing but a pain in my side and you know what else……while you are at it…take those furball cats and then you can sh…..excuse me?

Oh, never mind.

Who said that up there? I swear…crazy people are constantly       hi-jacking my blog and talking garbage talk.

Seems that all my people will be back home soon.

My bad.

false alarm.

I will miss them terribly. Even if they are not perfect.



There are so many days that I wake up and feel just like that FACE. All droopy and poopy.

So, what are you doing this weekend? 

Are you being left as well?

Would you like to be left?

Whatever you do, do it with a smile on your face. It makes people suspicious.

Bee Sweet.

Bee non-picky and non-demanding.

I’ll Bee happy when they all come home!!!

26 thoughts on “Friday; Being Left.

  1. Now I find it pretty hard to believe that you are not easy to live with. I would love if everyone were gone and I was left behind all alone in this house…with the peace and quiet and not having to tend and care for anyone…just for a couple of days…would be so flippin nice..I dream about doing such things…:) Hope you have a lovely weekend and are feeling better. XX


  2. I had to move 1500 miles to get them to leave! All except for Hubs. He stayed. Poor guy. And yes, there are many days I feel droopy and poopy, but they are fewer and farther between lately…


  3. 🙂 I think our weekend will be rather calm and relaxed. Aidyns not going anywhere.. but thats okay.. I kinda maybe sorta like him 🙂 Soon enough he'll be big, and wont want anything to do with me lol!


  4. I looove that face– such a perfect representation of how I feel in the morning! Aw, glad your peeps are coming back. Enjoy the quiet weekend??? Knowing you, they will come home and you will have completely redone the yard. 🙂


  5. I hope you enjoy the quiet and treat yourself to a nice pedicure or massage or something soothing like that. You deserve it!Today is the BIG GRADUATION day, so our weekend is starting off with a bang. Tomorrow, I'm sure David will sleep all day (after tonight's all-night party) and then on Sunday, we're going to celebrate Father's Day with my family. Happy Father's Day to Coach! XOXO


  6. When my kids were young, my husband sometimes took them all on a backpacking trip, and I stayed home. I missed them, but I must say I enjoyed the quiet time. Still, I was very glad when they all returned home!Hope you enjoy some time to yourself.


  7. I feel your pain… whole family flew the coop. But I have JJ, and they will regret this…JJ and I have good memories. OK, JJ has a good memory.My weekend will be hunkering down indoors since it's gonna be over 100 degrees.


  8. Where did everyone go? And why are you left behind, are you still under the weather?Cheer up girlfriend, you can walk around nekkid for the weekend and leave the bathroom door open when you go! You can eat ice cream straight from the carton without sharing! Woo! 😀


  9. Had the house to myself from 6-9pm tonight. Forgot to have dinner and really didn't know what to do with myslef. This is not a good sign. Must get another hobby besides blogging!Try and enjoy the quiet:)


  10. hehe. I knew they couldn't stay away from the Queen Bee for long!! I plan on watching concrete dry. Our wonderful contractor will be here at 6am to work on the sandy finish on our new walkout patio concrete. It got poured this afternoon and I'm excited!! We've had so much rain that he rushed right in to get it poured during one of our few days of sunshine.Patrick says he is still workng on painting my bathroom down in Phx. That makes me happy too~after a wait of 2+ years.(YUP,2 yrs)Have a terrific weekend sweetie!!


  11. ohmygod i could kiss that face of hers!!!!!gimme doze dawgs, i say… dont forget i have a ransom note with a plan… ;)it'll be good 4 you 2 have some time alone knowing they will be back are so silly and i love that about you!!!!i plan on going down to the farmers market early sat. morning. they have the best onions and lil cukes that i lerve.have a good weekend.


  12. I hope you are feeling better and will be back to your usual self by the time everyone gets back home.By the way, what do you mean by 'darn near' perfect? I've been led to believe you were perfect!


  13. Hubster and I have started doing the grocery shopping alone… (I know this is a terribly dorky and nerdy thing to admit, but we're \”weaning\” ourselves away from our kids…) AND, crazily, we've come to enjoy our \”alone time\” doing something as menial and boring as grocery shopping.So yes, I do like \”alone time\” from time to time…. as long as Hubster is with me. If I were TOTALLY alone, I dunno… I might go a little nutso.


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