Dads; The Regular and The Sweet!

My Uncle has been busy cleaning out some of my Grandma’s things and sent me a boatload of old photos this week.

This one, I have never seen before:

Dad and Suz Wedding

I don’t think it is flattering of me at all (Jay Leno Chin) But I love this photo just the same. We looked so darn happy.

My Dad and I did not have an ideal relationship…but it was what it was. I know he loved me the best that he could…he was just a man who struggled with a lot of internal demons.

Sadly, this may have been the last time we had a photo taken together.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. I really miss you!

And even though he is not my Dad…Happy Fathers day to Coach!!!


Linds and Daddy


{Well, some days, I like to call him my Sugar Daddy!! Don’t we all need a sugar daddy?}

If half the men on the planet were as good as you…this would be a much better world to live in!

Happy Fathers day to all you Dads…fur dads, Uncles, Grandpa’s…good men help to make this world go ‘round!

Now, go grill something! BooYah!

19 thoughts on “Dads; The Regular and The Sweet!

  1. Anonymous

    That's a sweet photo of you with your dad. I love that he was holding your hand. Coach and the girls look happy as always ~ you have a beautiful family Suzanne. Tell Coach to enjoy his special day.


  2. Happy FD to Coach! Hope you guys have an excellent day tomorrow! (We just dropped $150 on \”stuff to grill\”… plus stuff to make home-made cherry cobbler, potato salad, etc., etc., etc…. for the whole extended family…. BUT HEY.. it's His Day, and what he wanted to do!)


  3. I love your Coach. In a nice healthy NON stalkerish way of course… : )Shoshi just rang the doorbell to play at 10:40 PM! I said yes : ) Kaish could go out in the dark and ride his scooter. Why not. Life is short. I am going to go sit out there too. In my pj's of course. Although, when Gary heard the doorbell be called down and said that he wanted me to go get him mcdonalds.kid you not.whatever : ) it will be his fathers day present!


  4. awww how sweet of you and your dad. i know family dynamics can be difficult sometimes. i still long for my father, whom i had briefly.beautiful pictures of coach n the girls… its so important to be there for your kids and i am so glad he is/// happy dad's day. coacharooni… c


  5. What a sweet picture of you and your dad. And yes you look so happy. 🙂 I am thankful that you have such a wonderful stand up kind of man in your life, such as your husband, the Coach. Happy fathers day to him…I hope you and him and your girls have a most wonderful day together! XX


  6. I love those family photos. Your dad looks so proud of you in that wedding photo, Suz. I'm glad that you can see that he loved you the best he could. You are a beautiful woman.Happy Father's Day to the man who made you a mother! I know those girls of yours love their daddy, and that he is a wonderful, involved, loving and caring father.


  7. You look adorable(no Leno chin,silly)and yup, very happy. My Patrick called and asked,\”Who's your daddy?\”–of course I told him he is! We are blessed aren't we Suz? I'm sure you helped to give your sweet hubby a great Father's Day.


  8. i like the pic of you & your dad. i think i have one, too. just one. but it is good, for the sake of posterity. and that coach… well you know i think he is a great dad, too 🙂


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