The Child Bride

Remember how I said the other day that I was watching a gazzilion wedding shows while my brain was turning to mush?

All that wedding brouhaha sparked something in my psyche …what am I going to do with my cheap, tacky, what was I thinking when I bought this wedding gown?


{yes, we are blissfully happy and smiling..but isn’t everyone smiling at that HUGE bow on my tushie?}

I pulled the old dress out of the box, half expecting it to look yellow and dingy…and dang it the thing looked cheap and tacky perfect!

I had an idea….I wonder if this will fit Lindsay?

I mean she has been asking for a new dress, and she did not specify “NOT a wedding dress!”

 Before she knew it, she was stripped and ready for my her wedding.

The darn dress was almost too small for her!!!!!

She could not breath and it looked a bit short in the front!!!!!

This means…I was smaller than a 14 year old girl when I got married!

Coach should be ashamed…darn those older men marrying child brides!!!

Of course I took a few photos. But she said I could not share.


She looked pitiful and unhappy…itchy too.

Oh wait, she did not say I could not share photos after I blurred her face out!!


This is why I am such a great Mother, I read in between the lines.


I am sure I looked a bit more joyful wearing it.

I do need to get rid of this thing…

LoLo was verbally ripping altering the dress apart while Linds was wearing it: “ well, you could cut off the sleeves, rip off this top layer of lace, shorten it up about 3 feet and dye it pink….”

Whatever…I was on a limited budget…it certainly served it’s purpose and I have seen much worse.

But if I were to do it all over again…oh boy, bridezilla here I come!

Now, I must go and start picking out THIER dresses.

29 thoughts on “The Child Bride

  1. LOL How fun that she tried it on. I have seen much much worse and I think you looked adorable in it. I love that you point out our ability as moms to read between the lines…lol…happy Monday Suz! XX


  2. HA! Aren't you glad she wasn't trilled to be in a wedding dress!!!To get into my wedding dress, a knife would have to be involved. It's not really a wedding dress tho- it's just the dress I got married in. My budget was $50.


  3. Anonymous

    What a cute post! Looks like you three had a lot of laughs. My dress hangs in the closet with its balloon sleeves stuffed with tissue paper; as you say, what were we thinking!


  4. oh i am so glad you are the smartest mom ever! how clever to BLUR out her face! yippee! i thought i'd have to come over nad make her try it on again! my gosh you were itsy bitsy… i think you still are 🙂 but i get it. wow… i mean WOW! and i think it was really a pretty dress. i mean, we all had THE bow… and for the time, it was just perfection!my dress is on one of those sealed boxes. i keep thinking about taking it out… because really, who is ever going to wear it or care?


  5. LOL I absolutly love love love your blog! I read it every day but this is the first time I have commented. Isn't it just awful how wedding dresses date so quickly! I only got married 8 years ago and atfer four years of it being dragged around in its original bag with the dirt and dust still all over the underskirt that I finally sucked it up and took it to the drycleaners and had it sealed in a box….and my wallet was $200 lighter for it (what a rip off!). Still, I wonder what I will do with it. My husband and I have decided recently that we are not going to have children (when we tell people that we often get the \”look\” – like we are trying to end the human race) but I wonder if there is anyone I will ever be able to pass it down if they would even want it.


  6. that she is too big for your dress should make you smile!! who cares about the bow you looked stunning, it was the smile that took away from the dress. it wouldn't matter what you were wearing that day as long as you had that wonderful smile. keep the dress it is a beautiful treasure for the girls, it can be slightly altered to be updated and look nice for them. get a great taylor and miracles happen, look how well it has held up! you got your moneys worth.


  7. what do you mean cheap and tachy? back in that day it was the BOMB!and you were such a beautiful bride!how fun to try it on with the girls… you are such a fun, nice, good mama, suz… your girls are lucky.c


  8. You could donate it to Goodwill. I am sure that some child bride (or size 0 bride) would enjoy it very much – you might make her dreams come true – seriously!About that bow: I still have one of my old, midnight-blue velvet, short, BACKLESS evening dresses with such a bow for a bustle. I don't know WHAT I was thinking when I bought it (at Nordstrom Rack, years ago) other than \”Bargain!\” At least you had the long skirt to balance your bow! And really, your dress is quite pretty. We can't be held responsible for what was available in our era, on our budget, right? =)


  9. Girl, that was THE style back in the day! At least you have girls to (maybe) pass it on to. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with my dress, that is professionally sealed in a box in my basement. Maybe one of my nieces will want it…. By the time they're ready to get married, it just might be back in style! 😉


  10. I just found you … and I laughed out loud while reading this.I have four sons, so none of this \”trying on\” for me. I, too, have wondered, \”What in the world will I do with that dress?\”Come over and see me sometime.


  11. My wedding dress is packed in acid-free paper and just sitting in a box. Daughter is too large to ever wear it. Perhaps there will be a granddaughter someday who will want it since it will be an antique by then. OK, so it's ALREADY an antique.


  12. I think I still have my first wedding dress somewhere also–but I couldn't get my big toe in it now!!!!! ha… (Not that I would want to)…I love the dress I wore when George and I were married. It's just s 'dress'–but I thought it was pretty –and still do… I'll show it soon since I have an anniversary coming up…Cute post, Child Bride!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  13. WOW! You look GREAT in the wedding dress!! I actually intended to just \”rent\” my lovely wedding dress but it looked soooo beautiful, I just bought it and it wasn't too expensive… It's in the \”box!\” (married 2006- so not too long ago).Take care, Leesa


  14. I got my dress out about a year ago and the plan was to put in on my girl, but we never did. I'm sure it's probably a tad big on her still. Maybe we need to try it on anyway. Looks like fun. : )


  15. Oh gosh BB this post had me in tears! laughing ones! LOL!I wore my mom's 2nd marriage dress to my prom. couldn't afford a new dress and it was off-white and pretty… at the time. I look at pics now and cringe.Great memories! 😀


  16. Awww, daughters in dresses that one day will be worn to a wedding…really. Keep it for another generation. If you don't, they'll see these pictures and ask why you didn't Suz…


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